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  1. PowerPlant added a post in a topic Esci/Revell Mercedes 500 SLC   

    Thanks for the input guys!
    I ended up buying the kit for 12 euros including shipping, which is not bad - despite the used condition, considering it's out of production and getting somewhat harder to find at a reasonable price...
    Either way, it's as close to the Pagoda as it gets in kit form so I'm pretty excited about it
    Now here's to hoping the "glass" isn't quite superglued to the body...
  2. PowerPlant added a post in a topic What, no Charles Manson memorial thread?   

    Indeed... Perhaps I worded my opinion a bit clumsily... My point was, I think he was given way too much publicity, not to say "importance" over the years by the media. He should have been forgotten a long time ago.
  3. PowerPlant added a post in a topic What, no Charles Manson memorial thread?   

    I just find it fascinating how he was portrayed by the media as one of the most notorious mass murderers in history without actually having murdered anyone personally...
    It seems almost as if he was given way too much publicity by the media who, intentionally or not, turned him into some sort of morbid celebrity, just because of who "his" victims were.
    Either way, good riddance, long overdue if you ask me.
  4. PowerPlant added a post in a topic Esci/Revell Mercedes 500 SLC   

    Thanks for the pics JC!
    It looks like a nice kit
  5. PowerPlant added a post in a topic Esci/Revell Mercedes 500 SLC   

    Thanks for the replies! 
    I wonder why they did that, considering they labelled the rally versions properly
    Either way, I never paid much attention to Esci before, because their only kit I have is the Ferrari 250 SWB with those atrocious body proportions, which I will probably get rid of as soon as I find the Italeri kit... So I just figured they didn't make good models at all, but I hope the funny body isn't a problem with this kit because I really like it, as well as some of their other kits I've only just seen for the first time recently. Also, I wonder how complicated it might be to cut the hood out since it opens with the grille attached to it, as not much can be found in terms of built-up pics online... Another interesting thing about this kit, in my opinion, is the fact it includes licence plates and markings for South Africa! I've never seen that before...  
  6. PowerPlant added a topic in General   

    Esci/Revell Mercedes 500 SLC
    Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy the mentioned kit in condition seen on pic... I like the car, however, I don't know much about the kit itself... What I do know is it's long out of production and somewhat rare... Can anyone tell me more? Specifically, does it seem complete from the pic? Also, I see it has engine detail, but the hood seems molded shut... Any insight regarding this? And from the box art it seems more like a 450, not 500... Anyone know for sure? Thanks

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  7. PowerPlant added a post in a topic What's your holy grail kit?   

    I'd be ok with never getting another kit when I find these two...

  8. PowerPlant added a topic in Trading Post   

    Parts / parts kits for trade
    Hello! No photos here, but I can provide detailed pics of any part/kit if necessary... First is the list of my trade items, below it are my wants... 
    I will trade parts for parts, as agreed upon, or entire kits as they are for something in a similar state... I will trade more stuff for rare parts... Let me know if anything interests you. Thanks!
    Italeri Ferrari Daytona Racing - missing only windows, other clear parts are there... assembled body parts, assembled and painted chassis and engine... other parts are new and unused.
    Tamiya Citroen 2CV - pretty much everything is there, unassembled and unpainted, apart from the body pieces and decals.
    Tamiya Ferrari F40 - was an assembled/painted kit, broken up for parts... missing wheels, seats and some windows.
    Monogram Ferrari Testarossa - was built and painted, broken for parts... missing most glass, but many nice parts left.
    Revell Ferrari F430 Spider - was built and painted... taken apart, but pretty much complete.
    Revell Audi R8 - gluebomb, taken apart... mostly complete apart from windows... very nice and clean wheels and tires!
    Revell '64 Ford Thunderbolt - was built and painted, missing engine, hood and some windows are also gone, but still many good parts left, including nice drag wheels.
    Jo-Han '68 Cadillac DeVille Boss Man - complete kit... engine is assembled and painted, windshield glued in frame, but complete and mostly unassembled/unpainted... lots of excellent, untouched parts!
    (I am inclined to trade parts from this kit only for the '64 Caddy bits I need, listed below)
    Apart from these I have three sets of Tamiya GT wings and some clean bodies, including '39 Chevy coupe, '55 Chevy convertible with most of the chrome trim, and '36 Ford coupe (all by Revell)...
    Jo-Han '64 Cadillac convertible - windshield and taillights (I will trade lots for these parts!)
    Revell '59 Chevrolet Impala convertible - windshield
    Revell '71 HemiCuda - body, clean plastic only please!
    Revell '36 Ford - hood
    AMT Fast&Furious Toyota Supra - targa roof
    Wheels and tires (complete sets of four):
    Fujimi Ferrari 430 Scuderia
    Tamiya Mini Cooper minilites
    Fujimi Fuchs
    Revell '29 Ford pickup whitewalls (complete set - tire, whitewall, steel wheel, chrome ring and hubcap)
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  9. PowerPlant added a post in a topic Hasegawa '72/'73 Bmw 2002tii   

    Definitely looks real! WOW
  10. PowerPlant added a post in a topic Masterkit Models of Brasil?   

    As a matter of fact, that is the very ad I was referring to
    In case you're wondering, I lived in Holland for many years and still have an address there, so I shop on Marktplaats quite a bit.
    It's a great place. One can find nice kits for a good price... Not in this case, it seems, however
    Thanks for the replies everyone!
  11. PowerPlant added a topic in General   

    Masterkit Models of Brasil?
    Has anyone ever come across these? I never heard of Masterkit Models before (a Brasilian company, apparently, which is evident from the Portuguese writing on the boxes)... I just came across the Rolls Royce for sale, but the seller wants 40 euros for it and I'm not sure what to make of it... Is it a Minicraft/Entex rebox or something completely different? How about the other two? I have the Italeri Mercedes, which is a great kit, so not too excited about that one, but that Triumph sure is interesting... They are the only car kits in 1/24 scale I could find (there are also planes and other kits out there), so any info on these would be appreciated, even though they really do smell like Entex... Thanks in advance

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  12. PowerPlant added a post in a topic Ok guys, need your help   

    I'm from EU/Croatia and I would be very interested to know what you have... There is no public selling allowed on the forum, but send me a private message with a list of what you have and we can take it from there
    Kind regards.
  13. PowerPlant added a post in a topic BMW 2002 Turbo   

    Thanks for the tip, Shay
  14. PowerPlant added a post in a topic BMW 2002 Turbo   

    Finally is all I can say! Even for a curbside kit
  15. PowerPlant added a post in a topic Free to whoever could use these   

    I could use that targa roof for the Supra if nobody else needs it!