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  1. beautiful job! The third pictures looks like an angry insect!
  2. Stunning work, and I totally agree - the weathering is just right. Very realistic, this would look right at home at the Revs Institute.
  3. Thanks for all the comments! Alex, I was inspired to build it from my stash after seeing the blue one you built a while ago.
  4. The BMW Sharknose, a classic from the 1980s. The Tamiya kit goes together easily.
  5. Funny how when the F50 came out it was panned as being ugly (F40 was a tough act to follow), but now people seem to be coming around on them. Great work on the model, the photoetch came out well.
  6. Great job on a holy grail kit. I love these race cars that ended up forcing changes in the rule books! If you've ever driven this car in Gran Turismo, it dominates!
  7. Wonderful and great job on some tricky decals. Also, excellent photography. What surface and background? did you use an SLR?
  8. Wal-Mart Colorplace was also my go-to. They used to sell grey primer, but I haven't seen it for quite a while. I have to say the black and white matte coats do well for primer, especially the matte white under gloss white for race cars and such. However, as mentioned these are getting harder to find, especially the matte. I wonder if they grey primer and matte coats are being discontinued for environmental reasons?
  9. I just thought there would have been an announcement by now, as Revell has the license from GM for Corvette, or at least they did for the C7. Maybe with all the changes at Revell the model is delayed. But I would think Corvette would be one of their most popular sellers for modern American cars, and the mid-engine C8 has generated a lot of excitement.
  10. I would think at least one of the companies would be doing a kit for the latest mid-engine corvette, but does anyone know for sure? I guess we'll get a look at the racing version this weekend at Daytona.
  11. Beautiful work and great lighting on the superb pictures as well!
  12. Wasn't sure seeing the beginning pictures and build, but it came out great!
  13. nice work, especially for 30 years old. What scale is that?
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