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  1. Dominik added a post in a topic 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda   

    i missed that Beauty? can't believe...Looks awesome and super clean. Wow!
  2. Dominik added a post in a topic Cannonballrun 2015 - 1966 Volkswagen   

    Thank you very much for Kind comments!
    You're right Carl. they did. i took the wirings i always use on my builts...hmmm...american iron engines are bigger
    for the rear quarterlights i built a frame inside (painted black rubber). the "glass" is thin clear sheet from a packaging of razor blades. i took the form from the glass, cut it out. the chromtrim is painted with a pen from Eding. then i glued  them on the b-pillar. the locking is a part of a shockabsorber i had on the bench.
    the one-piece-window is the same material.
    the sunroof is a tissue. cut in size and soaked in glue-water. to give it the correct form of the Roof, i took another Body and made it on it. i gave it the "for waves" and let it dry on the other body. as it was dry, i brought it back in the shape of the Roof and glued it on two Roof struts i mounted before. at last, i painted the Roof with tamiya semigloss black.
  3. Dominik added a post in a topic BMW Z3 - Tamiya   

    thank you very much for Kind comments. i appreciate it
  4. Dominik added a post in a topic BMW i8   

    super clean built! watched your Progress. the wheels make it Pop!
    What kind of Problems was with your doors? the only Thing as i built mine were the sidewindows and the deformed frame...but with glue the fit perfect.
  5. Dominik added a post in a topic Cobra 427   

    awesome cobra! very very clean. like your detailwork on the engine and Interieur!
  6. Dominik added a post in a topic Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder   

    very beautiful! lovely Color. lilke the deatils and the tires - thats looking good!
  7. Dominik added a topic in Under Glass   

    Cannonballrun 2015 - 1966 Volkswagen
    Here it is - my entry for the Cannonballrun 2015 "Sleeperball"
    Based on a Tamiya Bug, i changed the engine to a Porsche 356, lowered the suspension, shortened the front axle. Wheels are Sparewheels from the Fujimi Porsche 911 kits, painted with alclad. Exportbumpers changed to standarts from the RoG Bug.
    Goodies are sliding roof, one-piece-windows, quarterlights in the rear, turnsignallights in the headlights.
    Classic two-tone paintjob yellow/white, white interieur. are the pictures

    Thanks for passing by, comments welcome as always. Feel free to say what you think
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  8. Dominik added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    My bug is done

    Here the way to the Galerie >klick<
  9. Dominik added a post in a topic VW CADDY MK1 transkit   

    cool. Thank you guys!
  10. Dominik added a post in a topic New Beetle Hebmueller   

    ohaaaa...thank you Scott! that looks beautiful...i think, i have to order one.
  11. Dominik added a post in a topic Slixx General Lee decal sheet   

    Mike, i am building the MPC with the correct rear window... was a present i wished and became in april last year. startet my built in july.
    I am building the GL from movie 2005. A lot of scratchbuiling, make it "perfect" in my view. i love this "hardcorekits". If your interested, here is the link from the progress (in german).
    I have planed to build a second with the Revell Charger.
  12. Dominik added a post in a topic Italeri Kits   

    i built both Porsches (and others from italeri) you are looking for. They are very easy. The only change i always make is the stance of the wheels. The wheesl are the last parts i glue, to give them a "good look". The "Bad-Boys" Turbo (964) is to high, the american Roadster the same kit.
    The 993 turbo looks like the wheels are to small, i used wheels from the Tiasan-993 from Tamiya.
  13. Dominik added a topic in Under Glass   

    BMW Z3 - Tamiya
    The third in the BMW-row. As i was building the new i8 i thought, the Z3 as a son of the Z1 is a must have in his history.
    The kit is a typical Tamiya, nothing happend, nothing that wont fit. Glue and color in a box, shake em...and there it is.

    at last the interieur:

    Thank you for attention. Comments welcome as always
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  14. Dominik added a post in a topic Slixx General Lee decal sheet   

    I ordered mine too this week. My last hope after my clear-coat-desaster to finish my General...
    About the BFG: any link to the wheels and tires?
    found it here >General Lee Decals<
    Is it possible, to put this two threads to one "General Lee Decals and Wheels"-Thread? Perhaps pinned?
    It could be easier in the future to find "where i can get the GL stuff"-Thing ?
  15. Dominik added a post in a topic New Beetle Hebmueller   

    old thread...thanks for grabbing it.
    does anybody know about the original 50's Hebmueller molded in 1/25. Transkit or something?