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  1. legendshobbies added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    New AFV and Hobby Fan Items listed for Preorders on our Site
    Hi, we wanted to let everyone here know that we have recently added a good number of new items to our website at www.legendshobbies.com! Among them are a new "Gun World" 1:4 scale line from Hobby Fan, a 1:35 U.S. "Water Buffalo" LVT-4 (Early Version) from AFV, a 1:35 Churchill Mk. V British Infantry Tank 95mm/L23 Howitzer from AFV, a 1:35 HMMVW Recon I Hummer (Conversion Kit) and a 1:48 F-5F Tiger II (Shark Nose) VFC-111 "Sundowners" from AFV.

    Come check it out! Most are tentatively due to arrive in September!

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  2. legendshobbies added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    Check Us Out Over at www.legendshobbies.com!
    Hi everyone, we at Legends Toys and Hobbies would like to get the word out about our shop, if you haven't heard about us already! We currently offer a variety of different collectibles, including model cars, action figures, military aircraft models, accessories and more. Also, we have a very large eBay store featuring a multitude of items both on our standard website and exclusive to the eBay store! Stop by our site and check us out!

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