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  1. Nice work on the Featherlite!! I've been out of the loop here for quite a while, and am catching up on some builds If it helps to know, you can go to a plastics supplier, google that locally or yellow pages (NOT hobby shop) for styrene sheet. I just bought a sheet of .060 for 29 bucks... That's 4 foot by 8 foot sheet! (Almost a quarter acre in 1/25) And .040 is cheaper. Same stuff as a hobby shop sells in little packages. Dan.
  2. 120403014[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr L600001[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr L600002[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr L600004[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr L600009[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr I built this model many YEARS before seeing that beautiful blue truck on eBay Motors: P5240061 by Southgate_08, on Flickr P5240082 by Southgate_08, on Flickr I hope this helps someone. Dan
  3. I bought a bunch of these kits when Micheals had 1/2 price coupons. It seems that about 1/2 of the kits come with tires that will work acceptably. The other half are hopelessly distorted. I have modified some of the wheels to work with Italeri tires, which I have from the truck conversions kits. But that's a great idea, the bead backer! I'll get some next time at Home depot. Thanks for the tip. Dan
  4. Nice work on the 'Binders so far. I like these IHs any way they come, but the more unusual, the better. Dan
  5. I am thinking about buying a laser printer to make decals. I know it takes special paper, I read that laser printed decals are waterproof, no need for sealer. Anyone have experience here? My local office max has a Samsung printer on sale, ends today...
  6. What a super build, and from the '80s! Cargostars are such cool mid sized rigs. I'd like to see a tutorial on converting a Transtar into one. Dan
  7. Looking good, Mike! I really like the colors on that conventional. Dan
  8. I say real...all the finer detail are too perfect. Dan
  9. What a BEE-utiful build! I think there might also be a bee in flight just above the cab marker light in the last picture, if you haven't caught it already. (Zat a bee?) Anyway, this is a nice clean build, great work on melding all the components together. That twin steer is too cool! Dan
  10. I'm gonna say model. I almost went with real, but the tires seem to have some shine between the treads. Hmmm...This is a hard one! Dan
  11. Real. Details are too tight for diecast to my eyes.
  12. As cool as it may seem to so many to stretch and add condominium size sleepers to rigs, this is a nice change of pace. The humble local short haul truck meets the pride of ownership!
  13. The only car we ever bought new was a '92 Subaru Legacy, 2.2 litre, non turbo AWD. It is actually more user accessable than I'd have ever expected. I have changed the timing belt and water pump myself, and at 220,000 miles it needs 'em again, and some other stuff (it's actually running fine, it's just time to do it) I don't know about the new Subarus, but this kind of accessability just makes me like this good car all the more. Granted, a Subaru boxer engine isn't the sexiest looking thing ever stuck under the hood of a vehicle, but what it gains in reliability, and then DIY credits on top of that, it's the perdiest thing I've ever owned!
  14. Hey, dont feel so bad! I went to the NNL Portland Oregon last April 19, there were only TWO class 8 trucks there, (one was mine) and a small handfull of light commercial. You had TONS of beautiful rigs to look at. I'm envious! Thanks for sharing them here. Dan
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