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  1. Indeed! That one I will certainly miss the least Mind you, it wasn't so bad way back when they actually sang songs. You should see it nowadays... Or not
  2. Well, it would seem that the world's seismic activity is "having the time of its life" these days, as my hometown, the Croatian capital Zagreb, was the epicentre of a 5.5 magnitude quake around 6:30 am this morning. It was followed by two major aftershocks about 30 minutes apart from each other, one a solid 5 and the final one about a 4 on the Richter scale. Right now, about 20 hours after the initial impact I can still hear the earth ominously grumbling and feel slight shudders every hour or so... So far there are, fortunately, no reports on casualties, but many homes have been damaged and cannot be lived in anymore, which is a bit of a problem to say the least since we, as much of the rest of the world, have been ordered strict quarantine at home. Luckily I live in a steel reinforced concrete building so I have my four walls to stay in and haven't sustained damage more significant than a few broken glasses and some knocked down table lamps and wall artworks, but I worry our system could become dangerously overstretched taking care of the many who do not, especially considering the already difficult situation with the virus outbreak thing. Petition to cancel 2020 and just move straight on to 2021, anyone?
  3. I will not get into the who-what-why theories, but whatever this Covid thing is it seems to be quite serious at this point. Regarding this cancellations topic, in the past 48 hours Europe has cancelled virtually everything. Schools, universities and other educational institutions have been closed since the beginning of the week. Just yesterday the European football (soccer) championship, which was to be by far the biggest sporting event in Europe this summer, has been postponed by a year. The finishing stage of the currently ongoing Champions league season has been postponed by at least a month, and many national championship seasons in most sports are being annulled in countries throughout Europe. The Eurovision song contest has been cancelled, as well all major concerts, festivals, exhibitions and fairs, including the Geneva motor show. As for models, the biggest automotive modelling contest in Europe, the Jabbeke event in Belgium, has also been called off. As of tomorrow, all bars, restaurants, museums, theatres, cinemas, gyms and such public places across the continent will be shut until further notice. Europe has now apparently become an epicentre of this outbreak, and currently the most critical area in the north of Italy is only a couple hundred miles from where I am sitting now. And while I realize that watching football and drinking beer are far from the most important things in life, I cannot help but ponder whether this widespread shutdown will rapidly extend to other domains that are more relevant for day-to-day life, and have a significant long-term economic impact on pretty much everyone and everything we took for granted until just about this time yesterday. That said, everyone's health is without doubt a matter of utmost importance in this whole story, so here's to hoping that these quite drastic measures - the extent of which has never been seen before as far as I know, will contribute to resolving this situation as quickly and effectively as possible. Kind regards from Croatia. Matija.
  4. I just realized I posted in this topic almost two and a half years ago, and I am happy to say that as of recently I have both of these in my stash I guess that's it for me buying kits, at least for the time being, which is just as well considering the apocalypse 😕
  5. I have the Motor City Muscle edition of this kit, which I am about to start working on, but the decal sheet only has some stripes on it, and not much else so I would like to get the decals from the latest edition of the kit, if anyone happens to have an extra sheet lying around... I don't need the stripes, but could use mostly everything else... I have stuff to trade and will gladly pay for postage. Thanks in advance! This is what I need:
  6. Was hoping to post on page 1000, but oh well Anyway, I just clicked on that tantalizing "buy it now" button, having finally found this for a price that was not insane in Berlin, Germany... Even so, at approximately 50 bucks including shipping it is probably the second most expensive single kit I ever paid for, but it is my last true holy grail kit I still had on the "to get" list so I am quite pleased... Watch Revell announce this now in 3, 2, 1...
  7. The kit has been partially painted and some parts glued. Some have subsequently been taken apart and some are still stuck together. The main window piece and one small engine decal are missing. Everything else is there. Please look at the photos carefully to see the condition. I can provide more photos if necessary. The box also exists, I just didn't bother to take a pic. Instructions are there too, not original, but a photocopy however. I realize the kit is not in mint condition, nor entirely complete, so I would trade this for a fairly common kit, but considering how rare these Italeri Ferraris are getting I would prefer to trade for complete and unstarted please. I am fairly open minded and I like hot rods, cars and trucks from 1930's to 1970's... I would like to get a pickup maybe, something like the Revell 65 Chevy Stepside (Trucks edition please) or the Monogram 59 Caddy... (convertible or hardtop, but newer editions please)… I like 30's Fords, could use a 55 Chevy or most Impalas (California Wheels and Goodguys editions would be preferred)… I would also trade for an AMT van like Phantom Ford, a 60's El Camino, certain 60's Chevelles and Camaros, 40's and 50's Fords (these may be Revell or AMT)... Maybe a Ford Starliner or Chrysler Imperial from AMT... My list of wants really is quite extensive. These are just a guideline for my likes... Make me an offer, the worst I can do is refuse it Thanks in advance and kind regards! MATIJA
  8. I am aware of the factory stock street car... However, the announcement shows the Procar version with no race livery and I kinda doubt they will have bashed the Procar body with the street car interior, but here's to hoping!
  9. Any info on the BMW M1 Procar? I assume it is an Esci reissue like most kits on the above list? From the pic it seems like a street version, but does anyone know if it has a full street interior? I'm definitely getting it if it is at least a solid base to build the Canepa car: https://petrolicious.com/articles/canepas-street-legal-1979-bmw-m1-procar-the-full-story
  10. Definitely looking forward to the Jag, but the VW vans look interesting also!
  11. The "2Cellos" are a Croatian classically trained duo of cellists named Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2Cellos They started doing these covers just for fun and made a name for themselves a few years back with cello performances of famous rock/pop songs, having toured for a time with Elton John as his opening act (as previously mentioned). Here are a few vids... The aforementioned Highway to Hell music store video featuring Steve Vai on guitar, and a few others... Among my favorite covers of theirs are Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, AC/DC's Thunderstruck and Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit but there are many others you can search for yourselves! Enjoy:
  12. I got the Mustang as a Christmas gift from my cousin, and the service station was a Christmas present to myself which arrived a few days ago Happy holidays everyone!
  13. I got one of my holy grail kits today. It took me almost 10 years to score it and at 52 euros including shipping it is the single most expensive kit I ever paid for. I don't even want to think what the final cost including wheels and resin engine from USCP will be... But I don't care, the M3 is finally in the garage 😎
  14. I have one from the Revell kit if you think you can use it... Let me know.
  15. Just completed a great trade with Randy D. Thanks! I would trade again any time
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