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  1. I think it was "1966 Pontiac GTO barrier blue" - it was really close to the plastik color. Color is in a rattlecan from Multona , Nr. 0761-10. Thanks all for your kind words. much appreciate it.
  2. looks very good. nice color that suits him very well!
  3. Thanks a lot for your nice comments. As more i look at the pictures, as more i like it 😊
  4. Hmmm...im not really a fan of the Gassers. But they are racing history. Yello is always a good choice 😉 Here are two pictures from my untouched 57.
  5. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.
  6. Based on the new Revell Kit #07663 '56 Chevy Custom i built it in May 2020 as a Stock Version. I didn't like the wheels, the Custom stuff as showen on the Box. I really liked it stock to fill the gap between the 55 and 57 - fill the gap as long as i get the really old BelAir (with all opening doors). For a fast build (about two weeks) im happy with the result. painted out of rattle cans, used BMF for Chrome and lowered the suspension. I didn't mounted the hood ornament, i won't fit.
  7. That's cool, to have the own daily as a model. It looks pretty nice! Nice color, super clean built. Well done!
  8. Done. I'm with snake. I'm hunting this old Revell kit (only the stock version) since years and I never saw one offered in Germany or Europe. They are that rear even in the US and if one unbuilt(!) Kit is offered, the shipping cost are out of the world - not the price of the kit. They are human. I would be so happy to find a built one, if I get no kit. This 56 will close the gap between the 55 and 57 I have built. As I searched for the 57 bel air, I found one built in the same condition as your 56 - and I let it as it is. Didn't layer my hands on. And I love this very old piece of modeling in my collection. Therefore, i get a newer kit and build that. Just my looooong story. Man, i love those old kits with all opening doors. But it is your choice. I'm looking forward, how it comes together again. Btw, my old 57s wheels are in good shape. No reaction from rubber and plastic
  9. They look very very nice! Well built! I love the red convertible 🥰
  10. I was long time out - but i never missed the hobby. Was a stressful time...the last two/three Years. Now i hope, i find the time to show some of my finished models the last Years. I will start with the Ford GT Snap-Kit from Revell, built in Jan 2020. Sanded all moldinglines down, repainted the body and rims. Ready. With a little work a snap kit can motivate you a lot.
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