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  1. This should be good! This is one of my personal favorite kits, can't wait to see how yours turns out!
  2. ...and here it is for anyone interested: FineScale Modeler article by David Senechal was in the September 1989 issue, even made the cover. It's a six page how-to that is very well written and illustrated; plenty of pictures and artwork. Back issues are pretty easy to find on ebay if you watch a bit, and subscribers may even be able to access the article online. If you're serious about accurizing the lunar lander, this article is highly recommended. Best of luck, and show us what you do!
  3. This is progressing nicely. I like your methodical approach, and willingness to risk getting it wrong before you get it right! Fun build here.
  4. bisc63

    79 trans am

    I like your choice of red, and how it tones down the graphic flaming chicken!
  5. Weathering is really working right! Looking good.
  6. Black donuts. Fingers crossed we get something even a little better looking! (more scale-correct) I'll pick one or two of these up if the price is reasonable.
  7. That shade of blue actually looks pretty nice on that body. Good looking, clean build overall, bit I gotta ask: where are your headlights?!
  8. Great job! Beautiful color combo, and the engine bay is just right on. Well done.
  9. Nice, but it needs flames!
  10. Very cool! I never get tired of seeing "another" 30, 32, 34 Ford, 57 Chevy, or any model car. I am constantly amazed at the variety of approaches to builds here, with regards to re-styling, finishing, concepts, and every other aspect of car modeling. Every builder cannot help but impart his/her own personality into a build. I would say that even a same kit, straight from the box build by a dozen different modelers would still show some measure of variety in execution. With that in mind, I look forward to your progress on this one, as I will the next one!
  11. Nice job! Lots of diorama potential, and good thinking making it break down. I've never seen that piece, was it only available with the Little Red Wagon?
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