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  1. DaveM added a post in a topic 3 model sets   

    Was "Diamond in the Rough" before or after the Mack "Junkyard Dog" kit?  Wasn't there some licensing issue at that time?  While modelers love to build rusted out, bent up versions of cars to show off our skills, the companies aren't too keen on licensing scrappy looking versions of their cars.  I know Mack was pretty zipped, but I'm not sure about Ford.
  2. DaveM added a post in a topic For those who buy and sell on the net. What's the best way to ship?   

    Thanks for all of the responses.  I have looked at hiring an auctioneer.  It seems to me that that should satisfy the family's interest in doing it via an open auction format.  They seem to be opposed, thinking that an auction, even down in Lansing MI, would not get the sheer interest that Ebay would.  They also balked at the commission.  Why pay an auctioneer and staff and rent a large room and pay for all of t he advertising when you have a Cousin and her wannabe husband who will do it for free?  As if to drive home the point, for some reason, a truck arrived at the house at about 9:00 a.m. this Morning.
    We now have what turned out to be a little over 1,100 kits piled up in the garage and house, along with hundreds of pipes, Zippo and Ronson lighters, a whole file box of antique stethoscopes, 70 lbs of old keys (Including some old Pontiac keys with the Chief's head design) ,A hundred or so early skateboards, 90 or so vintage wooden canoe paddles, vintage wooden skis, 6 airplane propellers, brass boat props, oil paintings, pool cues, wooden tennis rackets, Wild West action figures, music boxes, wind up toys, stock certificates, early frisbees, B.C. glassware and dishes from the '70s, old padlocks, cases of License plates, Airline pilot's uniforms from the propliner era and several hundred flight attendant's uniforms!  (With 8 mannequins to display them on!)  There are also 18 large boxes that I haven't even opened that are marked "Decoys"  I was only expecting the models!  Kirk (Cathie's Son in Law) says there are another 7 to 8 truckloads that are piled up for us to deal with!  (Pretty big truck too!)  This is going to be a nightmare.  They didn't send the NASCAR stuff, yet, and there is much more on the first truck that I haven't even gotten to yet.  I have already heard from three of the five heir's lawyers this morning!  (None of them were nice)
    A quick look at the model list confirms my suspicions.  There aren't any holy grails or hidden gems.  It's just bread and butter kits from the last thirty years or so.  Some are a bit more bread, and some are a bit more butter!  The best ones I have seen listed are the Fire Fighter Mustang II and a couple of 1972 GMC pickups.  Most are kits that you can get in a store for $25.  Getting the shipping cost down is the only way to make this work.  I can get a 10" X 8" X 6"  box that will hold most standard kits with enough room for  a sheet of bubble wrap all around.  The box is 6.6 ounces.   I put a few kits on a shaky old scale, and they seem to be just under a pound for the average ones.  Moebius pickups are higher, Bantam blast is lower...   If I can get kits down to a pound, ready to ship, I can ship for a reasonable price.  (7.84)  If not, it jumps up to 11.51.   That's an expensive ounce!  I will get my hands on a more accurate scale before I launch into this.  Now I see why all of the medium box Warhammer kits on ebay are removed from the box and shipped in just a shipper!  It saves about $4 in postage.  (Cathie thinks I should just remove all of the parts from the sprue and ship the kits that way... she is actually serious and thinks that is a great idea!!!)  
    Thanks again for your suggestions and commiseration.  I will get through this.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger...  It is making me think about my five storage units full of stuff, and how much I want to put my family through when I am gone. I was starting to work on clearing out my stuff when all of this came up!   Oh.. and if one more lawyer gives me any lip about how they are going to punish me for doing it wrongly before I even start, they are going to go to their office Tuesday morning after the Holiday break, to find it full to the ceiling with models, decoys, bright blue polyester.  (Did EVERY airline have to use the same bright blue???)  and paint by number nudes.  Taped right to the first Velvet Elvis will be a sheet pf paper from a legal pad that says,  "If you don't like the way I am doing it, pay me, or do it yourself!  (Just had to vent, I won't really do that. )  
  3. DaveM added a post in a topic For those who buy and sell on the net. What's the best way to ship?   

    Thanks guys.  I can't convince them to sell through a third party, or to sell through a show.  They want the auction so that they know they are getting top price for every model.  They are somehow afraid that somebody will cut a friend a deal.  .  Somewhere along the way, a lawyer friend told the oldest one that everything needed to be sold via auction, and if one of them wanted to keep something, they could buy it at the auction and the others would split the profit.  On some of the pipes and records, I'm pretty sure the heirs will be bidding.  The sad part is that Cathie is the executor, but does not get a cut of the pie.  She gets a flat payment that will never come close to covering our time.  (And the kids are already trying to claim that there won't be enough to pay her if the estate doesn't "perform" )  The five kids are the most stubborn, squabbling little dillweeds I have ever dealt with.  They have already all contacted lawyers!  The oldest one would rather see her siblings get a penny less than she would like to get a dollar more.  It's stuff like this that makes me glad I am an only child  !   I have talked about holding a special auction, or including the model cars in the estate auction, but it's too late to add them in at this point.  Even the professional auctioneer didn't want to stand up there hawking out that many kits at one time.  
    The only thing good for me is that I'll get some feedback and experience for when I have to get rid of my 1200 kit collection from about the same era.  (Tip:  buy stock in whoever makes the boxes for U.S.P.S. this week!)   
    Thanks again for the responses.  I will try going with the priority flat rate and see how that works.  I was just shocked at the $13.45 price!  I might be able to go ground rate a good bit cheaper if I can get the box and model to weigh a pound or less.  I don't even know what a model weighs!  I'll have to get to a scale tomorrow.  Maybe the lighter kits like the Bantam Blasts can be shipped this way.  I will be combining shipping, of course, and I will also look at bundling some kits together in themed lots to save a bit of time and money.  I will probably list 20 or 30 kits at first to see how things work and to perfect a system.  Then, I will list about 50 kits a week until they are gone.  
    We also have to deal with over 3,000 records, about 900 pipes and a few thousand odd collectibles.  (Cuckoo clocks, Marx playsets.  Vintage action figures, desk and office accessories, Vintage radios, 2,000 vintage tubes, Hot Wheels (All redlines),  weather instruments, hand planes, airline memorabilia, sheet music, vintage flags, military uniforms, antique fishing equipment, antique medical equipment and quackery devices, reel to reel tapes, vintage telephones, fountain pens, collectible measuring tapes, folding rulers, antique electronics equipment, vintage movie posters, thousands of antique books, over a thousand antique bibles including hundreds of foreign ones in 70 different languages, antique bicycles, a couple dozen pinball machines, penny arcade equipment, vintage photographs, vintage cameras, paintings, posters, vintage Christmas decorations, stamps, postcards, a display of over 300 different ball peen hammers with plaques identifying and describing each one and a huge collection of gambling and gaming memorabilia from Las Vegas going back pre-war!)    I am just wanting to start with the kits for two reasons.  A:  Cathie wants me to handle the kits for her while she tries to figure out the rest.  B:  I know a lot about models, and I can list them correctly without having to do tons of research.   Everything else is going to take hours of research to even know how to title the listings!
  4. DaveM added a topic in General   

    For those who buy and sell on the net. What's the best way to ship?
    Cathie is stuck with selling off parts of her Uncle's estate.  The property is going up for a fixed listing, the clothes are going to Goodwill, the furniture and household goods are being auctioned off at an estate auction next Month.  Cathie has been trusted with all of her Uncles books, pipes, records, collectibles, hobbies and models to auction off on Ebay.  Proceeds will be split equally among the five heirs.  (No money will be taken out for time or anything, but shipping costs will be paid out of the profit, not our pockets.)  Quite a while back, when he was in the Nursing home, they had me help auction off a few of the expensive kits.  I used Priority mail medium flat rate boxes with a bit of bubble wrap inside.  For $40 and up per kit auction, the ten or eleven bucks shipping didn't kill the deal.  They were fast, had tracking and pretty fool proof.  Now the same box costs $13.45 to ship!  We will be dumping a lot of cheaper kits, so I can see that being a deal killer for most of the kits.  There is n buy it now, all kits will auction to the highest bidder.
    He has about 850 car kits, mostly from the second heyday of modeling in the '80s and '90s.  He has a lot of SSP kits, and three or four hundred checkerboard boxes from Wallyworld.  Most of these kits will go in the $10 to $15 dollar range or slightly cheaper.  Some will be in the low twenties.  The old, good  stuff got sent off in the first wave.  There is some value in the kits, but mostly by numbers.  If we could clear five to eight bucks after shipping on most of these kits, we will be pretty happy.  The NASCARS will probably sold a case at a time, shipped in some old case boxes he has.  I expect these to just barely cover shipping, or not to sell.  
    How are you all selling and getting your kits?  I haven't bought kits for a while, so I can't see how everybody else is shipping them.  Ebay wants packages to be tracked, so I need a method to do that.  Are most of you getting your kits via U.S.P.S., Fedex or the big brown truck?  If the overall number was smaller, I would just jury rig up some recycled boxes, ship parcel by weight and be done with it.  With this many kits, and nobody being compensated for the work, I need to find a mass produced box, buy a few hundred, load them up and let them fly.  (I can still get them weighed if that will save them money.) I looked at the different rates, but which methods seem to get the best feedback?  Since Cathie will be using our Ebay store to sell these, I want things to go smoothly with very few chances for unhappy customers.  
    I have tried to convince them that pricing the models and taking them to shows would be a better deal then auctioning them all off, but they want to auction them so that they can all see the receipts, track the listings and know nobody is selling them cheaply, or cheating on the prices.  This is pretty transparent in that regard.  They can inventory the kits before turning them over to us and they expect to realize the full selling price of the kit in cash when the auction ends.  The buyer will set the price, and the person selling them has no chance to profit from them.  (They will only deduct the actual receipts for postage and boxes.)  Part of me thinks they are crazy for trying to talk us into doing this, but I want to do it as fairly to them as possible too.  They are all part of the Family that I intend to marry into someday.  
    Thanks for your replies.  I am hoping to come up with a fairly simple, efficient way to do this.
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  5. DaveM added a post in a topic My worst fears realized   

    Harry, I am keeping you in our prayers and thoughts.  You will get through this.  I have been through some pretty nasty medical things.  I have not had cancer, but I have faced a life threatening situation.  I have had 19 procedures and surgeries and still have several to go, if I ever get strong enough to survive them.  You are about to enter a whirlwind!  You will be sent from Doctor to Doctor, test after test and you will not fully understand what is going on until fairly far into the process.  Don't let it overwhelm you.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  You have the right to know what is happening and what the Doctor's current plan is.  Don't let it get to you when the answer is, "We just don't know yet."  That's the nature of the business.  
    You will make some strong bonds with people who will work their tails off to save your life.  You will meet some of the most incredible, determined people you will ever see.  Most of them won't be Doctors, but they will still have your back.  (Just remember that it's a good idea to be extra nice to the people who will be around your naked, unconscious body!)  It will be a team effort, so don't be afraid to ask for help along the way.  You will need it.  When you come out of this, you will be stronger for it.  The most important thing to get through this mentally intact will be a sense of humor.  I am sure you will be fine there.  We are all here pulling for you.  If you ever need a lift, we will all be there for you.
  6. DaveM added a post in a topic Is it true???   

    This is about the only new kit that could separate me from my money any more.  I have hit the point where I could build 24/7 for the rest of my life and not even make a dent in the stash.  I would build a few Kustom Kemps, as well as my usual four or five factory stock variations.  
  7. DaveM added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    If they ran off a reissue of the Jeep Hombre to go with that Scout that would be even better.  (I have no idea if the tool is even around.  I don't remember it being butchered into another kit, but was about 40 years ago, so anything could have happened to it!  )   I have one that the 12 year old version of me heavily spray painted on the sprues, and never built.  I really should strip that kit and build it up.  I had great dreams for it at one time, almost 40 years ago.  
  8. DaveM added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    I am also hoping for the 1972 Cutlass Supreme.  I doubt they will do it at this point.  Most new Revell kits get their first big body upgrade within a couple of years of release.  I think they will just release the convertible over and over.  The Cutlass Supreme and '50 Olds seem to have both fallen off the face of the Earth after their first couple of variations.  
    From the vintage front, I'd like to see the '71 Roadrunner released again.  I have one in a MPC box molded in bright yellow.  It's from the '80s, so the tooling should be okay.  I don't remember any butchered versions of it being released.
    If Moebius does a '65 Coronet, I will come out of retirement to build one.  Same goes for a '65 Falcon.  (Three or four for the Falcon!)
    I imagine it will be a fun year.
  9. DaveM added a topic in Community Builds   

    Is anybody doing a July 4th build this year?
    Last year a bunch of people did a 4th of July build.  I was thinking of it, but I would have needed to start this Morning.  (Unless they try a Sat. Sun. Mon. build.)  My Mother's birthday is the Fourth, so I will need to be at the nursing home for her party.  I am also doing a lot of work around the house to get ready for her return in a week.  The nursing home is in Grayling, so I am commuting in heavy holiday traffic.  I can grab something and start it, but I would probably not be finished until Monday night or Tuesday.  It would also have to be a really simple kit.  (I have a few of those!)  I would just shoot it with some of the Tamiya  spray cans I have and brush paint some things I would normally airbrush, as I don't have any equipment set up.  If some people are with me, I will jump in and do it.  If not, then I will wait until later.  It looks like we will have some decent weather for painting this weekend.  If push came to shove, I could finish my 24 hour build, which never got very far.  (I cleaned up a few parts, glued the engine block and seats together, did a preliminary clean up on the body and shot primer on the engine and interior.)  I could call it the "Six Months to complete a four day build off" 
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  10. DaveM added a post in a topic New Kit   

    Nice try, but there are a few problems with this kit.  One shoe?  The credit card number didn't work, and the watch didn't show the right time...  The guitar also wasn't tuned correctly.  Hopefully Lifefix can do better on its next release.  I hear they are doing a kit with 5,000 1/25 scale rivets next.  I'm going to make sure mine has exactly 5,000 in it!  
    Actually, if that kit was real, we could finally say, "Money can buy happiness."
  11. DaveM added a post in a topic Health Update: Cautiously Optimistic   

    I hope things go well for you, Harry.  I have dealt with some pretty major health issues, including 19 surgeries and procedures.  (All abdominal in my case.)  Sometimes, it seems like there is no solution coming quickly enough, but eventually, you will feel better.   I have discovered the hard way why Doctors call us "Patients".  
    Hopefully, you will start getting some answers and some real relief.  Painkillers are a really crummy way to live.  
  12. DaveM added a post in a topic Bending tubing   

    Great tip!  I use a lot of solid rod too, but sometimes, you need to have a hollow end.  Then, I try to find a soft, solid wire that will fit inside the tube as tightly as possible.  You just put enough wire in to fill the part of the tube you are bending, leaving the end of the tube open.  If you have to have a bend right near the end, then you will probably see the filler wire when you look at the end of the tube, so it won't work.  
  13. DaveM added a post in a topic "New" Revell 48 Ford   

    I figured some guys had to be running the early Fords in the first year or so of NASCAR.   I'll start looking up some of those names and see if I can find some good reference pics.  Thanks for the link!
  14. DaveM added a post in a topic (MORE!) Weight Loss   

    I needed to see this thread.  There's a reason I don't have pictures of myself on the 'net.  I ended up gaining about 75 lbs in the last three years.  I left a fairly physical job to take care of a relative 24/7.  Now, I can sit around and eat all I want and I don't really exercise.  I tend to do a lot of small things every day, like laundry, cleaning, personal care, transfering, driving my Mother to appointments and the like.  It keeps me busy and tired out, but I don't really burn off any more calories than I would on my lunch break at my old job.  I am currently 308 lbs.  I probably need to get back down to about 210 to really be happy.  I have had a couple of scary health issues the last couple of years, so it's time to take care of my weight while I still can.  I have reactive hypoglycemia, which is often a precursor to diabetes.  I have some cardiac issues from a combination of too much weight, cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Worse yet, I have a kidney issue which threatens to put me into renal failure at any time.  The most obvious solution is to lose weight and put less strain on my heart, pancreas and kidney.  (Yep, I only have one of those, now.)   I just got back from a pretty grim appointment with my Doctor this week, and I need to turn things around pretty deliberately. 
    My biggest obstacle is the fact that I take care of somebody 24/7.  I can't get to the gym, or anything like that.  I was never a gym person anyways.  I would rather hop on my mountain bike and race up some hills, or take a long, fast walk.  (I think if I went running in my current state, something would fall off!)  I tried just spending an hour up on my feet, working with dumbells a few weeks back, but the activity made her too nervous.  I pretty much have to stay quiet and watch her.  Even doing housework, watching TV, or talking on the phone tends to upset her a bit.  During the day, we seem to be able to tolerate a bit more activity, but I am too busy getting things done to exercise.  I may try going just outside the room to work out a bit, but I need to be in direct contact and ready to jump if she needs help.  
    I see what you mean about the grocery shopping.  I buy dessert for the week, and it's gone by Wednesday!  I probably won't do the cheat day myself, as that would mean having bad things in the house.  I have to cook low fat- sodium free for my Mother.  I think I'll start cooking that way for both of us.  
    Thanks for the inspiration.  Here I go!
  15. DaveM added a post in a topic "New" Revell 48 Ford   

    Looks great.  I think half of us will be hacking these up to see just how big a tire we can stuff under the fenders, and how big a mill we can fit up front.  I think  "Fat Jack"  may have started something.  I have already taken a chopped coupe and decided it looked more like a drag car than a custom.  Now, I might want to take a full height one and do the same thing to it.  
    As I am writing this post, I looked up a vid of Fat Jack's car running, and it was dated 1985!  That's over thirty years ago!   It might be fun to imagine what that car would look like if it was built today.  Would it be matte black?  Would a bunch of the body parts be carbon fiber?  Would it be on slicks, like a pro mod, or would it be wearing really fat radials?  Blown, Nitrous injected or...  Turbos?  Who will be the first to step up and build a killer drag car?
    This car would make a great factory stock model, moonshine runner, mild '60s custom, street rod, drag car, or almost any other type of build.  I just did a quick search, and I didn't find any evidence of these being used in NASCAR.  They started in late 1948, but I'm guessing that the '49s were already out and the '48s weren't really pushed by the factory?  I see a bunch of 1949 Fords, but didn't see a '46-48.  I would bet that a bunch were run at the local level, though.