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  1. Glad to see you back on this! This is one of the most attractive 50s bodies from any of the big three.
  2. Ha! There's really no bad choices there, it's a nice body style that can wear many colors well! I think that silver would be mighty fetching on it, but that's my taste. I notice your reference pics favor a black vinyl top... Looking forward to more progress on this one.
  3. I like 'em! Can you take PayPal?
  4. Interesting appearance to the dual stick setup. Love that red interior with chrome!
  5. Great work, very well considered and executed. Loving this very informative thread! What shade of red will you be painting this beauty?😉
  6. bisc63


    Sounds like you are doing everything right, so don't sweat it. Keep using common sense, quit scaring yourself, and you'll get through. Remember Churchill's words about fear... Hang in there, and build a model!
  7. Looking good, but I think it will look loads better after you lean the windshield back; more like your inspiration pic. Can't wait, do more stuff!
  8. Washes tend to work better over glossy, smooth finishes. I'd seal with a gloss coat, wash, and then dull coat.
  9. That's a nice metal finish on the F-5; I meant to ask what paint you used, or is it foil?
  10. bisc63

    Deutz D30

    Very realistic paint/weathering. Nice build!
  11. You are really transforming this old kit into something to be proud of!
  12. Is that a Matchbox kit in the first pic? F-5, I think.
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