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  1. As the topic title says, I am searching for the 76 Caddy hood ornament. Bad chrome or completely dechromed is fine. I have stuff to trade or PayPal. Thanks in advance. Matija
  2. That is very interesting. Photos in the links you posted look convincingly real indeed. It could still be some crafty PS, or even an entire faux-box and instructions, but I don’t see why anyone would go through so much trouble. More likely, as you suggest, it may perhaps be some sort of rare Japanese market prototype kit or limited test run release that never made it into final production - much like the car itself? I have heard of some Japanese kits like that, but never seen one of these before. Does anyone know more about it? I am quite intrigued. Apologies about rambling in your wanted thread btw!
  3. I would definitely say that is fake box art. Fujimi only ever reboxed the Revell 300 SLR race car, and the Uhlenhaut Coupe was only done by Revell, at least according to Scalemates and most other sources I’ve searched. But good luck searching for one, I guess. As for the AMT and Tamiya kits, as someone already pointed out, they are a different car all together (300 SL Gullwing)… similar name and design, but not nearly the same. One is an SL, the other SLR.
  4. Pretty sure Fujimi never boxed this car. Only Revell.
  5. It’s only new on the US market, it has been around in Europe for what seems like forever now, but I gave up on it years ago, mostly because of the needle clogging issue you’ve come across. But I wasn’t a fan of applying glue through the needle method anyway. I found it difficult to control the amount applied. I much prefer brush on Tamiya cements personally.
  6. Sad news. He died in a hotel room in Bogota. Might have had a bit too much of that Colombian sugar It is interesting to see them performing Led Zeppelin songs with Page and Jones, and shows how Hawkins and Grohl occassionally changed places behind the drums/mic. I am a big fan of the Foo Fighters’ earlier stuff, and I think their late 90’s album The Colour and the Shape (on which Hawkins joined the band) is one of the best rock albums in history, with Everlong as an absolute hit for the ages. Hopefully, the band will be able to continue.
  7. Guys from USCP are still occasionally active on their Facebook group, they say commercial postal service has, expectedly, been suspended pretty much since day one of the war. All of their team/families and facilities are safe for now.
  8. I just received a kit from Bill aka Ace-Garageguy, and even though he has yet to receive the package from my end of the deal, I can already safely say he is a great trader, courteous in communication and very meticulous with packing. Considering his reputation here, I’m sure he needs no validation from me, but for what it’s worth… trade away with utmost confidence with this gentleman! Thanks for the trade Bill!
  9. I have pretty much a solid deal pending for this one, so I am hereby calling this one traded. Thanks!
  10. Still available! For the right trade, I’ll throw in an Italeri Ferrari Daytona Racing builder, missing glass, to sweeten the deal.
  11. The engine is almost completely built but not painted, and two “wires” have been broken off one wheel piece. Otherwise, kit is complete. Great rare builder! I can provide better/more detailed pics if someone has a serious offer. I realize the kit isn’t mint, but it is sought after, so I’d like something equally desirable in trade. Can be similar condition, of course. I was thinking a Jo-Han Caddy (72 Eldorado or Rancher). Otherwise, a Tamiya Mercedes 500 SEC Lorinser or Aoshima Mercedes SL65AMG Black Series. I might consider others, more run of the mill but higher value kits, including Fujimi Porsche 356A Carrera Speedster, Hasegawa Miura, perhaps some modern Fujimi/Aoshima Lamborghinis… Or something along those lines perhaps. Let me know what you have if interested! Thanks! Matija 😀
  12. Yes, the Italeri is a reissue of the Esci kit you posted. The biggest issue with the kit are tires and somewhat underwhelming engine bay, but that is easily solved, and also find most everything else fine.
  13. Perhaps someone else can shed light on this because I am not familiar with the Otaki kit.
  14. I’m not really familiar with the pictured kit, and I’ve certainly never seen one in person, so I really cannot comment or judge with conviction, and it’s an unfortunate angle, but something definitely looks way off about the body (looks a bit too narrow at first glance), and it does not necessarily fit into my “generally correct body proportions” criteria. Another Esci kit that does not qualify in my book is the Ferrari 250 SWB, which, despite a decent looking profile, has terribly misshaped nose, and it would take a top hollywood plastic surgeon to remedy that mess. These kits in question, however, are not up for rerelease, and the ones that are - the Volvo and 500 SLC (a 450 actually, since we’re nitpicking and discussing inaccuracies, but oh well) look decent enough to my eye, and I’ve held both in my hands. Sure, tires are wrong, interiors are bulky and squareish, engine bay on Merc underdetailed and somewhat incorrect, headlights do not fit well etc, etc… But with some time spent doing this hobby of ours, both can turn out quite nice in my opinion.
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