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  1. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Favorite Obscure or Discovered Music Album   

    I've been obsessed with Within Temptation's Hydra album since i stumbled across it a month or so ago:
  2. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic 1/6 tamiya gsx 1100, mad to the max   

    I really like what you're doing here, Kenneth.  The little touches, like the torn seat with exposed stuffing, really add up to making something very believable.
  3. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Ron Glass dead at 71   

    I remember Mr. Glass on Barney Miller, but Firefly is where I feel I really know him as an actor.  This one has hit me pretty hard.
  4. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic All the rest part 2?   

    Finished model!
    Main pod, with small manipulators extended and pickup bed attached:

    Small manipulators stowed, large manipulators attached and stowed:

    Large manipulators extended:

    Aaaaaand, I just got kicked off my photo host.  I'll try to add more finished photos tomorrow.
  5. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic All the rest part 2?   

    Revell Pinewood Derby dry transfer numbers, red-brown panel line wash, 2 or three shades of rust, and engine oil enamel:

  6. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic All the rest part 2?   

    The Space Pod Crab 03 kit contains ABS plastic parts to build 2 models, one partially made of clear plastic as a gimmick. I decided to build the two models one-at-a-time, to make it easier to deal with parts.
    I started by clipping the parts from the sprues, fixing sprue scars, putting together sub-assemblies and fixing seams:

    I then began painting with AMMO of Mig Jimenez and Tamiya paints:

  7. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic All the rest part 2?   

    I am seeing so much excellent work in this thread.  Keep it up, everybody!
    I have been plugging along on my builds, and documenting with photos, but I haven't been good about posting the photos here.  Sorry about that, let's see if I can make up for it.
    Here are more photo's on the First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter:
    Here is a completed solar panel / radiator:

    Red fuselage parts, with pre-shading that didn't really show up very well in the end:

    An then I forgot a about taking photos for a bit.  Here is the finished fighter attached to the kit-supplied display base, to show just how much detail gets covered up by the attachment:

    So I made my own with a brass rod inserted into one of the thruster nozzles of the fighter:

    I tried to give a shadow effect to the kit's sand dune base buy spraying white primer on one side of the dunes over a brown primer base...

    ...but it didn't show up at all after painting with sand yellow.

    I then mounted the fighter and the sand dunes to a wooden plaque that I stained with Tamiya clear smoke acrylic paint.  Here are the photos of the finished item.

    Edit:  Some of my WIP photos show up with skewed proportions.  Does it look like that for anyone else?
  8. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic BvS Batmobile- New pics 10/26/16   

    That really is excellent work! Good job on lighting the Batmobile, and the display base looks great.
  9. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic 1972 datsun skyline   

    Wow!! I like it. Very interesting combination.
  10. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Mike Partyka's Rat Rod   

    Wow, that is really good!
  11. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Old Movies on TV..   

    There are a few old films I can watch over and over:
    -It's A Wonderful Life
    -12 Angry Men
    -The Day The Earth Stood Still
    -Disney's Robin Hood
    Of a more recent vintage, are:
    -Star Trek: First Contact
    -Finding Nemo
    -Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
  12. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic All the rest part 2?   

    It's too bloody hot in NYC for painting, so I'm currently at an impasse.  I am planning to go to science-fiction/fantasy oriented model show in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to have both of my chosen kits ready to enter in their contest.  Now it looks like I'll be lucky to have one complete in time.
    However, I do have some progress to show from the last couple weeks, mostly on the TIE Fighter's cockpit.

    I decided to cheat a bit and use the kit's stick-on decals for the cockpit (it comes with both stick-on and waterslide).  I don't think it will be too noticeable once the fuselage has been fully assembled around it.  The parts were painted AMMO gray over Testors Super Fine primer.  I will probably apply a bit of panel line wash before adding the pilot and gunner figures.

    The solar panels / radiators / whatever Disney calls them this week were painted with Testors magnesium Metallizer and buffed out with a cloth wheel on my Dremel at lowest speed.
  13. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic All the rest part 2?   

    That looks great, Wayne!
  14. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic All the rest part 2?   

    Like I said, there was some clumsiness involved on my part.  I think it may have been a mistake to make my first attempt at the technique on something so small.
    In any case, my red color coat went wrong, and I need to strip the acrylics off and try again.
  15. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic All the rest part 2?   

    I did thin it, and I did lower the air pressure. I'm using an Aztek airbrush, as it has always worked for me in the past, but it doesn't handle fine line work very well in single action mode, and I have never gotten the hang of using it in double action mode. There was also a bit of clumsiness involved on my part, LOL.