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  1. just looked again on the Pictures...unbelivable. what a perfect car. what detailwork and such nice Pictures .
  2. uhhhhh...taht paintjob is A W E S O M E !!!!
  3. Good Idea Rob! Charles, please remove the conatiner and give us a look without it 😉
  4. Your work on the weathering (especially the container) is awesome! In my opinion, it is too much Junk for the "small base". i'm asking myself: could the Ford carry the weight of the container or would it break done under the weight? it is my personal view.
  5. Wow!° the finish and deatilwork is amazing! absolute top work - wow! I'd like to have this one.
  6. interesting paint, it Looks crankled...but i like that look. what happened with the decals? they look like the red is shinig thru?
  7. yes, i like that whit with black Roof. followed your Progress, well done. well done!
  8. nice Color, like it a lot! well done.
  9. cooooool, like it! also with the big wheels. in my opinion, the Riviera is "made" for big or stock wheels 😉
  10. Dominik

    Ferrari Enzo

    well done on the Revell kit! you made a great Job. On my built, the decklid won't fit and so i glued the lid on.
  11. nice work! i built the same kit years ago and choosed a frontengined 69 Camaro untercarriage...now, i bought the kit again to build it stock. Your built makes me feel, to grab my Hands on mine.
  12. uhhhh...that Looks awesome! I like the weathered look it has yet (the white paint).
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