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  1. +1 on all points, especially the color combo! Funny, I've got one or two of these (older release) in the stash, and I don't recall the grille looking like THAT! I wonder if the tooling had to be "repaired", and the grille design was flubbed in the process? Anyway, you made it look as good as possible; well done!
  2. Love that blue, it really makes your Chevelle shine!
  3. As cool as the finished project is, I really liked it before you added the water and the rest! It looked exactly like one of those overhead news shots in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, with the pyroclastic flow and volcanic ash just rendering everything in gray tones. Very nicely done anyway!
  4. Man, don't get bogged down by the prop; this ain't that kind of build! This is Dave Deal with details, and just good fun. Keep on truckin'...
  5. Can be tough to do a white model car and not have it look toy-like. This is how it's done right!
  6. Loved watching the progress on this one; a beautiful and tasteful mild custom. Do more!
  7. bisc63

    32 Ford sedan

    Oh yes! This thing just screams 1971 Hot Rod magazine car to me! Well done.
  8. Wow, +1 on all the compliments given! Sometimes a color just "fits", and this is a sterling example. It does help that this is a most handsome body style, too. Clean building technique is the the final ingredient that puts this one over the top. Now I gotta find some of that paint...
  9. Love that induction system, with just a little plumbing, that thing could come alive! Well done custom!
  10. Very clean build, and a beautiful choice of colors! NICE.
  11. An interesting beginning...going to chop that top?
  12. You're on your own there. The nice men in white coats tell me I'm just fine.
  13. Do away with the flipnose, add the nacelle and prop up front, proper. (Parachute out back.) Raise the body til it fits, gasser style! Hang drop tanks with inset steps under the rocker panels. Rivets galore!! Custom fender skirts for the rear to mimic Stuka landing gear spats.
  14. bisc63

    1971 Duster

    Very nice colors! Cool build!
  15. A third hand is always a huge help! Nicely done.
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