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  1. Coming very soon fellas. I’ll have a few by end of the month. Follow me on FB or IG so you don’t miss the announcement. They will be available through my Ebay store.
  2. Hi everyone. Can someone remind me who’ve made these. I remember a couple of years ago reading about them here but I can’t find the post or name of the gentleman that created these sets. Thank you in advance
  3. Thanks everyone. Jim, I used detail master fittings.
  4. Hey everyone. Just finished putting this one together for a build-off on another group. Happy holidays to everyone, too.
  5. I appreciate all the comments, everyone. Thank you
  6. Hey everyone. So I had been building this past month. Here’s what I ended up with. A lot of pictures....sorry.
  7. Thanks Joe. Youre right Don. It had been a while. Thanks Dave.
  8. Here is one I finished a few months ago. Most shots in a diorama base I’m working in.
  9. Steve owns Star Models. I just bought a 58 wagon from him last week and it arrived yesterday. Email him at the email provided above. He’s pretty good about getting back quick.
  10. Seems like a lot of work and an extra expense to find the perfect size. Why not sand them down to size?
  11. The tire website is available for us to view as guests only. No purchases can be made at this time. I’m sure inventory will change once it goes live. Hopefully more products and additional details in the description of the tires. I’m lretty stoked for just that website.
  12. I saw some sets that are not in the catalog from the last order I placed right before they closed. T the item number seems to be like an item they did have at one point.
  13. Right. I won’t lie. I tried clicking the checkout button too and it said they don’t ship to the United States. 😂
  14. This site is still closed. They’re not shipping to anyone yet.
  15. If you bought these on eBay, they might be copies, depending on who you bought them from. There is a guy out there copying theirs (and a few other's stuff) and still add Hobby Design to the listing title. Although I've encountered a bit of flash on their actual pieces, I've never seen air bubble or rough sides like these.
  16. So there are two websites. Gravity-colors.com and gravitycolors.com. Which website are the problems on and which website are you guys getting your orders from quickly?
  17. Well that’s how competition is born. What I don’t appreciate is him not being transparent. If he wants to build a loyal fan base, he needs to mature and learn how to treat potential customers. He said himself that he’s young, so maybe it’s the lack of experience but so far I’m not impressed even a little bit. If I have to choose from these two, I’ll stick with Gravity Colors.
  18. Will someone tell me what body this is? I thought it was an AAM ramcharger. Thank you
  19. Just remember that the 63 Bel Air and Impala wagons have different taillights. 2 vs 3. The Impala wagon is a lot harder to find now a days.
  20. Thanks guys. I'm planning an S20 or 24 engine. I'm hoping I can find the engine by itself instead of having to buy the whole Skyline kit. Maybe I should post it in the wanted section.
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