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  1. I'm familiar with Golden acrylics, and have used them on canvas for some time; top-notch stuff, but yeah, top-notch prices! I had a similar problem a few years back as your door issue; it took a change of primer to nail it down. It seemed like there was a difference in densities of the styrene, as if it was not fully incorporated and had hard spots and soft spots. Krylon sandable primer, sanded smooth with 800 grit and followed with a coat of spray-can etching primer (I forget the brand) as a barrier coat, and the enamel paint (Testors red) laid down smoothly.
  2. SMER MIL Mi-8 Hip SAR

    Very neat build. I have a handful of 1/72 choppers in my stash, but haven't dove in yet. (UH-60 Blackhawk, Kamov KA-52, and a few others) Hoping I can reach your level of craftsmanship on those little devils!
  3. X-29

    Very clean build! I really like oddball aircraft design, and this one still feels...current!
  4. Very nice model, and the color is top-notch! Cool understated vibe.
  5. What a clean build; just exemplary! The dash really sells it for me.
  6. Looks good in orange! Better open up that grille, though, before you overheat the engine!
  7. '65 Chevelle Z16 (396) Drag Car Ideas

    No real bad choices here, but DANG, that yellow looks good on that body!
  8. 55 Nomad

    Might check the "wanted" forum for bumpers if yours don't work out, as a lot of folks are building gassers these days, stock bumpers are rarely used and so should be an easy score.
  9. Love those '62s, and that gold is a handsome color that suits it very nicely. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  10. The front fender openings in that body are now positioned about right for some funky chrome header exits, maybe some megaphones...
  11. #1 , 1970 Dodge Challenger

    Some days...right? I was digging that third pic above, the stained plastic had a real "barn find" weathered appearance that you couldn't easily achieve if you actually wanted to!
  12. Krazy Kustom

    Good luck!
  13. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    Love a good scratch-build! Cool subject, too!
  14. Wheels Wanted

    Yeah, you gotta get that Impala "on the workbench"!