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  1. Never knew of that option, very cool stuff. Has to be a bit of eye strain in real life, but at least you got real gauges!
  2. 😏 Exactly why I wanted it! Love me a 69 sport coupe.
  3. Cool interior, the buckets look perfect. I've been mulling over a similar phantom 70 SS. I'm thinking of grafting the round gauge cluster from the 70 Monte Carlo into the Impala dash. Real SS cars have round gauges!
  4. Looking good! I really love the color on that finished car; it looks miles deep. Any plans for the top you cut off? I could use it! PM me if it's available.
  5. What kinda paint is she gonna be wearing?
  6. Those Pennsylvania winters must be something to rust a fiberglass body!
  7. Love the contrast between the body color and the wood tones of the woody. NIIICE!!
  8. I never knew those Testors colors had such large flakes; a real old-school Metalflake look to this that I LOVE! One can see your builds improved with each consecutive finished kit, and this one is so clean, and so NICE! Congrats on a great build.
  9. A real beauty here! This body style is under-appreciated. Great build.
  10. For someone that doesn't like foiling, you sure as heck did it RIGHT! Very realistic finishes, and agree with the others; that color is perfect for that car. Congrats on a clean build.
  11. A very nice example of the versatility of acrylics in the right hands. Perfectly realistic.
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