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  1. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Grandfather   

  2. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    This morning, I saw a clean Datsun 280Z in black, driving through midtown Manhattan. No photos, I was too busy ogling to get out my phone.
  3. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic THE PAUPER (A Dirt Poor Rat With Personality)   

    Excellent work, Doctor! I love the weathering.
  4. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Looks like the Griswolds are going on Vacation again.   

    John Dodd's Beast, powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin aircraft engine.
  5. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Had to share this with you. Some great thinking going on here.   

    I'm not a big fan of the exhaust or the wheels, either.  However, I love the colors (especially on the firewall), the engine, and the overall fit and finish.
  6. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Defects, short shots and warpage   

    I've got one of Johan's 1931 Cadillac kits that was packaged like that.  Unfortunately, it didn't prevent them from packing the kit with a short-shot hood.
  7. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Has anyone used the Testors/Aztec paints?   

    I don't have any pics handy, but I have used one of the opaque colors with good results. My model had already been primed with Krylon primer before I bought the paint, couldn't tell you how it works on bare plastic.
    I also used the clear gloss over my color coat, and felt it might be a little too thick.  Future might be a better option for clear gloss over the Aztek paint.
  8. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic F1 Hover Race Car   

    That is extremely cool, and very well done.
  9. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Nissan 240ZG: Track Toy   

    I think this build will be getting put away for a while.  
    I had decided on painting the car in a very non-descript shade of brown, mimicking a current trend among Japanese car customizers of painting wild street and track builds in boring colors like beige or solid grey.  I ended up with a finish decent enough to represent something achieved in a private garage without aid of professional equipment.  Things seemed to be going well with the build.
    Then, while dealing with one of the tiny "Z" badges that go on the hood and C pillars, the part popped out of my tweezers and went flying across my work room.  I have no idea where it went, and I have little hope of recovering it.
    The kit's body has small holes molded into it for placement of the badges. Now, even if I still use the two remaining badges on the C pillars, the hole on the hood would need to be filled.
    The body is now soaking in a bucket of Purple Power.  When the existing paint has been removed, I will eventually will fill in all three placement holes, and start from the beginning on paint.
    When the project will return to my bench, I can't say at this point.
  10. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Got Fins ?   

    It was the second thing I noticed, right after the fins.  It had me wondering which end of the vehicle was supposed to be the front, until I noticed the orientation of the door.
  11. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    I stumbled across a weird glitch, and a solution to it.  I'm posting here in case it can help anybody (apologies if it was already brought up).
    I clicked "quote" on a post, and the Reply box populated with the post I was quoting, PLUS an earlier post I had quoted, but never followed up on actually replying to (I had hit the back button without hitting "Submit Reply"). I hit back and tried quoting the post again, and it still had the old quotes, plus the new quotes now showing up twice.
    In the reply box, I hit "ctrl+A" to select all, and then delete.  This deleted the text, but left the Quote boxes. On a whim, I tried rapidly tapping the Backspace key twice, and this deleted the quote boxes too, and left me with a blank Reply box.
    I went back, and clicked quote on the post, and got a reply box with only the post I was trying to quote.  The double backspace had cleared out the older quotes.
    This happened in Chrome, on Windows 8.
  12. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    It is pretty crazy.  I really enjoyed working with Testors' Super-Fine Lacquer Primer, but I came to realize that since it comes packaged in the normal Model Master bottle but is pre-thinned for airbrushing, it is actually much more expensive than the regular Model Master paints when you look at the cost / coverage ratio.  I switched to working with decanted Krylon primers, but it's just not the same.  I may still use the Super-Fine Lacquer for special projects.
    As far as thinners go, I buy in bulk whenever possible.  Home Depot enamel thinner for Testors enamels and Costco-size jugs of Windex for Tamiya and other water-based acrylics.  However, I've been hesitant to get lacquer thinner from Home Depot, as I've read the bulk stuff is really hot and can damage styrene very easily.
  13. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Painting the vector wheels   

    Rattle can or airbrush?  If you're using an airbrush, you could paint it with Tamiya or other water based acrylic bottle paint, dampen a cotton swab with Windex, and wipe away the paint from the raised areas.
    Tamiya rattle-can paints have a different formulation from the bottle paints, so I don't think this technique will work in them.
  14. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Is that "Lucille ?"   


  15. Danny Lectro added a post in a topic Johan 31 Caddy   

    I also remember the kit having some really fine detail, but it has been a while since I looked at mine.