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  1. Cool build! I personally love a good caricature, and we don't see enough of these kits done well. You really nailed it; excellent work!
  2. That color scheme is outstanding! The paint really complements the wood tones, and vice versa.
  3. Car is coming along VERY nicely.
  4. That's just a great way to hone problem-solving skills; first you gotta create the problem!
  5. Gorgeous color; well done.
  6. bisc63

    69 ford 500

    Snazzy color combo!
  7. Back story or not, that color looks absolutely perfect for that car! Well done all around. As if I needed more reason to love it, you go and park it next to a handsome '63 Impala, one of my very favorite cars! Is there a build thread or more pics of the '63 here somewhere?
  8. You really did this car a justice; beautiful, clean build of one of GM's most handsome automobiles. We need a new-tool first generation Toronado. YOU HEAR ME, MOEBIUS?!
  9. It was fun and informative watching this car come together "on the workbench", and I will do my best to score one when available. That casting looks sooooo nice! Well done, and good luck with sales!
  10. Really love that gold paint. Nice custom!
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