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  1. In industry lingo, such a device, which drives the plot, but is in itself unimportant or irrelevant, is referred to as a MacGuffin. The Wikipedia page even includes Pulp Fiction and Ronin as classic examples. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacGuffin
  2. Ronin had two major/prominent car chases. The first one involved an Audi S8 and Mercedes 450 SEL (W116) chasing down a Citroen XM, accompanied by a couple Peugeot 406, down to the French riviera, while the second one was a Peugeot 406 chasing a 5 series BMW (E34) through the Paris rush hour.
  3. It’s not a remake, nor a sequel really, but a spinoff. Also, surprised many of you are bashing McQueen’s acting in the original, when it is in fact hailed as one of the breakthrough method acting performances on film, moving away from theatrical delivery, which prevailed in movies before that.
  4. I appreciate all the replies, I now have the parts I need on the way. Thanks, gentlemen!
  5. I appreciate you having a look 🙂
  6. Also, I am in EU, but will gladly compensate for shipping costs, or trade for parts if I happen to have something anyone may need. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the offer! I certainly don’t mean to be picky, but I’d prefer to get all the parts I need, if possible, of course, so it really depends on who/if anyone might have them. Let me know. Thanks gentlemen!
  8. There are several versions of the kit that have the parts I need, but yes, this is one of them. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-24247-porsche-911-gt2-road-version--129646 Let me know! Thanks.
  9. Thank you for your reply! I could also use both headlight buckets (parts C5 and C6), and both door handles (parts A7 and A8). Less important are rearview mirror faces (C1 and C2), and gauge decals. Let me know! Also let me know what you might like in trade, and I’ll check what I have in my parts stash/junkyard. Thanks again!
  10. If anyone has a gluebomb or leftovers from a parts kit, i am looking for a few bits for this kit, but most importantly parts A14 and A21 on the photo. Thanks in advance!
  11. It’s interesting, from a casting standpoint, that Brando was only 16 years older than Pacino and Caan, and just 11 years older than Cazale.
  12. Kit I bought online came with a completely caved in roof. I realize it’s a longshot, but does anybody have a spare body? I have stuff to trade. Thanks in advance. Matija
  13. Cool! Never seen this kit! But, yes, those wheels are atrocious!
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