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  1. Nice color choices, and a nice overall build. Simple kits can be fun, AND can look very presentable, as you've shown! We need a better version of this body style; they're under-appreciated in my book. Good to know this one can be made to look quite good.
  2. bisc63

    Surf Woody

    Outstanding workmanship. Well done.
  3. Very nice. That interior is a stand-alone model!
  4. Interior colors are really nice. Are you air-brushing or hair-brushing those craft paints? The finish is very attractive.
  5. Interesting project, can't wait to see more progress!
  6. Those are very cool, and nicely done!
  7. That came out pretty dang good, and it has to be satisfying to see the ol' ride again, even if only 1/25 size! Well done. I'll be following along on the Dart.
  8. Clean and classic! Good call on the color; that's really a nice green and it works well on the Lincoln body. Nicely done.
  9. Very NICE. Years back, I sat down with my Calvin and Hobbes collections, and used every picture of Spiff's spaceship as reference for a blueprint for a good model of the ship. I noticed right away that while mostly the same, the interior panels did seem to vary from time to time. ( Fairly typical for science fiction, come to think of it! ) After working out proportions, details, etc., I promptly misplaced the entire sketchbook, and have yet to find it so I can continue this most coveted project. You really captured the look here, I feel, balancing realism and cartoon perfectly. Let me also offer kudos to you for NOT attempting any sort of figure of Spiff himself. That character must always and only be realized in the imagination. If you've read the Calvin and Hobbes 10th Anniversary Book, you get some fantastic insights from the artist about cheapening a comic character by turning it into some mass produced 3D junk. That's why you don't see C&H toys and merchandise everywhere. You will never see Hobbes hawking Insurance in any printed advertisements. The artist's ( Bill Watterson) integrity is refreshing, and every fan should read that book. I plan to do my ship as typically "landed" by the intrepid explorer: mostly crashed. I want to represent Spaceman Spiff only by his footprints in the alien soil, walking away from the craft and into adventure... Thanks for posting!
  10. Classics. Love the strong colors, you just need one in a vibrant blue to have the primary colors covered!
  11. It may not be the factory color, but it's a great looking color for your mopar. It's looking sharp!
  12. NICE! I even like the color. What an elegant looking ride for a humble Olds. You stole it!
  13. Another thumbs up for Sam I Am; got some goodies from him today in a painless trade!
  14. Cool build. You should do a thread in "Tips and Techniques" on how you achieved your finish on this one. It looks very believable. Some areas look blistered, as if it were a car that got too close to a fire. The part I like: it's still a good looking car! You can't hide the lines of a good looking automobile, and this is one of those that always just looks good!
  15. Neat little buggy, and looks quite realistic. Well done.
  16. Excellent work, and a gorgeous color choice. Very nice.
  17. Ordinary (at best) kit with extraordinary skills applied = very nice model. VERY well done.
  18. This will get more responses if you post in the correct forum: "Model Building Questions and Answers"
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