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  1. hey guys, just getting started got the top of the tub filled at the nosecone to hid the seem and primed, its a slow one but im making some progress. Also a shot of the hobby desk. Its the first time i took a shot of it since i got it.
  2. Dont know if it counts for much, but i really like the bbs style. Looks good!!!
  3. @ skip yeah im on the ferrari newsletter mailing list and they sent me some pics of it yesterday its sick. @ mike the maniac thanks so much this helps for sure. still gettin ideas then we should start to see it on the workbench!!!
  4. hey thanks for the reply but i already did a bunch of google image searches, i was look for someone that maybe took some pics from a race personally that shows a more detailed image of the rollcage and such. thanks again for the help.
  5. does anyone have any 1:1 reference pics of the new Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 interior???
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, this would be for a ferrari 458 italia and im trying to replicate the new ALMS 458s
  7. Hey guys, im new to scratch building rollcages and was curious what size tubing to use for a 1/24 scale car. Also can someone tell me what thickness i should use if im extending the groud effects when using plastic sheet. Thanks!!!
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