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  1. very nice. white, black Vinyl Roof, red Stripes - awesome.
  2. agreed with the weathering. however you made that out of a paintaccident - it Looks awesome.
  3. it is not the best kit - the result is very fine made. Good choice to use other wheels. Well done David.
  4. Looks awesome in this Color. like it!
  5. Beautiful! Love it 😍
  6. on a Diorama it will be working fine. well made Matt. for a next rusted car with holes you can thin out the plastic from the inside to make it a Little bit more realistic. if i make such rusty work, i Research the Internet for examples, to have an eye where the typical rust is on the car 😉
  7. well done. Like the fact, you choosed at the end a nice Color 😉
  8. more Pictures please!!! Looks good so far
  9. Mine arrived last Weekend and i will build it as "Non-Supernatural" also. Be diferent 😃
  10. interesting built. i've not heared a lot about a Beaumont.
  11. i'm speechless about the Pictures from the engine . Wow.
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