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  1. Fantastic build; that cockpit is really the bee's knees. Keep up the good work! It's worth the wait.
  2. Kits For Trade..

    OK. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Kits For Trade..

    Is that Dakota still available? Pretty sure I have a Revell 68 Firebird still sealed, and also a few Revell 69 Camaros to choose from...
  4. Unicorn pieces! I've also been on the prowl for 69 pieces, and have been lucky enough to score decent deals on ebay. (GASP!) I came up with a 69 front grille/bumper and lower valance, as well as a rear bumper with taillights glued in, all at relatively good prices. Deals are out there, I wish you well, and if I may offer a suggestion on the rear valance; I'm going to file down the custom rear valance from the AMT 70 Impala, and fill in the exhaust cutouts. It is already about 90% accurate for a 69, you may want to check that out as a simpler fix!
  5. 74 Buick Electra coupe

    A very cool ride! Where did you find that resin kit?
  6. 1969 Impala promo to be repaired

    Cool car; have a related 69 project underway myself. Love that blue!
  7. Son of Shark Attack

  8. I loved it when Jethro tried to modify it into a "double-nought spy car" ala James Bond. I think he used a galvanized wash tub turned upside down for a bullet-proof cockpit cover, with a peep hole cut for forward visibility. Beautiful.
  9. Darren Stevens drove a convertible, I think it was a Camaro, but do I recall an Impala from earlier seasons? (Bewitched) Another fun one; Greg Brady bought a piece of junk '55 Chevy convertible, but felt too guilty to pass it on to another sucker. (Brady Bunch)
  10. 56 Nomad

    Definitely two -toned...
  11. Batmobile

    Oh yeaeeeaaahhhhh!
  12. Gama Goat

    I had no idea what a Gama Goat was, but am so glad I clicked to find out! Very nice build, and exemplary paint work. I agree with others that say this needs a simple diorama to display in. Fun stuff!
  13. 50 Olds kustom

    Wonderful progress; you are working a plan, and it shows.