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  1. outstanding work and photograph. love it - came out great!
  2. b e a u t i f u l ! paintsheme and steelies are perfect.
  3. very nice! i like the revell kit a lot. well built!
  4. very very nice! love it a lot. The vinyl roof, the color - excellent
  5. very cool. I like the color with the stripes. nice work!
  6. love it. looks really nice in white
  7. wow, thats a beauty. love it!
  8. not often you see that built. well done!
  9. agreed. like the clean look better. excellent!
  10. same thought. like them all
  11. beautiful! in my opinion one of the best fitting kits. like the color sand with red a lot. well done!
  12. nice! i was surprised, that it is in good and clean shape 😉
  13. Oh, it looks realy good! I have this Kit (became from my brother) and Knew about that crazy casted plastic. You made a good job on it, i will read your wip now. As tips for my build 😉
  14. agreed. absolutly. i like to see those old ones. thank you for sharing!
  15. love it. beautiful color!
  16. beautiful colors. looks very nice. i had the same problem with resin parts, that they wrap after times...don't know why.
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