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  1. The late model (65-69) Corvairs were fairly identical from the outside. The only major exterior differences were the taillights and markers on the fenders. The '65 taillights are different from the '66 + years. Also, the Monza and Corsa trims have emblems on the front fenders behind the wheel well. I believe the '65's also had the front emblem on the hood rather than the nose. The main differences in the late models were mechanical in nature such as brakes, electrical, steering column, and the interior (all I can remember right now). The early models had more differences between years, though still not many.
  2. Just found that Premier made a Rampside kit but it's very rare. I might have to look into the resin ones David, maybe I can turn a van into a truck.
  3. If you don't get what you need just PM me and I can ask on the Corvair forum. Too bad they never made models of the truck, van, or station wagon.
  4. IMO just because a girl happens to drive a car, it doesn't mean it's a "girl's car". Rather what makes a girl car is one that is mostly driven by girls, like VW Beetles. Also, girl's cars can be made less "girlie", and vise-versa, so don't feel like all Miatas, Beetles, etc. are girl cars. My list: 2nd Gen Beetles Miatas Most convertibles 4th gen Mustangs Prius Like I said, girl cars can be made less girlie and vise-versa.
  5. That GMC is a truck... obviously, I don't understand why it's so difficult for people to grasp the concept. And if your topic gets moved to a different section, so what? What is it hurting? Adding more sections only makes things more cluttered and confusing and merging areas is only going to make people upset. No matter what they do, somebody is going to upset with the change so everybody might as well accept the way it is and follow the rules. Also, not sure why people don't realize the "Truck" section is split into "Big Rigs" for semis and commercial, and "Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial", pretty self explanatory.
  6. I've heard about those but never got to check one out in person.
  7. I always understood that the transmissions were pretty much identical with only a few changes to make it work in the Corvair. Hence the reason why the engine runs reverse of a normal engine so they didn't have to create a whole new transmission. And yes, I know it wasn't the first unibody car, but it was one of the earlier American cars to be unibody. It wasn't the first but certainly helped with acceptance of unibody construction.
  8. IIRC, the interior and exterior of the Camaro were designed by the same person that designed the Corvair, the body is the same "coke bottle" style. The front suspension and late model rear suspension of the Corvair was pulled from the Corvette and modified somewhat. It is my understanding that this led to the design of the Camaro front suspension. The Corvair used the same transmissions, braking system (drums and MC), and other bits and pieces as other GM cars of the era and can generally be swapped around. My point was more that the Corvair was directly responsible for the design of the Camaro and shares many parts with other cars of the time period. Not to mention, the Corvair was the first turbo-powered passenger vehicle along with the Oldsmobile Jetfire and was one of the earlier unibody vehicles built.
  9. Yes, it was design to compete against foreign compacts like the Beetle and Renault as well as domestic compacts like the Ford Falcon and Plymouth Valiant.
  10. Nader actually kept the Corvair alive because GM was planning on cutting it sometime in '66 due to sales. When Nader made his claims, it forced GM to continue production so they would not be seen buckling under to Nader. The Mustang and Camaro ultimately stole the Corvair's sales, although it is interesting to note that the Corvair was the main reason that the Mustang was built in the first place. Also, the Camaro shares a lot of styling and mechanics with the Corvair.
  11. Do a little research before you start bashing anything. The Corvair was released to the public in 1959 so it could not have been banned in '53 like you state. Ralph Nader believed that the Corvair was unsafe due to design when in reality it was inexperienced drivers and poor maintenance that caused any accidents. The early Corvairs were prone to sudden oversteer in extreme conditions, however, the big problem came from people putting incorrect tire pressures. The Corvair required a 10 psi difference in tire pressure which many owners did not follow and instead put 30 psi all around like other cars. Yes, Nader did point out problems with the auto industry, however, if it was up to him we would all be driving 20 mph safety bubbles. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the Corvair, I'm more than knowledgeable enough to answer whatever you can throw at me. BTW, the Corvair was exonerated from Nader's claims by the NHTSA in 1972: http://www.corvaircorsa.com/handling01.html Unfortunately the media didn't spread this like they did with Nader's book.
  12. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but I like it. It's not your typical cookie cutter hot rod that seems to pop up in every show and looks to be very well made.
  13. Alright, since you all insist on making a deal out of it, I will explain. Through a little research I had found the true "original" of this image and it did not have a headless person in it. That's why I suggested maybe Harry did it, perhaps because of an identifiable person or whatever, I don't know. Skip, Harry very well could have shopped it for the this reason, so no need to be rude. I for one don't recall your post about Harry retouching images, and I've been around long enough to not be "new". After your post I did a little more searching and found that somebody along the line did indeed do a little shopping to the picture. Not Harry, but it has been messed with. So to answer your question "What would be the point of me altering the image." there's your answer. My bad for thinking I could suggest something so harmless without making someone upset
  14. Looks like someone shopped it a bit (guessing Harry's doing).
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