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  1. Shaping up nicely! My nearby Ollie's has these for $7.99 right now, so I'm glad to see what's in the box before I jump! This doesn't look bad at all, and your build is particularly clean; I really like the Atlantic color scheme.
  2. I really just need a body, and it doesn't have to be in great shape. Mostly I need the upper third or so; don't even need the "glass" etc. HOWEVER, I will consider dealing on a complete kit if that's what you have; as I said in the title, whatchagot?! Anyone got such a critter laying around? I really missed the boat on the last Model King re-release of this one. Can purchase or trade, just tell me what you need to get the dealing started!
  3. bisc63

    slicing the sea

    That's VERY effective; and thanks for sharing!
  4. I'm loving your choice of colors, and your build is very clean so far. Keep it up!
  5. bisc63

    67 impala

    Both those colors have potential! Very nice non-bellybutton-color for a 67 Impala. Will follow this one.
  6. I'll be watching this one with interest. It reminds me of a 4-door Bonneville I almost bought a few years back. I have regretted it ever since, as it was a very solid body with the original engine and drive train intact, and the factory interior was nearly perfect. It was an icy-blue metallic with a tri-tone blue interior.
  7. This is what building models is all about; a very clean rendition of a car as YOU want it!
  8. Oh yeah! The engine is especially nice; well done.
  9. Very cool idea, and you can never go wrong with red!
  10. If you hadn't included the ruler in one picture, I'd have thought you were pulling our collective leg! This is just fantastic crafting.
  11. I'm partial to black with a red office, but this car can look cool in SO many combos! Looking forward to this build.
  12. Now I hate you. Dagnabbit.
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