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  1. Monogram '53 Chevy Sectioned Custom

  2. 1967 Mercury Puma GT

    Really cool concept, and great work so far!
  3. 1959 "Wild Cad" Custom

    Loving this build; great attention to detail and build quality!
  4. "Bubble Trouble "show rod

    Oh yeah! This is too fun. We need lots of pics, and a little insight to your design process would be interesting as well.
  5. Vista-ish Mustang wagon

    Really nice gold color! Who makes it?
  6. "A small joke to celebrate Easter..." Shouldn't that be "a small yolk" ?! G'night!!
  7. X Files

    You gotta ask????????
  8. Vista-ish Mustang wagon

    Cool concept, and the proportions are working pretty well, BUT, I have to agree with others in that the wheel base now looks too short, kinda like a tail-stander drag car. I only say so because you've put a LOT of consideration in to all other aspects, and this could look SO nice with that extra bit. I will say, too, that the model appears to be sitting a bit lower in the back, and that could be exaggerating the effect somewhat. Here's a quick and dirty Photo-chop to chew on... (Following with much interest regardless!)
  9. Mclaren 570

    So far, so cool!
  10. '58 Edsel mild custom

    I really hope you meant "pop"...
  11. Still slicing and dicing

    The Camaro van BEGS to be finished! Reminded me immediately of the old L’Universelle GM show piece that hinted at coming styling elements that eventually showed up on the Nomad. Yours is a modern take on that, and really has that Autorama vibe already. Silver and burgundy metallic two-tone would make the chrome scream! The Silhouette project is my hands-down favorite, though. Beautiful work, cool concept; outshines the original. The truck cracks me up. Looks like the Dream Truck made a baby with a catfish! Keep 'em coming!
  12. An accurate 69 Cuda

    Great work so far. I love seeing this kind of project; updating classic, but lacking, old kits. Keep up the good work!
  13. '70 Super Bee

    Beautiful color choice.
  14. Vintage 68 VW Hover Car

    Love your builds! A bug that hovers...Dragonfly? Skeeter? Oh, one of my favorite words from the old-timers around here; they used to call dragonflies " Snake Doctors", I have no idea why, but I dig the sound of it.
  15. Volvo 240 Turbo

    Very cool project; nicely executed!