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  1. You can also use the very similar looking and more common Johan '62 Cutlass for the gasser project.
  2. I have one on the tree. Decent condition except for some chrome loss to the bumper. You can have it for shipping. I have no idea what that will be from the US to Germany, but I can look it up tomorrow or Wednesday.
  3. Wild. That car lends itself quite well to a low rider build. Makes you wonder why there aren't more of them.
  4. Yes, I should have mentioned the size. It's approximately 1:24 scale, 3 1/8" total width, black plastic under the plating. AMT '62 Galaxie for scale. It really says Japanese pickup to me, but with the number of less than accurate toys, anything is possible.
  5. Recently bought an AMT '67 Corvette kit in the box from an Ebay seller. The box had a few things from other kits, including this mystery grille. Looks like an '80s Toyota truck, likely a toy but who knows. Can anyone identify it?
  6. Roof swaps usually have a stylistic drawback or two, but that one looks so nice, I'm surprised that no one has built it in 1:1 yet. Just completely natural.
  7. Very nice conversion, super clean and love the green.
  8. Great job on the headlight conversion. I built this custom in 1988 when the kit was new, and I hated the headlights even then; so I used cut down Monogram Monkees GT convertible lights to spruce it up a bit. The new tool Revell lights should look a lot better.
  9. Outstanding and very accurate, hard to imagine that was a '63 convertible.
  10. It looks like the rear wheel wells needs to go back about 3 scale inches, while the rear 1/4 panels need to be lengthened a bit less, say 1.5 scale inches. Hmm. Less work than I thought.
  11. Pretty sure I've seen that car and the story in a magazine. Hemmings Muscle Machines?
  12. Greg Wann, the Master Caster has the grille without the lights. PM him for more info.
  13. Looks very nice, I like the factory blue color with the black and white interior.
  14. Thanks again to everyone for the positive feedback. I like to do these 1:32 scale cars as a break between 1:25 builds, just sort of relaxing and low pressure. I think the next one will be the Lindberg '77 Thunderbird. The front overhang on that one is too short, so more slicing is in order there.
  15. To fix warps, try dipping the part of the body that needs to be moved into a pan of simmering (small bubbles) water for a few seconds. Bend it to just past the proper shape, then while you are holding it, put it under cold running water or dip it into a pan of ice water. You might have to repeat the process a few times to make it perfect, but it pretty easy to do, and then everything lines up and glues down well.
  16. Love the look of the black hardtop, so sleek. The red Crown Victoria is brush painted? Could have fooled me, that paint has great self leveling characteristics. Great builds!
  17. Very nice job, and PDQ considering all the work.
  18. A Mopar guy on another forum pointed out to Greg that there should be a fender separation line at the rocker. We both agreed. so here is the final detail. Greg should be claying up the master as we speak.
  19. Thanks for the offer, John. I just PMed Michael, we will see what happens. We don't recast without permission, here's hoping that he says yes.
  20. Pretty sure that is where I remember seeing them. Looks like he was last here two years ago. Yes, I'd like a set for a basic Demon I am planning to build. If I had a set, we would cast them - with permission from the creator - and include them with the transkit. I bought a set of the '63 Ford dog dishes from RaSti, they are very nice indeed. Those Plymouth caps he has would be perfect for a base Duster.
  21. I did look there. He has the Monaco/van wheel covers, but not these. I could ask him, though.
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