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  1. Wow. A lot or race cars. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thank you very much for sharing Pictures from the Show.
  3. Dear model colleagues, I am gradually dissolving my model car collection and most of it is going to the United States. Several models have now arrived damaged (maybe because of the Christmas business?) and sending them back is not worthwhile because of the shipping costs and customs here in Germany, so I usually refund the full purchase price. But that cannot be the solution, because the buyer is understandably disappointed and I am sad that my models built with heart and soul end up in the trash. That's why I'm looking for your help. I need a “service partner” on site who can take a look and who is skilled in the art. Who could help me to receive the broken models, repair them and send them back to the buyer? Of course, for the full assumption of costs by me! Please contact me via email - I would be very happy to get the problem under control together. Kindest Regards, Dominik
  4. x2. in round about 16 hours? very cool!
  5. cool Color and Interieur. like it! well done.
  6. Dominik

    Ferrari 288 GTO

    very nice - beautiful GTO. My alltime favorite Ferrari...they never built a nicer one.
  7. Super nice - i like it most, to be different. Looks amazing. what kind of headlights you used? are those in the kit?
  8. really cool! well done.
  9. wow...amazing looking Galaxie. wow!
  10. totally agreed. Looks awesome! the only Point for me is...i didn't like the photoetched wipers. i miss the 3D-looking.
  11. Awesome! Very very realistic dust - and the Dukes sitting in the General. Thats really really cool. Well Done!!!
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