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  1. European licence plates

    I've been trying to PM you, but messages won't go through. I am interested in these
  2. Revell Germany in 2018

    That Golf is a nice kit, but it's the box art that caught my eye... As a backdrop for the car, it depicts what at first glance looks like Berlin (presumably the Brandenburg gate and remains of "the wall" with its iconic graffiti), but over to the right there is a clearly visible "yellow cab" and NYC like architecture... Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Too many pictures?

    Photos from quote boxes can be deleted by simply hitting the backspace key, just like deleting regular typed text No need for clicking, cutting or highlighting at all
  4. Hi from Croatia

    Pozdrav Damir Enjoy the forum
  5. Widebody BMW M3

    The headlight is missing as a makeshift air-intake for the turbine. As far as I know, this is common on drag cars and such. Someone please correct me if I am wrong great model btw, the fender flares look fantastic
  6. I have a 99% complete parts-kit/rebuilder of the 325i sedan, with solid body and interior (parts painted but can be stripped), as well as all around good glass, missing perhaps only one or two small parts from the undercarriage... No box, and partial decals, but instructions are there. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics handy, but if there is interest I can definitely take some tomorrow morning, as well as inventory all the parts. I would trade this for the 318ti compact cup car (the racing version)… I'd take what you have from it, but all I really need is a solid shaped body, bumpers, sideskirts and good glass... The wheels also, if possible... Everything else I can do without as I already have parts from the road car, but would like to build it with the race car body These are the kits in question (pics from the internet)… Red road car for the white race car, my parts kit/rebuilder for your kit in similar state: Thanks in advance and kind regards! MATIJA
  7. Eleanor

    I have the Scale Production kit, and judging from the pics of the USCP kit, they have absolutely nothing in common... One useful thing that the USCP kit has, and the SP one doesn't is the exhaust assembly... To my eye, this looks like a nice enough kit, but I'd still probably prefer the Scale Production one, if for no other reason then for the PE set... The Scale production kit does get rereleased in a fairly limited edition every once in a blue moon… I wouldn't be surprised if it popped up again at some point
  8. Italeri Ferrari 275 GTB

    Thanks for the interest, but the Ferrari has been traded a while ago
  9. Hi guys! I don't build trucks, so I don't frequent this part of the forum much, but I know Italeri make European trucks (Iveco, DAF and such) with nice new EU licence plate decals, which I would like to use on my cars... I don't have much to trade in terms of truck parts/decals, but I do have some car stuff... Or I can pay whatever is necessary I am looking for new EU plates with a blue band on the left... Something like this, interested in any/all plates and similar, if anyone has some they won't be using... Thanks
  10. Found dead from an apparent suicide by hanging in his hotel room in Strasbourg, France... Way too many depression related celebrity suicides lately, and mostly people whose work I like Bourdain was about the only celebrity chef I ever paid any attention to...
  11. Gamers - 2018

  12. 1/24 Yugo or Fiat 127 kit by chance?

    And, since we're talkin' Yugo's, I'll just leave this here... Nice car, funny video
  13. 1/24 Yugo or Fiat 127 kit by chance?

    I WISH there was a 1/25 or 1/24 scale plastic kit of a Yugo out there... I mean, honestly, it's a terrible car, and it was ridiculed all over former Yugoslavia just as it was in America (my family had a grand total of three back in the late 80's and early 90's), but as the video Brian posted demonstrates, they can be fun after undergoing some home-engineering... BTW, the video was shot in Croatia, during a popular hill-climb event in Buzet, Istria... Lots of private garage-built cars like that can be seen at the event, and they do go... The one above has a Fiat Bravo HGT engine... This is a video from the same event, a few years before, and different Yugo car... This one with a 900 ccm Kawasaki motorcycle engine... Hence, Yugosaki
  14. Engine in Monogram 29 Ford Roadster Pickup

    Thanks for the reply, but which engine specifically... I would like to find some reference pics, but haven't found anything that looks similar to my eye.
  15. As the title says, I am curious which exact engine is in this kit... Instructions say simply "late model Olds mill", but googling didn't bring up results, and I have read somewhere it might in fact be a Cadillac engine... Can anyone clear this up? Thanks in advance!