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  1. As the topic title says, if anyone has these left over, I have stuff to trade or could compensate via paypal. Kind regards! Matija
  2. Don’t need tires, just the SE version wheels, if anyone has them left over from the build. I have stuff to trade or can compensate via paypal. Thanks in advance!
  3. By invitation of Bugatti-Rimac CEO Mate Rimac, the club will be in Croatia for the following three days. Highlights, as far as I am concerned are two Neveras, Pagani Imola (1 of 5), Pagani Huayra R (1 of 30), Koenigsegg Agera X (1 of 7 driven by Christian Koenigsegg personally), Bugatti Chiron PUR Sport (1 of 20), Bugatti Divo (1 of 40), Lamborghini Veneno Roadster (1 of 7), and last but nowhere near least, the legendary Ferrari F-40… None costing less than a million euros, driving around in rush-hour traffic like they are your everyday grocery getters. Here are a couple of videos of them arriving in Zagreb city centre, so not too much engine sounds but some really nice cars there 😎 IMG_9227.MOV IMG_9226.MOV
  4. Finally, a DuVall windscreen frame for the 32 Ford! Looking forward to that one. Kinda silly they have Vin Diesel/Dom Toretto on the box, rather than Paul Walker, for "Brian's" pickup... Oh well, hopefully it will have the "Racer's Edge" decal included to replicate the movie ride correctly. Curious about the Porsches, also... I wasn't aware of a new tool. It is nice to see Revell re-do this legendary car, because their previous offering was quite bad, and it deserves being done justice. Good times ahead!
  5. How can this thing be registered and legally driven on the road? Last time I checked, something hanging off a rearview mirror is not allowed in the US.
  6. I saw him on stage some 20 years ago in London, playing Big Daddy in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". Great actor! RIP
  7. On the lookout for Minilite wheels that will fit my Revell Mini Cooper (original, not the modern car). Preferably the Tamiya race car or rally car wheels, but similar will also do. I could also use a set of matching tires, but I can probably make do with the set I have from the kit. I have stuff to trade and/or willing to compensate otherwise. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. I guess I’d be fine with nuclear, too. Sure, it has its drawbacks, nothing is fail-safe, but if controlled I actually consider this an ok solution.
  9. I agree about hydrogen being an effective and clean solution commercially speaking, but privately/individually I reckon it would be quite a widespread hazard, more so than gasoline or anything else viable, for that matter, at least with the technology we currently know.
  10. Electricity can be generated by the water, wind and sun, all of which are plentiful natural resources 🙂 But I am no scientist and certainly cannot offer a definitive solution to any of these complex issues, but it sure is intriguing to ponder the imminently different future, so I certainly appreciate a good discussion about it 😎
  11. Indeed, I do agree third world and developing countries will take somewhat longer to switch to electric vehicles than I suggested in my above post. The number of such countries in the world today is rapidly dwindling, however, and they are mostly restricted to Africa and possibly several in South America and Asia. Few have their own auto Industry (India, perhaps), and the second hand vehicle market is more prevalent there anyway, so I suppose they will be relying on mass fossil fuel use a bit longer than the developed world. But, again, I am not saying oil and its derivates will ever be banned or pulled off the open market, on the contrary, we will always be able to drive and register internal combustion engine vehicles, and a switch in the airline industry, for example, will, in fact, take much longer, but we just won’t manufacture any more internal combustion road-going vehicles in the foreseeable future is what I am suggesting. That seems to be the turn the developed world has sharply taken as of lately, anyway. As for the infrastructure, a major switch is inevitable, and whatever we turn to, be it electricity, hydrogen or something else entirely, extensive changes in infrastructure and waste disposal methods will be required just the same 🙂
  12. Even though I am not a particular proponent of electric cars myself, and little can replace the sound and smell of a rumbling v8 in my sensory field, I must disagree. First of all, never did I write that internal combustion will die tomorrow, I am talking about 20 years. Think of where cellphone tech/internet were 20 years ago, and look where they are now. Of course the technology is not yet perfect, but one cannot deny the leap that has been made in the last few years. How many Teslas did you see driving around 5 yrs ago, and how many do you see today? However, this is a limited production hypercar precisely because mass production of electric cars is not yet one hundred percent feasible, but it certainly is getting there, and it is exciting to see it already does reach far beyond a mere 1:1 rc car that will get you nowhere. Furthermore, I do not see hydrogen as a viable option as it is quite volatile in mass usage, and as for the suggested idea of an oil surplus, I do not see that happening either... Having spoken with a prominent scientist at the Shell oil geology department, I learned that global crude oil resources will be sufficient until 2050, or 2060 at best, if nothing changes drastically in our consumption, that is, before we are forced to change things due to utter depletion. Ironically, the pandemic of the last year has led to an unprecedented surplus of reserves, but that will not last and the EU is already very seriously contemplating the ban of diesel car production by 2025 and manufacturers aren’t even complaining terribly. Henceforth, I do believe that in 20 years, by 2041, vehicles reliant on fossil fuels for power will become much more obsolete for everyday use in favor of electricity. That said, I am sure internal combustion will remain alive for hundreds more years, but only as a heritage thing. This is my opinion, free for anyone to take or leave. One thing is for sure, however, I will NOT be buying the Nevera 😝
  13. Or you could just buy an internal combustion hypercar for much less money 😉 I understand your point, and this company could have well made fantastic internal combustion cars, but they opted for electricity because, whether we like it or not, that is the future... and it is happening fast. Within 10 years no more petrol cars will be made or sold, and in 20 years we will only be able to register and drive them as heritage. I guess engine sounds can always be recorded and generated through the sound system as in the electric Mercedes AMG GT 😝
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