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  1. Oh yeah, that's nice! Cool look, nice details, and I think your hood sits better than any I've seen of this kit!
  2. Very nice. Gorgeous color choices.
  3. New issue, but old kit. It's the very same being built in this thread. Has been a while since it was re-issued, though. Hope it's not red plastic this time!
  4. Must be my monitor, looks grayish from here. Nice job!
  5. You forgot the pickle! The emblem in the grille on '59s is tinted grassy green, and is referred to by enthusiasts as "the pickle". Love this model; especially love the roof line at the back glass area.
  6. Isn't that Rustoleum a nice 50s and 60s color?! I really like your interior treatment on this one.
  7. Has a real, authentic road racer look, and the color is perfect!
  8. Nice stance and attractive color choices. Well done!
  9. Very well conceived and built custom; period perfect and unique; pays homage to many others but is its own entity. Interior is very nice and subtle.
  10. Very effective rust and weathering technique(s) you use here. Loving everything about this.
  11. Beautiful candy paint job, and nice decal work as well. This will look SO good when finished.
  12. Beautiful work. The engine bay really breathes life into the model.
  13. That metallic red is such a gorgeous color, and will make this body stand out from all the black and silver models.
  14. Fun stuff! Looking forward to more on this one.
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