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  1. Pretty little hot rod! Root beer color looks right-on for that body.
  2. Cool stuff! Love your builds.
  3. Love phaetons, and that orange is a perfect hot rod color!
  4. Beautiful color combo, that red interior is perfect for this gray, and your detail work really brings it alive. Well done!
  5. That's a real beauty! VERY nice choice of color, it really shows off the chrome trim. Love it!
  6. Those ARE nice colors! I really like that deep gold.
  7. Show your stuff, by all means! We all started somewhere, so don't feel self conscious about your skills. Most of us don't build for museums, we build for fun! Welcome to the forums.
  8. Nice job; Ford engineered this thing nicely, but most looked just too generic to me. They could have been a bit more bold with just wheels, color, and interior choices and created something truly eye-catching, as your build shows! Clean build as always. Now, that '62 is waiting...
  9. Cool show, and great pics. Thanks for sharing! Would love to have made it, my old college room mate and a few friends live in O-boro. Nice town.
  10. Very clean build of this old kit; not many finished so well. Really cool build.
  11. Gorgeous Mopar. Right color on the right body; nicely detailed as well! Great job.
  12. Looks nice now! Always thought the Excelsior was a beautiful design. Did you use a lighting kit, or design from scratch?
  13. Very attractive Mustang model. Good job.
  14. Very nice. I really like the color combo, and your attention to details is top notch. This is also one of my favorite Mopar bodies, and you captured it perfectly. Looking forward to more!
  15. Well done! More colorful than expected from the early stuff.
  16. Nice job! Love the red accents on black.
  17. Excellent workmanship here! Your interior is a model unto itself; just beautiful, clean details.
  18. Nice work all around, but I really like your engine work. This is the kind of thread that forums are made for. Keep up the good work!
  19. bisc63

    1949 Ford

    Goes to show the visual power of keeping it simple! This is just nice stylin', and a very well done model. Good work.
  20. Very nice looking build!
  21. Looks like a nice clean body to work with.
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