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  1. beautiful stock built. i think about to build mine stock also - that looks realy nice!
  2. that color with brown shine looks really nice with the red interior. amazing paintjob!
  3. Nigel, i agree. I've built that Ferrari a couple times and i am always impressed, how good that kit looks. minimal parts - great afford. I like that yellow also. well done!
  4. great model! unspectular but timeperiod perfect color. like it a lot!
  5. that interesting Larry! Had you built the body from scratch or used a donor?
  6. agreed. awesome part of casted trucks. Thank you to share your build and not leave it in the deep holes of collectors stash.
  7. nice and clean - well done! The color is very beautiful.
  8. well done ! the flower-power with orange looks very nice.
  9. Dominik

    Paddy Wagon

    Well done Tony! I've built mine couple month ago and have to agree: my driver won't fit anyway. I had to cut the steering column to grab his hand on the steering wheel.
  10. Dominik

    Mazda RX-7

    that screams 80s - color, interior and a timeless, beautiful car. well done!
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