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  1. Fantastic save, great details, great color choice too. And is bears a more than passing resemblance to a car that a friend had (since sold) that he wishes he would have kept.
  2. Does anyone know where these came from? I have three, need the fourth for a Comet project.
  3. Her name was Kathy Howard, I didn't catch his and it wasn't written on the entry cards. And yes, a very nice couple. They came here from Missouri for this show? Outstanding, I wonder if they scored the long distance award.
  4. You're welcome everyone, it was an event to remember. So many great builders, and almost none of them brought just one entry.
  5. Best of show. When John Teresi comes to town, you probably aren't going to win best of show. It was quite deserving.
  6. One of the most amazing pieces there was this supercharged, twin turbocharged 1/4 scale Hemi. It started out as a kit (I think it was a Hawk kit) and of that kit, only the block and heads are original; everything else, and I mean everything - was scratch built from numerous materials with some parts machined and others cast aluminum. The builder and his wife were a charming couple in their 50s or 60s, and both were deaf and possibly mute, as neither talked. We communicated with a pad and pen, and traded info on Facebook. He also showed us 1:24 scale wheels he made, and the drag guys were blown away by those too.
  7. Quite a show, quite a turnout, and amazing talent on display from wall to wall. And a swap meet too. A big one. DSC doesn't disappoint.
  8. Nice job, and a convincing replica of a very cool car.
  9. Need one for '67-'68 Ambassador, I think the Javelin had these too. Is there one in your hubcap drawer?
  10. One of my favorite Youtubers has a near exact 1:1 car. Beautiful job and perfect color combo, '57-'59 Furys and hardtops are always a favorite.
  11. Hey, you know I like it, and you know why!
  12. I can't add anything to the above comments, it's just perfect. It's amazing how the '60 Merc grille works so well in so many cars.
  13. Beautiful build, everything just works so well on that package. Looks like it could be a Kindig car.
  14. Wow, your Pops is some kind of craftsman!
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