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  1. Monogram Porsche 911 slantnose instructions

    Thanks Casey! I wasn't aware this was pretty much the same kit
  2. I have a gluebomb of this kit, and would like to use the engine and undercarriage for another project, but I have no instructions to check for completeness and as a reference for taking the model apart... If anyone has this kit, I can definitely use an emailed scan, or even just a few decent photos of the instructions, especially the engine and undercarriage steps. Thanks in advance. MATIJA
  3. Tamiya Porsche 911 GT2 BBS wheels

    I will also trade either of these for what I need...
  4. Tamiya Porsche 911 GT2 BBS wheels

    As the title says, I am looking for the BBS style wheels from either the race or road car... I could also use the road tires, but will also manage without tires. I will also entertain other, similar offers... For trade I have the following wheels and wheel/tire combos... Left to right: Italeri Lamborghini Diablo Italeri Lamborghini Countach Revell Ferrari 348 UNKNOWN Revell Ferrari F430 (painted/ incl. disc brakes) Revell Audi R8 Fujimi Ferrari F40 Monogram Ferrari Testarossa Revell BMW 325i Monogram BMW 635 csi MPC 76 Chevy Caprice Tamiya Ford Escort Rally (incl. spare wheel) I will trade multiples of some of these for what I need. If you have a set you can spare, let me know what might interest you. Thanks in advance!
  5. Italeri Ferrari Daytona GTB windows

    I suppose a Revell piece might also work? As far as I know, they are the same tooling... Please correct me if I am wrong Thanks!
  6. Italeri Ferrari Daytona GTB windows

    Thanks for stepping in with a pic JC It is a cool kit, Shay... I already had the Fujimi Spyder from their Enthusiast series, which I do find slightly better (certainly more available) than the Italeri Daytona kits, but rather than also getting the "ordinary" Fujimi GTB I figured I'd get this instead, just for a bit of diversity
  7. Ukrainian Scale Cars Production (USCP)

    I just received my BMW M3 body kit from USCP, and it seems to fit the Revell 325i kit perfectly! Can't wait to get it started
  8. Italeri Ferrari Daytona GTB windows

    Hello Shay and thanks for your offer! Your help is always appreciated If nobody else has it, I might just take you up on it! Will keep in touch
  9. Italeri Ferrari Daytona GTB windows

    I recently purchased a second-hand kit of Italeri's Ferrari Daytona Racing, but unfortunately it has no windows... So, if anyone has the transparent window/glass piece for either the road going GTB or the racing version (I do believe they are the same?), I would much appreciate it. I have stuff to trade. Thanks in advance! MATIJA
  10. Show Car Display Stuff

    I got that stuff from the AMT "Prestige" series Mercedes 300 SL... Not trading it, unfortunately, but I thought I'd let you know
  11. That is just mind-blowing! I would also like to see the process of opening/hinging the door if possible
  12. Differences between the '63 and '64 Jo-Han Cadillacs?

    Well, I've had no luck on the forums or on ebay over the last year or so... Finding specific parts, that is... Buying a complete builtup or promo is just too expensive for me, unfortunately.
  13. Differences between the '63 and '64 Jo-Han Cadillacs?

    I had that suspicion, but it was just too difficult to tell for sure from the pics I could find online. Thank you for the reply... My search for '64 taillights continues I guess
  14. Specifically, I'd like to know whether the stock taillights in both kits are the same and interchangeable. Thanks in advance! MATIJA
  15. Esci/Revell Mercedes 500 SLC headlight

    I see now, it's the Monogram box you were talking about... thanks again for the info, but the pieces look similar enough so if anyone has one I'm sure I could use it. The one headlight I do have doesn't quite seem to fit properly anyway so I'll have to adjust it all the same