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  1. I think you mean "Corsica", I drove one for a while as well. My least favorite car ever; horrible ergonomics, impossible to get comfortable in. Plowboy, how about a few styling cues from a mid 80s IROC; block off the grill with a solid panel, gently peaked, peak continuing up the center of hood, flanked by NACA ducts, real or faux?!
  2. Is this a 1/35 scale or the little 1/72? Either way, you'd never know it was a sub-par kit from looking at the finished project; nicely done! I like fiddling with Emhar kits, (I have a few planes) they give you reasonably good proportions and enough details to keep things interesting. I consider them models for guys who like building (and scratch-building) models, and they offer subjects the big guys won't often tackle. Watch for sales and you get outstanding value for your modeling dollar.
  3. unclescott58, those are some nice builds! I have one or two of those "little" AMT 283 kits in my stash, and I hope I can do as clean a build as you've done here. (not an easy task with all that clear styrene) Keep it up!
  4. Disguise that tire mark the way the full size customizers handled paint problems back when... do a Watson-esque panel paint in a coordinated or contrasting color, matched on deck lid and top. Could be a simple fade-in, or lace panels are cool again!. Polish the rest.
  5. There's no one-size-fits-all for vinyl top styles. Some cars used a single-seam design, some use a twin-seam style. References are invaluable. I'm liking your color combination, what can we expect for the interior?
  6. We call those "fender flares". Good looking build, really like the blue color!
  7. Love the Cragars on a Gremlin! That chassis looks like it was made for a completely different car, what is up with that odd angle to the rear frame; it should flatten to the the floor pan?!
  8. Interesting project; will definitely be following. Are your 77 Thunderbird castings available for purchase? Really loved that one! I keep looking around here for a mention, but no go...
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