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  1. Love the simplicity and the overall impact you achieved. Well done.
  2. Nice engine details. Got any pics of your old ride?
  3. Monogram 1/24 '65 Corvette has a nice (one of the best) stock big block/4speed combos, and there was a street machine version with turbine-style wheels.
  4. Would love to see this one in 1/25. Seems every possible version of dual-headlight models has been made, but not this single-light version.
  5. Gorgeous model; so perfectly detailed. Well done.
  6. Very nice build of a classic kit. Haven't seen one of these for a while, so this is a treat. Well done.
  7. Don't care how many of these I see here, I'm always ready to see another one. VERY nice looking model of a beautiful automobile. We really need a proper '66 interior for it now.
  8. I, too, managed to miss this one the first time around. Great job on your build. Most people would be happy to do one so well in 24 DAYS! This kit showcases what Tom Daniel and Monogram understood about model cars - real eye-catching models can be made with a minimum of fuss.
  9. Newly released '64 Olds Cutlass convertible has one on the chrome tree. Hardtop likely has the same.
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