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  1. Love that color! Nice build, very well done.
  2. bisc63

    58 Buick

    A nice custom! Love the colors.
  3. Ditto. One more vote for the silver base. In fact, if it were mine I'd be tempted to leave the top in silver.
  4. Off to a good start. Make it good enough to cast copies!
  5. Nice work on the grille, that will go a long way on selling the realism.
  6. Do you have one of the kits molded in white? If so, you might just mask it off, spray your blue, chrome foil the trim and let the white shine. Otherwise, same procedure but paint the white first, dry thoroughly, mask off and spray blue. Mask generously, that is, maybe let your tape ride up on the chrome a bit to get complete coverage. You will have a small tape edge on the chrome to knock down before foiling, but you won't be fighting precise masking the inside corner, so to speak, where the white meets the chrome. My 2-cents...
  7. C-cabs and T-buckets? Bet there's an Ed Roth or Tom Daniel kit or two in your stash! Welcome back to the fold; looking forward to seeing some builds...
  8. Fit issues probably down to the age of the mold. That kit has been around awhile, and is a popular kit to boot, so plenty of use and re-use. Still must feel odd, knowing it's a Tamiya!
  9. Very realistic appearance, love the color scheme; another all-around winner for you!
  10. Almost a shame to waste that chassis on the Ala Cart! It's a neat custom, but a bit over rated IMHO. However, I love what you're doing here, and there's something to learn from any build of this quality, regardless of subject matter.
  11. Very nice color choice, and on these old uni-body Chryslers, should also be that color in the engine compartment, all over. Off to a good start!
  12. That worked out nicely! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Really nice looking '57. Well done!
  14. Sweet. That's about as nice as one of those cars can look. The right color, wheel choice, and stance have transformed this car big-time.
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