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  1. DaveM added a post in a topic Is it true???   

    This is about the only new kit that could separate me from my money any more.  I have hit the point where I could build 24/7 for the rest of my life and not even make a dent in the stash.  I would build a few Kustom Kemps, as well as my usual four or five factory stock variations.  
  2. DaveM added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    If they ran off a reissue of the Jeep Hombre to go with that Scout that would be even better.  (I have no idea if the tool is even around.  I don't remember it being butchered into another kit, but was about 40 years ago, so anything could have happened to it!  )   I have one that the 12 year old version of me heavily spray painted on the sprues, and never built.  I really should strip that kit and build it up.  I had great dreams for it at one time, almost 40 years ago.  
  3. DaveM added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    I am also hoping for the 1972 Cutlass Supreme.  I doubt they will do it at this point.  Most new Revell kits get their first big body upgrade within a couple of years of release.  I think they will just release the convertible over and over.  The Cutlass Supreme and '50 Olds seem to have both fallen off the face of the Earth after their first couple of variations.  
    From the vintage front, I'd like to see the '71 Roadrunner released again.  I have one in a MPC box molded in bright yellow.  It's from the '80s, so the tooling should be okay.  I don't remember any butchered versions of it being released.
    If Moebius does a '65 Coronet, I will come out of retirement to build one.  Same goes for a '65 Falcon.  (Three or four for the Falcon!)
    I imagine it will be a fun year.
  4. DaveM added a topic in Community Builds   

    Is anybody doing a July 4th build this year?
    Last year a bunch of people did a 4th of July build.  I was thinking of it, but I would have needed to start this Morning.  (Unless they try a Sat. Sun. Mon. build.)  My Mother's birthday is the Fourth, so I will need to be at the nursing home for her party.  I am also doing a lot of work around the house to get ready for her return in a week.  The nursing home is in Grayling, so I am commuting in heavy holiday traffic.  I can grab something and start it, but I would probably not be finished until Monday night or Tuesday.  It would also have to be a really simple kit.  (I have a few of those!)  I would just shoot it with some of the Tamiya  spray cans I have and brush paint some things I would normally airbrush, as I don't have any equipment set up.  If some people are with me, I will jump in and do it.  If not, then I will wait until later.  It looks like we will have some decent weather for painting this weekend.  If push came to shove, I could finish my 24 hour build, which never got very far.  (I cleaned up a few parts, glued the engine block and seats together, did a preliminary clean up on the body and shot primer on the engine and interior.)  I could call it the "Six Months to complete a four day build off" 
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  5. DaveM added a post in a topic New Kit   

    Nice try, but there are a few problems with this kit.  One shoe?  The credit card number didn't work, and the watch didn't show the right time...  The guitar also wasn't tuned correctly.  Hopefully Lifefix can do better on its next release.  I hear they are doing a kit with 5,000 1/25 scale rivets next.  I'm going to make sure mine has exactly 5,000 in it!  
    Actually, if that kit was real, we could finally say, "Money can buy happiness."
  6. DaveM added a post in a topic Health Update: Cautiously Optimistic   

    I hope things go well for you, Harry.  I have dealt with some pretty major health issues, including 19 surgeries and procedures.  (All abdominal in my case.)  Sometimes, it seems like there is no solution coming quickly enough, but eventually, you will feel better.   I have discovered the hard way why Doctors call us "Patients".  
    Hopefully, you will start getting some answers and some real relief.  Painkillers are a really crummy way to live.  
  7. DaveM added a post in a topic Bending tubing   

    Great tip!  I use a lot of solid rod too, but sometimes, you need to have a hollow end.  Then, I try to find a soft, solid wire that will fit inside the tube as tightly as possible.  You just put enough wire in to fill the part of the tube you are bending, leaving the end of the tube open.  If you have to have a bend right near the end, then you will probably see the filler wire when you look at the end of the tube, so it won't work.  
  8. DaveM added a post in a topic "New" Revell 48 Ford   

    I figured some guys had to be running the early Fords in the first year or so of NASCAR.   I'll start looking up some of those names and see if I can find some good reference pics.  Thanks for the link!
  9. DaveM added a post in a topic (MORE!) Weight Loss   

    I needed to see this thread.  There's a reason I don't have pictures of myself on the 'net.  I ended up gaining about 75 lbs in the last three years.  I left a fairly physical job to take care of a relative 24/7.  Now, I can sit around and eat all I want and I don't really exercise.  I tend to do a lot of small things every day, like laundry, cleaning, personal care, transfering, driving my Mother to appointments and the like.  It keeps me busy and tired out, but I don't really burn off any more calories than I would on my lunch break at my old job.  I am currently 308 lbs.  I probably need to get back down to about 210 to really be happy.  I have had a couple of scary health issues the last couple of years, so it's time to take care of my weight while I still can.  I have reactive hypoglycemia, which is often a precursor to diabetes.  I have some cardiac issues from a combination of too much weight, cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Worse yet, I have a kidney issue which threatens to put me into renal failure at any time.  The most obvious solution is to lose weight and put less strain on my heart, pancreas and kidney.  (Yep, I only have one of those, now.)   I just got back from a pretty grim appointment with my Doctor this week, and I need to turn things around pretty deliberately. 
    My biggest obstacle is the fact that I take care of somebody 24/7.  I can't get to the gym, or anything like that.  I was never a gym person anyways.  I would rather hop on my mountain bike and race up some hills, or take a long, fast walk.  (I think if I went running in my current state, something would fall off!)  I tried just spending an hour up on my feet, working with dumbells a few weeks back, but the activity made her too nervous.  I pretty much have to stay quiet and watch her.  Even doing housework, watching TV, or talking on the phone tends to upset her a bit.  During the day, we seem to be able to tolerate a bit more activity, but I am too busy getting things done to exercise.  I may try going just outside the room to work out a bit, but I need to be in direct contact and ready to jump if she needs help.  
    I see what you mean about the grocery shopping.  I buy dessert for the week, and it's gone by Wednesday!  I probably won't do the cheat day myself, as that would mean having bad things in the house.  I have to cook low fat- sodium free for my Mother.  I think I'll start cooking that way for both of us.  
    Thanks for the inspiration.  Here I go!
  10. DaveM added a post in a topic "New" Revell 48 Ford   

    Looks great.  I think half of us will be hacking these up to see just how big a tire we can stuff under the fenders, and how big a mill we can fit up front.  I think  "Fat Jack"  may have started something.  I have already taken a chopped coupe and decided it looked more like a drag car than a custom.  Now, I might want to take a full height one and do the same thing to it.  
    As I am writing this post, I looked up a vid of Fat Jack's car running, and it was dated 1985!  That's over thirty years ago!   It might be fun to imagine what that car would look like if it was built today.  Would it be matte black?  Would a bunch of the body parts be carbon fiber?  Would it be on slicks, like a pro mod, or would it be wearing really fat radials?  Blown, Nitrous injected or...  Turbos?  Who will be the first to step up and build a killer drag car?
    This car would make a great factory stock model, moonshine runner, mild '60s custom, street rod, drag car, or almost any other type of build.  I just did a quick search, and I didn't find any evidence of these being used in NASCAR.  They started in late 1948, but I'm guessing that the '49s were already out and the '48s weren't really pushed by the factory?  I see a bunch of 1949 Fords, but didn't see a '46-48.  I would bet that a bunch were run at the local level, though.  
  11. DaveM added a post in a topic Project '69 440 Six Pack   

    I just grabbed them off of Bing.  The main problem is I don't know the exterior colors of the cars.  You will want to make sure the white interior in your green Six Pack was available.  The die hard Mopar guys on here will be able to answer that for you.  Both of these cars were listed as 1969 Super Bees, but I noticed a difference in trim levels on the two cars.  The door panels and the chrome trim on them are both different.  I would just pick the one that comes closest to matching the parts in the kit and paint it to match that photo.  I built that kit way back in the eighties.  It was the first kit I built after a five or six year layoff.  I remember the interior being  pretty heavily engraved.  IIRC, it was a hair our of scale, but it made it pretty easy to go to town with the 10/0 paint brushes and pick out all of the knobs, instruments and dash details.  Even though it's an older tool, that interior can really come alive with a bit of patience.  After you get done painting up the instruments, you can put a drop of Micro Kristal Klear into each one to simulate glass.  
  12. DaveM added a post in a topic Project '69 440 Six Pack   

    Here are a couple of reference shots.  A bench seat and a console.  


    I am guessing that your green one might have colored carpet and trim inside.  I know the blue and red ones could be ordered with the white and black interiors.  (Or at least I have seen them restored that way)  
    Hope this helps.
  13. DaveM added a post in a topic Disaster!!   

    We were taking care of a friend's cats for the Winter while she was in Florida.  I heard one of the cats batting something around on the bathroom floor upstairs, so I ran up to investigate.  It had gotten my airbrush out of the holder and was batting it all over the place.  Destroyed both the hose and the airbrush needle.  It was an expensive lesson, and I kept all of the doors closed from that point on.  
  14. DaveM added a post in a topic Saved from the crusher   

    Great job!  I usually skip the patina cars, but this one has a reason for being that way.  You really made it realistic without overdoing it.  A long time ago, a club built several models of a fictional Chevelle during its lifetime.  One guy built it showroom stock, complete with a window sticker.  Another guy built it slightly weathered with a couple of upgrades under the hood and fresh replacement tires.  The next guy built it with a small dent and a little more weathering and a FOR SALE sign in the window.  The next one had fat tires, ripped seats and half of the J.C. Whitney catalog installed.  This continued until the car was modeled sitting in a field rusted and stripped.  The last guy built the restored version.  
    It sure would be fun to see your story continued.  Did the Fairlane get restored?  Did it get customized?  Did "Pimp My Ride" rebuild it with wild paint and all kinds of electronic gadgets?  What color did it end up getting painted?  What did it look like when it was new?  The possibilities are endless!  I have threatened to build two or three models showing the life of a car, but I will probably never actually get around to it.  (It would have to be a kit I really liked!)  
  15. DaveM added a post in a topic Thoughts on any of the following   

    Most of the kits you mention are pretty decent kits.  Part of the decision will rest upon which car he likes  the best.  I will also give a thumbs up to the 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner and GTX kits.  (I think the 'runner is the only  current version.)  They're  not quite as flashy and fancy as some of the newer kits, but those older Monogram 1/24 kits all built up pretty well, and looked the part when they were finished.  I would also toss in a mention of the 1969 Dodge Coronet Superbee (Six bbl)  kit that shares a lot with the '70 Plymouth.  That's the kit that lured me back after a couple of years away and a hospital stay.  It went together like a charm and still looks nice on my shelf.  Someday I am going to build another one with steel wheels from Fireball.   You don't mention the Revell '69 Camaros, but they all go together nicely too.  They have the tub interior, but with side panels that fit inside of it.  It gives you an easy to detail interior with great detail, and eliminates alignment problems for the builder.  They come in several variations from the z-28, to all kinds of barn burning big blocks.  
    Tell him, Welcome to the addiction...  I mean hobby...  from all of us.