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  1. bisc63

    '59 Edsel front end

    Still lookin' for one...
  2. Super clean build, and a gorgeous color expertly laid down. Love it!
  3. My first thought was one of those lacquer-based putties from a tube. Yeah, the catalyzed stuff is fairly fool proof; I use it all the time at work. This one's a real head-scratcher!
  4. You said you used a glazing putty under the primer, if I read correctly. Was it a single stage product, or the type that requires a catalyst mixed in? Some glazing putties from a tube can take quite a while to FULLY cure, even though the surface dries fairly quickly. I think you may have solvents from your putty slowing the dry of your primer.
  5. Wow!! First; what a beautiful bike, it just looks so solid and sturdy, like a Panzer on two wheels. Second; What a cool model! And lastly; fantastic upgrade to the details you are doing here! Will follow this one with interest! Best of luck to you!
  6. Nice. The details captured by some resin manufacturers just blows me away. Out of curiosity, could you show the Tamiya parts you replaced with resin? I'm guessing they're not too shabby?! Following this build!
  7. Hoping someone here might have what I need to do a conversion. I need a doghouse assembly from a '59 Edsel to graft onto a resin 4-door Ford wagon towards the creation of a '59 Edsel Villager. I don't need the windshield frame at all, just fenders and hood, and the few letters on the front part of the doors. Been keeping a watch on ebay, but hate to buy and cut up a complete body, so I thought I'd feel things out here, thinking maybe someone has a damaged body with the bits I need. I don't even need the chrome bumper/grille assembly, as I have found one of those. Fender ornaments would be nice. Can buy or trade, as I have a pretty good stash! Whatcha got?
  8. Nice; also love the Popsicle trusses!
  9. This is very well done! You should do a tutorial on your technique for the broken glass; that is especially convincing. Teach us!!
  10. Loved watching this one come together! Beautiful gold color; a perfect fit for this custom.
  11. Red Mustangs are always cool!
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