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  1. Help identify this resin body

    Yup. thank you very much.
  2. Help identify this resin body

    Will someone tell me what body this is? I thought it was an AAM ramcharger. Thank you
  3. Looking for a 63 Impala Wagon

    Just remember that the 63 Bel Air and Impala wagons have different taillights. 2 vs 3. The Impala wagon is a lot harder to find now a days.
  4. Hakosuka Pickup

    yes thank you. Order one already. It’s exactly what I needed.
  5. Looking for an S20 or S24 Engine

    Looking for this engine. The Tamiya Nissan Skyline 200 GTR has it but I'm trying to avoid having to buy the entire kit. Please let me know if you have one. Thank you
  6. Hakosuka Pickup

    Thanks guys. I'm planning an S20 or 24 engine. I'm hoping I can find the engine by itself instead of having to buy the whole Skyline kit. Maybe I should post it in the wanted section.
  7. I had bought the transkit a while back and ordered the Nissan Sunny right before moving to AZ. Last week I moved my stash from one storage to another and made it a point to find them both and unite them. It was their first time meeting. While I was waiting for the paint to dry on my Civic, I started it. Those are the wheels I'll be going with....I think....unless I change my mind which I don't do often....unless I'm awake. (:)) This one will probably go slower than the rest. I need to find a donor engine too.
  8. 1968 Belvedere "Plane Jane"

    yes sir. The rails.
  9. 1968 Belvedere "Plane Jane"

    Forgive me for bringing thread back up after a year. I was looking for info on this resin body and I found this. Great build! But more eye catching, the rails. I cannot seem to find a thread from when you built them. Any additional info on material used?
  10. Picking out the frame on a modern chassis

    I used maybe half an egg but I guess it depends on how big the area is that youre masking. I'm not sure what type of silly putty everyone is using or doing with it but this one didn't "ooze" anywhere. It was like soft clay. so in the sharp edges, I used a toothpick and a popsicle stick. I just pressed it around and shaped it where I needed to. This is not to be confused with the slimey stuff that's out there. I could roll this silly putty up into a ball and bounce it on my floor just like when I was younger.
  11. 1992-94 Honda Civic EG

    I like the sound of that. I think orange or red may work. Hmmm
  12. 1992-94 Honda Civic EG

    thanks guys. The Civic is Hasegawa. Streetblisters is the brand of these wheels. They’re from Spain. I carry them for US buyers.
  13. 1992-94 Honda Civic EG

    Here is something I recently started on. I started carrying Streetblisters items in my store so I had to give them a try. Going with a gloss black. Body still needs to be cleared and buffed. Still trying to decide whether to leave the wheels white or go with a different color. First time trying carbon fiber too.
  14. Picking out the frame on a modern chassis

    Silly Putty maybe? You can reuse the putty plenty of times after.
  15. Aftermarket Directory

    I'm happy to help with any questions. email: info@icemancollections.com