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  1. DaveM added a post in a topic Favorite British band   

    I guess I have a lot of favorite bands!  When I was about 14 or so back in the late '70s  I joined the Columbia House 12 for a penny deal, and got a bunch of 8-track tapes over the next few years.  I ended up buying a few by these guys too.  Great band and they had a few MTV video hits.  The best part of their work, however, were their albums from the mid '70s.  Crime Of The Century and Even In The Quietest Moments were both great albums to listen to over and over again while writing papers.  Eventually, when the last 8 track player in the world gave up the ghost, I replaced them with Albums, and later again with CDs.  
    Here's Supertramp!
  2. DaveM added a post in a topic Favorite British band   

    These guys are pretty obscure, but I loved listening to them back in the day.  I still do!
    This was pieced together from a jam session, but it's pretty cool!
    Here is a song from them
    I could post these guys all day...
    I'll be back later with some more cool old stuff.  Maybe Toe Fat, or Atomic Rooster!   Badfinger is always great.  
  3. DaveM added a post in a topic Favorite British band   

    Uriah Heep Live was the first album I ever bought.  I still like them today, after forty one years.  
    I also have been listening to these guy for about the same amount of time.
  4. DaveM added a post in a topic `65 Plymouth Hemi Super Stock "Melrose Missile"-Moebius/Model King   

    Did you hear that the man who invented Auto-Complete just died?  His funfair is next Monkey!   
    "Torque filter"  sounds like an errant spell check, auto complete or other correction happened.  I had friends with the name "Lockwood"  and spell check always asked me if I meant to say "Locoweed".   
    My Volare must have had a "Torque Filter" too, as something in that driveline filtered all of the torque out before it got to the wheels.  (Of course a 2bbl 318 didn't have that much to begin with. ) 
  5. DaveM added a post in a topic Favorite European Bands   

    Okay, this is why these threads are fun.  I just listened to "Of Monsters And Men" and ended up checking out a couple more of their tunes.  Little talks is a good tune by them too.  Not exactly the style I usually listen to, and they look younger than most of our kids, but some really fun stuff.  Cathie really seems to like them, too.  I enjoy following these music threads and checking out all of the new (to me) bands.  Cathie thinks they are the Icelandic version of Cloud Cult.  I think they are a bit looser and more organic than Cloud Cult, myself.  
    I was also wrong in my post earlier in this thread.  We should have dedicated a thread to Icelandic artists.  I did not realize there were two of them!
    Lets keep posting.
  6. DaveM added a post in a topic Favorite European Bands   

    True.  I was just thinking that a thread for favorite Icelandic bands would probably not be the most successful thread in board history.    I suppose if you are going to get technical, then we would have to call it    "Favorite non UK related member of the E.U. or other European political structure, or general geographic area band."    
    I wonder if the Duchy of Grand Fenwick has any good bands.  I think we are going to see mostly German, Dutch and Scandinavian bands with this thread.  I don't remember too many French,  Italian, Portuguese,  or other bands from the day.  
    When I visited in Europe as a kid in 1977, this was the hottest song going.and they were Spanish.  I think I may have had the only copy of their 45 in the U.S.  Our band even played it once, when we had two female singers.  One person clapped twice, and then,  silence.  
    I think these guys are Swiss....  I always thought they were fun, but I have eclectic taste in music.
  7. DaveM added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Favorite European Bands
    We've had threads for Canadian and Ozzie bands.  Let's go for European bands.  British bands should probably have their own thread, so let's keep this one limited to the rest of the Continent.  Do you think ABBA was the hottest group out there?  Bjork?  (Iceland is Scandinavia after all)  Are you a huge Scorpions fan?  Kraftwerk your cup of tea?  Most European bands were limited a bit in the American market by language.  Very few foreign language songs made it big over here, and translated versions tend to reek.  Some bands performed in English.  
    I'll start off with a few that I have been listening to recently.
    I was into these guys way back in Middle School.  Their song Hocus Pocus made them known over here, but they did a lot of other great music.  
    A German band that I originally listened to because their singer ended up in Uriah Heep...
    here is a bonus track from them.  Nobody else can totally rock out a French Horn like this!
    Lastly, I have been listening to these guys lately.  They split with the lead singer and reformed under a name that I don't want to post.  (Not one of the seven words you can't say on TV, but a drug reference...)  Nina Hagen went onto fame by herself.
    Okay.  Let's see what you guys come up with for this one.  After this thread runs its course, I can start a British Bands thread.  That one will be pretty easy after this one!
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  8. DaveM added a post in a topic Round 2 new releases for 2016   

    I'm sure a nice one drives really well.  My memories of those things are from the High School parking lot, and when I was in college.  I graduated in 1983, so the Matadors in our parking lot were pushing ten years old.  In Northern Michigan, that's an old car.  We weren't getting the cherries that had been garaged and maintained either.  The rich kids could buy the $1,000 rides, but most of us mere mortals were happy to get something for $300.  The two Matadors I remember from school were pretty fried out by the time they got down to my friends.  They were still better than my Beetle that had the fenders laced to the body with bailing wire!  Even a rusted out Volare station wagon that we had to "Dukes" in and out of was a pretty neat thing to have in high school.  (I couldn't open the doors on the Volare because it took a floor jack to get them to close again, but that didn't stop us from road trips!)  We took care of things on our cars in the following order.  #1 Sound system.  #2. Stickers  #3. Engine (Louder = better)  #4 Tires with big letters on them  #5. Seat covers.......   ..........   #478. Shocks
    I never let my kids drive anything half as nasty as I used to drive.  The "Father" gene kicked in, and when the oldest walked in her freshman year of college and proudly proclaimed, I have a car, now.  I just bought it with my own money!"  I took one look at it and towed it to the scrapyard myself.  I ,at least knew how to keep things safe on an old junker... Brakes, throttle, steering, fuel system and structural suspension parts were checked occasionally.  I also knew enough to heed warning signs of impeding doom.  She didn't, so if something went wrong, she wouldn't notice it until she wrecked.
    It sounds like there would be enough sales just to people named Dave to float the Matador!
  9. DaveM added a post in a topic Round 2 new releases for 2016   

    Having the Matador  back in mostly stock trim would separate me from a lot of my money!  I would buy two or three of them.  They were big, ugly, bloated, slow ill handling goofy looking cars,  but nothing screamed "Malaise era" quite as much as the big AMCs.  Several people had those when I was in high school, and they had all seen better days, but they ran.  In our day, any car that ran made you cooler than not having a car!  I rode in a few Matadors in my day, and almost had one.  (Ended up buying a Maverick instead)  All of the cars from that era seem to bring back memories now.  
    I was sure the Matador tooling was toasted to make the custom, but if most of the stock parts are there, then it needs to come back.  On the same subject...  Is that Capri on the poster above still intact?  How possible would it be to release it in close to stock form?  I would grab a few of those.  I'm a sucker for anything '60s or '70s, as those are the cars I grew up with.  Lots of race car potential for that Capri also.  
    As for the others, I will grab a puller or two and the squad rod.  Hopefully, the puller will do well enough to convince them to bring back the Orange Blossom Special, even if they have to change the name for licensing purposes.  That kit had some great parts in it too.  
  10. DaveM added a post in a topic Seen in the Mobeius booth at NNL East   

    I would be all over the dodge versions too!  If you really wanted to pry the rest of my money from me, just make that Barracuda!  You could do drag versions, Street machines, and stock versions.  First generation Barracudas are about as cool as it gets.  
  11. DaveM added a post in a topic The most dificult 1/24 or 25th auto model to build?   

    I built one of those '53 Panels back in the '70s.  I am still not sure how I got that thing together.  The hardtop is just as nasty.   I also built the "Moving Violation" Willys Pickup.  Looking back, I must have had a bit more patience and perseverance than I give myself credit for.  I remember needing stitches while doing the Gasser and putting a temporary end to my model building career, as I got back from the E.R. to find all of my models gone and I didn't get to hold an X-acto for many Months after that.  
  12. DaveM added a post in a topic Favorite Ozzie band?   

    I grew up listening to AC/DC, but I really liked Midnight Oil and INXS too.  Men at work were pretty cool too.  There were a lot of great Australian bands out there.  There were also the Skyhooks.  They were an interesting band to say the least.  I had a couple of their albums back in the '70s, but they never got much radio play in the U.S.  I actually had a hard time finding a song from them that I could post here, as most of their stuff is pretty raunchy.  Part comedy, part social commentary, part serious and a heck of a party band.  Not my favorite band, but a good bit of fun.
    I posted "Ego Is Not A Dirty Word" because all of their other classics have a bad word, or a normally good word used in a bad, bad way...  They were much better than this at times.
  13. DaveM added a post in a topic Favorite Ozzie band?   

    I liked these guys back in the day.  They were a little wild for my tastes, but they rocked.  The guitar player was bluesy and used a slide as well as anybody.  The lead singer had pipes!  We went on to cover this song and a couple of others by them.  Great fun to play, if you have a singer who can hit the notes really hard.  
  14. DaveM added a post in a topic Revell 3rd Quarter 2016   

    I usually don't buy the Tom Daniel kits, but I would grab a "California Street 'Vette" if they reissued that one.  I goobered one up in Middle School with Lime green and orange candystripes.  I'd love to have another chance at doing that kit some justice.  I remember it being a pretty nice kit, in the style of Monogram's 1/24 kits of the time.  A few bits and pieces live on, waiting to be transplanted under a 1939 Chevy street rod I started building in 1984.   I swear, I'm going to finish it one day!  
  15. DaveM added a post in a topic AIRBOX alert; AMT '68 GT500 kit   

    Are the molds for the Nomad, the '66 Nova, the Cameo and the '70 Camaro still intact?  I know the Willys was reissued as the Maalco car recently and the stock '66 Nova was done as Grumpy's Toy.  Were the other tools ruined.  Is the old tool '57 Chevy still alive?  the Cameo, Camaro and Nomad are staples for us older builders, and the Nova is essential if you are wanting to make a pro street out of anything.