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  1. i almost like to see, if somebody is building his/her real car. Well done! Its looking good all around!
  2. Well done Niko! Like the red with white stripe.
  3. ...to have a look inside: Thats it. Comments welcome
  4. Hallo everybody, today i want to show you a newer car out of my collection. The 1987 Buick Grand National with supercharged V-6 engine. What i like on this car? Because, it has a dark shining when you stay in front of it and always sold in black - i think so. The only thing i was not painting like the original is the interieur. i hate all the grey stuff in it and so i made my own upholstery. Also this car has a story. His owner is a bounty hunter - take a look! wait a minute...to be continued...
  5. Dominik

    72 Cutlass

    beautiful cutlass! Very good paintjob - like t!
  6. Yes - i like this "used look RR". nice steel rims.
  7. Very nice color! like it. But why the impala is looking so sad? please fix the front bumper
  8. That Superbird looks great!
  9. Dominik

    lexus LFA

    This Lexus is looking very bad and dark - amazing! This model says to: buy one! Hurry up - b-u-y one!
  10. I almost like el-camonis too. The dashborad is realy well done. some questions a have... Is there clear coat on it to seal the decals? it seems dull to me, no "blingbling", what would fit the look. Did you ever tried wireing an engine? This engine is screaming out, to make it. Because the distributor is fitted on a lokal place
  11. Looks good Bruce! I like the rims most - a "must have" for a musclecar, if it's built stock
  12. Dominik

    Porsche 959

    Hallo buddies, for the weekend, i will show you another european car out of my collection. I built it february this year. Its the kit from Tamiya i ever would built since i was a little boy. Changes i made in this built: give him bucket seats, racingbelts, photoetched brake discs and caliper to give him a small underdog racelook. All this parts i ordered from Scaleproduction. I attache the other files - i prefer, so have fun with it Comments welcome. No, i dont built mainly european kits - only cars i like most
  13. Cool van, but why you had painted the headlights yellow?
  14. Wow - this 40 Ford looks very cool! Nice stickshift and very clean enginedetails! Nice rods - Alyn
  15. ...i have three more to show: 65 DragCamino - first try with weathered decals and streetdust: a Nova out of parts mixed from other kits, i had in my boxes: and a heavy T-Bird, when my paintjob was very bad: a kind of ratrod...
  16. Realy good builts - i like weathering on cars too. There are different sorts in my collections to, and i most try new methodes for it. For example, my favorite this time, because its my newest i built in june this year: another one last year, it only has a little trackdirt on the front of the hood and behind the wheels: my favorite Wrecker: and the Vicci, they want to pick up. This car i built about for Years ago: at last a Riviera with mud and dust I'm trying often, to make the weathering better and closer to original look. Hold on...
  17. Nice Built! This Kit is also waiting to be build on my bench. Like it - most i like the wired engine and the antenna ball - nice detail
  18. Thanks buddies, Who is Kenny? I'm not sure, what manufacturer the body is - i became it without box or anything and its to long ago, i remember...i am a old man @Bill (Mr.Obsessiv): I will do so. Looked at your fabulous Impala Convertible at fotki! WOW! What a built!!!
  19. Hallo Ed, your pick up looks great! Looks like, that the whole body is weathered with rusty dust. Very cool. I like this Pickup also stock. The only point, that i dont like is the uniform satin "gloss". - only my opinion! I think, thats the result of taking hairspray, you wrote? Had you finished the work with it to seal it?
  20. Hi Michael, what kind of "Purple Pond is this, to remove chrome? Is it working for paint too?
  21. Hi Allen, you built the Death Proof Nova very fast! For my own too fast, because your rollcage mismatch with the example moviecar you've posted. There is a part of the cage in the middle of the car, on the passengers Door are only two diagonal strive, mounted near the chassis. How could the passenger get into the car when the door open? Another point is, there is a massive rollcage "over the head" from driver/passenger with a cross in the back of the seat. This part i am missing completly... The problem is, if you built a car like this (similar to racecars), you must search for all informations and pictures you can get. Its one of the hardest builts in our hobby, to come as close to the original as you can. Last, a tip for decals on flat paints: First i paint the car highgloss. then fix the decals on and finaly, i paint the body with flat clearcoat. this type, you have no silvering of the decals.
  22. very clean builtup! Looks perfect with color and trim.
  23. Good Job Chris. I like the details in your engine but most the shifter. But, one thing i have to criticize: the turbo. i think, the silver on the right pipe in the pictrue goes from the turbo behind the bumper to the intake on the left side of the engine? I am missing the aircleaner on the right - that hole, that you see, when you look on the turbo. Sure, it will work - but not a long time without a aircleaner
  24. Dominik

    67 GTX

    Looks great! Nice Built and a very nice engine. I built the same and it was horrible - had no luck with it. So, your GTX has a good finish
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