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  1. That turned out very nice! Lighting sci-fi kits can take them to a new level. Well done.
  2. Looks really good. 1/144 is a good scale for subs. I've looked many times at the recent 1/72 Revell kit, but that price is just scary!
  3. That works very well! Nice job on a sharp El Camino.
  4. Attention to detail and finishes are impressive. This should look NICE!
  5. Very cool; nice twist on a classic kit! Well done.
  6. There was an excellent comparison article/build-up of all three way back in "the other" magazine. Fuzzy memory tells me the Revell got the nod for the best (most accurate appearing) engine, but all three had strengths/weaknesses, but nothing terrible. Mixing and matching could net practically any body style/chassis available. Cool stuff. Incidentally, this is one of the kits that showed up at our Ollie's store a couple years back for $8.99!
  7. Love the finished build! Color, wheels, stance, interior, and engine bay all nicely executed.
  8. Very interesting project, you've got the flavor right!
  9. Another possible swap involves cross-breeding (gasp!) a Chevelle (AMT or Revell pro street) chassis, if you wanted a pro-street/racing setup. 115 inch wheelbase vs 115.5 inch wheelbase.
  10. Nicely done little 'stang. That looks as good as any larger scale kit!
  11. VERY nice; love that engine bay!
  12. Exactly right. Your excellent paint and clean building style goes a long way on kits like this. Well done.
  13. bisc63

    1960s Iron

    Great looking collection! I like your taste in colors; that green Pontiac looks especially nice. Very nicely done.
  14. Excellent build, and a standout paint color.Beautiful!
  15. Nice looking model. The subtle 2-tone is well done, and tones down the "bulk" of the Hudson. Well done!
  16. Really nice looking rod! Love the two-tone blue. Well done.
  17. In model car years, it's a toddler!
  18. I'd love to see at least a resin body/interior package, but the bottom line for me will be...at what price point might it be available?
  19. I love his version! That's a sharp model for anyone. Congrats to you both.
  20. Nice work, that's such a cool looking racer. Builds up nice right out of the box!
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