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  1. DaveM added a post in a topic 1971 Ford Ranger XLT   

    Fantastic build, and great color combo!  I was going to build one fo these, but I think I will just stare at the pictures of yours instead. 
  2. DaveM added a post in a topic I thought I lost a model!   

    Glad you found it!  I lost a model at a show once, so I know the sinking feeling.  I remember going up to the table to pack up my models, and it wasn't there.  I was looking over the tables to see if it had been moved by a judge, or something.  After a few minutes, and two other modelers looking for their builds, I knew it was bad.  Never caught the guy, but I don't take rare models to shows any more.   I am glad yours had a happy ending.  It must have felt great to find it.
  3. DaveM added a post in a topic Revell 2016 releases   

    I'll keep my eyes open.  That could be  a really fun kit to build.
  4. DaveM added a post in a topic Revell 2016 releases   

    If they fix up most of the problems with the '67 Camaro, I will buy a few.  If not, I won't bother.    If the Mustang and Camaro can be built close to stock,  (i.e. stock bodies and reasonably stock hoods)  I might get one for a street or drag racer.  Otherwise the only other thing I might get is a 918 if the kit looks as nice as the original thread indicates.  Luckily, I am still finishing up tons of stuff from Revell's last quarter.  (2 '57 Del Rios, 3 29 roadsters, 2 '40 coupes and a BRE Datsun Z, along with a couple of others in the stash.)  Not every quarter is perfect!  I'm sure Revell will still end up with a bunch of my money this year...  They always do.
  5. DaveM added a post in a topic 1966 Mustang Convertible 1/25   

    I think R&R did a vac formed uptop, too.  It's a pretty basic conversion.  
  6. DaveM added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    I'm looking forward to the '70 Bonneville and '67 Impala.  I will get a couple of the 84 GMCs, and probably grab a GP too.  
    Is this the whole year's list, or just the first quarter?  AMT might bankrupt me in 2016!  (Although Moebius will get their fair share too!)
  7. DaveM added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    I would love to see the '68 El Camino back in good box art.  I would love it even more if they could kill the vinyl top and fix those sink marks on the pillars.  The rest of that kit was superb!
  8. DaveM added a post in a topic Group 29 - the thread for everyone's '29 Ford Roadster builds   

    I like them all!  Great bunch of hot rods.  I hadn't taken a good look at Drew's flathead powered, black highboy yet.  That car blows me away.  Perfect look, and that is the one I'd want to drive around in real life.  
  9. DaveM added a post in a topic Group Gremlin build guidelines and start date.   

    Great looking Gaggle of Gremlins coming together here!  (Or do Gremlins "Flock"  I can never remember.)  It's amazing what an ancient repop of a horrible kit, and a whole bunch of imagination and creativity can yield.  I  will check back on  this thread for the final couple of days and see what else ends up being finished.  I dig all of them.
    I could never get a solid start this Month.  I have been taking care of a relative, and it's been a long Summer of problems.  I spent most of this Month dealing with Doctors, Emergency Rooms, Procedures, home therapy, visiting nurses, and learning how to do more of the work myself.  There is a lot more work to be done than there was at the start of the Month,and less help.  I will try to keep the Gremlin going, but for right now, the Gremlin, the '29 Fords and everything else is going to live in a box in the garage for the winter, along with all of the tools and the bench.  I really can't paint anyways, since the airbrush and spraybooth are upstairs, and I can't get that far away any more.  I might actually be a bit more active on the boards, though, as I have to sit in the same room with her, or  she has problems.  I might as well just sit here and type my opinions on the board, if I can't actively build.  That shouldn't cause any problems!  Congrats to all who finished, or even came close!  
  10. DaveM added a post in a topic Quick Overview: Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    Thanks for showing us what's in the box.  I don't buy new Revell kits until I have seen the contents first.  For Months we have been speculating about what might be in the kit.  Now, we get to see what's in the kit...  it's not as bad as we were afraid it was going to be, but it's not as good as it could have been.  This is one of those subjects that would have needed to be an  awesome kit,  for me to buy a bunch.  I like muscle era and older stuff, more than I like the bloatmobiles of the Seventies.  Still, I grew up in this era, and when I started driving in 1981, these were the types of cars we could all afford.  (Or the cars we were able to borrow from our parents.)  I never had a Torino of this era, but I drove my share of Volares, Mavericks, Futuras, Magnums, Cutlasses, New Yorkers, Electras, and other assorted barges and blimps from the same period.  I knew several people who had Torinos, and I have some memories that would be jogged by  having one on my shelf.   Plastic from this era is pretty scarce, which is too bad.  Most annuals are long O.O.P., and reissues have been few and far between.  I tend to build Musclecars and earlier stuff, but I have built a few disco era cruisers.  ('77 Dodge, Monte Carlo Snapper, Johan Olds Cutlass Supremes, a Pacer and I am starting a Gremlin.)  None of the kits from this era can be described as engineering marvels, and they all have some warts and boo boos.  Most, with some extra care, can be assembled into decent shelf models. That, more than anything is why I was kind of excited to see a new tool of a polyester era pavement pounder.   I am surprised at how retro the tooling is on the Torino  kit.  It looks like it would fit right in with the simpler Monogram kits of the day.  I am not sure if this is good or bad. It probably suits the intended market for the kit.  (Which is not anybody on a model car building forum)   I hope Revell still makes more detailed tools (Like the '29 Ford) in the future.   
    Someday, I might snag one of these from the bargain bin and build it up just for fun, but It doesn't have the curb appeal to make me run out and buy one at retail.  I'm still trying to find the time to finish my '29 Roadsters!
  11. DaveM added a post in a topic 29 FORD UNBOXING   

    Sounds like Tim has some cool stuff on the slab too!  I will use the Caddy motor out of the '49 Mercs, when I swap in a Caddy, because I have a couple of them handy.  I replicated a friends dream ride and used an Olds motor in a lead sled I build from the Revell kit, and I swapped a flathead into a woody.  That left me with a couple of caddies looking for a new home.  I won't bother with a stock build review at this point,because you did a great one with both versions of the kit.  I am switching the one I am currently starting on over to a flathead.  powered rod with a few goodies.  (I'll need to see what Norm has in his catalog)  I am not sure if I will go totally traditional, or if I will use a more modern flathead out of a '32 Sedan, or Revell's 40 or '48 Ford.  My bench time has been sparse lately, as I am taking care of a relative who has been needing a lot of medical care the last few weeks.  Hopefully things are settling down a bit, and I can grab some more building time.  The '29 is now sharing the bench with a Gremlin I am doing for the community build.  (Odd couple!)  
  12. DaveM added a post in a topic 29 FORD UNBOXING   

    Great build, Dr. Cranky!  I looked at the videos, and it sounds like you had as much fun as I am having with this kit.  I can't wait to see the next eleven.  Somebody needs to do a "Ratty Flattie" version of this one.  I am thinking the flathead from the '50 Ford would work well.  Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland has some nice vintage flathead speed parts, and Modelhaus has some cool wheels with the old chrome spiders  The exhaust would have to be scratchbuilt.  I might try this with the one that I am building now, but mine would be shiny.  I need to find a Mexican blanket decal for this version.  
    I am looking forward to seeing how the Caddy motor you talked about fits.  That was one of the engines on my short list to try in the '29, along with a 409.  I'll be watching the workbench threads to see what you are up to, and I will keep checking out the vids.  
    Happy buildin'! 
  13. DaveM added a post in a topic ModelHaus Closing for Six Weeks   

    Digging through my older stash, I found a long gone conversion kit.  This one has a hood and chrome grille to convert the 1955 Chevy Cameo or Stepside into a 1957 version!  I think I bought it at the North American Model Car Championship in Chicago back in '94 or '95.  I guess I had better get building it before somebody releases it in plastic...
  14. DaveM added a post in a topic Group Gremlin build guidelines and start date.   

    It's been really humid here too.  I can't guarantee that I will finish, but I am going to jump in with a 1976 Gremlin.  Probably going to go factory stock, but if I don't find a color in my stash that's a pretty close match for a 1976 AMC color, I might just paint it a wild color and throw all of the drag parts on instead.  When I was in Middle School, I took a Gremlin kit and I painted it Red White and Blue like the racing ones, but I made mine a custom, with wide wheels and tires off of a 1/24 Monogram Corvette, and sidepipes!  For the paint, I used metallic rattle cans for the red and blue, and silver, to replace the white.  I used the custom grill material and square quad headlights from the custom van parts kit, and I cut "T" tops into it using food container lids for the glass.  I think it would have been at least three feet off the ground, with ladder bars and wheelie bars made from paper clips.  (Sewing buttons were my wheelie bar wheels back in the day)   I wish I still had the old Gremlin, so we could all laugh at pictures of it today, but it is long gone.  
    I was thinking of replicating the old beast, but trying to make a juvenile build with adult skills and patience.  It was not within the guidelines of this build, though.  I'll just stick to an out of the box build and keep it simple and fun.
  15. DaveM added a post in a topic Can some one please explain this with out the "Nuck, Nuck's" or referral to "Wise Guys" ?   

    I was going to buy one, but the whoopie cushion was out of tune.