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  1. Kinda nice to see a Mopar muscle car that's not a "high impact" color. This should look very nice indeed!
  2. Clean build, and and cool concept.
  3. Very nicely done. Reminds me of Watson's early "seaweed" flames.
  4. Unreal craftsmanship by some very dedicated model makers.
  5. Nice job! Wonderful detail work and very well done finishes.
  6. Very well considered and composed. Excellent diorama, and a very clean build of the TD-designed car. Very well done.
  7. Well done! Nicely detailed, and timely.
  8. bisc63

    City scape

    Beautifully detailed; amazing considering the scale. Very nice model work.
  9. The Lindberg/AMT '53 Ford would have a chassis very close to correct for the original Futura. Pretty nicely detailed, too.
  10. They've got a good one, but you'll pay dearly...https://www.ebay.com/itm/275449840580?hash=item40221703c4:g:K5QAAOSw0eBjF6Dx&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoKH7RlRSUQrQxOQOLq31CDks2PHCJQoJOpoIfAObOWHDNjvYkaCQJK313yW%2B19x3vo2e8bzhPFnalRB0wxUUUpow0LSbHj5VK8dlRCLZpgiyqw40vb7xixZx0dTfDpy%2BLNSWaTnuG40wQ5QF2iS5b%2FkXWG06yGqcuWctORL8HseFkdO8eSNxscwmiy31yixm18%2F5o9A5J4u%2FggDy5IwpXx4%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR_yivoH2YA
  11. Looking good, and your skills are more than a match for the odd divot or two.
  12. Very sharp color for the Buick, really accents the body lines.
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