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  1. Congrats, bud. Engine details are superb. 👍🏼
  2. Great job! 🙌🏼 appreciate the support.
  3. If one popped so will the rest, in time. You can try saving them by drilling three small holes to drain any uncured resin. Then wash in 91%+ alcohol. Use gloves to avoid getting the raw resin on your hands. While doing all this, keep parts away from direct sunlight.
  4. Sorry, we don’t. At this time we skip from the simple plane to the tall one.
  5. I can hear the him of the engine. 😂 Great build and thanks for the support.
  6. Here’s the SMS chrome I applied last week. No top coat. I know everyone has their preference but this has been my favorite one to work with so far. Alclad who? Lol
  7. That is nice. Appreciate the support.
  8. The tires and wheels look right at home. appreciate the support.
  9. Amazing build. It’s better every time I run into more pictures. Appreciate the support.
  10. Appreciate everyone’s feedback and support. thank you.
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