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  1. bisc63 added a post in a topic New project, 32 Ford Roadster, 7/21/15... chassis complete, coming close!   

    I like the way your red wires pop off that gold, so I'd favor a deep red interior. Just my 2-cents. VERY attractive hot rod model!
  2. bisc63 added a post in a topic MPC AMX   

    Fantastic color! I gotta find some for a '63 Impala I've been wanting to start. Those Cragars are going to SHINE against that color!!!!!
    Take your time, this is going to be worth it. So far so good!
  3. bisc63 added a post in a topic 77 chevybilt rat rod   

    Very creative! Will be watching your progress on this one with interest.
  4. bisc63 added a post in a topic Poor Poor Pitiful Swap Meet '66 Mustang   

    Back in the day, my uncles and their buddies all seemed to follow the same approach to hot-rodding on a budget: First, jack it up in the back, usually with Gabriel Hi-Jackers air shocks and/or extended shackles. Second followed closely behind; wider tires on chrome wheels out back. Very common then in my neck of the woods to see new 15x8(or 10)-inch Cragars and white letter tires on the rear with stock steelies up front. ( Just cheaper to buy 2 at a time, as budget allowed ) Thirdly, traction bars; Lakewood brand, please. Fourth would involve exhast, depending what your car had to begin with, you either bought Hooker headers or Thrush mufflers, if not both. Cherry bombs were also accepted. J.C.Whitney provided chrome exhaust tips. By this point, priorities shift and vary, but alot of no-name chrome engine dress-up goodies appear, as do under-dash 8-track players and Jensen Co-axial 6x9s in the rear shelf.
    Oh yeah, it was very important to show your colors; that is to apply all those complimentary "stickers" the above manufacturers included with their products to the rear quarter windows of your ride, thus looking "race car-ish" without messing up your paint/primer!
    I swear those boys chose Hooker headers just because Hooker had the biggest and coolest stickers!
  5. bisc63 added a post in a topic Hello from rainy Glasgow,Scotland   

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing some of your paint work...
  6. bisc63 added a post in a topic Hello, from Ireland   

    Greetings! Enjoy the hobby!
  7. bisc63 added a post in a topic Hello From Nottinghamshire   

    Welcome to the world of car modelling! There's plenty to learn, and the guys here are quick to share knowledge and advice. It's fun and addicting, so get ready....
  8. bisc63 added a post in a topic New project, 32 Ford Roadster, 7/21/15... chassis complete, coming close!   

    Check some old Tom Daniels kits for some cool induction setups. I think the Pie Wagon has 3 deuces with cool custom wedge-shaped scoops on each.
    Most if not all TD kits were 1/24. Cool build, great start, much luck to you!
  9. bisc63 added a post in a topic Hearse Curtains - anybody ever make them?   

    Seen some nice folded fabric details done with simple paper towels soaked with thin Elmer's glue; worth experimenting...
  10. bisc63 added a post in a topic 65 Galaxie progress   

    Pretty nice,actually. I like how those FolkArt acrylics laid down; looks more scale-correct to me. (Nice small pearl flakes!)
    Kudos on your choice of colors. Those are tasteful to me!
  11. bisc63 added a post in a topic Interesting LS6 El Camino...   

    Nice car and story! Thanks for the link.
  12. bisc63 added a post in a topic Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?   

    Wow; just loving this thread! Hilarious stuff out there. Who knew we all have such oddities peppering our stash?! Most of my weirdness has been duplicated here by others - The C57D from Forbidden Planet, Blohm und Voss BV-141 plane kit, etc.
    Don't have a pic handy, and the kit is currently in storage, but my weirdest automotive-themed kit is "The Homer" from Polar Lights. This is a kit based on an episode of The Simpsons, where Homer finds himself in a position to design the perfect American automobile. I love it! One of my modeling goals is to build a 1/25 "realized" version to display beside it.
  13. bisc63 added a topic in General   

    Cheap Lacquer Spray Paint!
    If you're lucky enough to have an "Ollie's" near you, they have in stock this week an assortment of Dupli-color "Perfect Match" automotive touch-up paints in 8oz. spray cans for 99 cents per can! I found seven colors and clear I can easily use in modeling.
    These are acrylic lacquer and spray very nicely. Ollie's price stickers cover the OEM matching numbers, but I was just looking at them as close-enough sort of usage. You can make out some labeling; my dark burgundy-ish color turned out to be GM's Dark Garnet Red Metallic, and my silver is from Honda!
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  14. bisc63 added a post in a topic Ford 31 Model A RatRod   

    Progressing nicely!
  15. bisc63 added a post in a topic Street 65" Galaxie 500   

    Something very "clean" about this body style. Looking forward to seeing what you make of it!