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  1. Nice work on the Featherlite!! I've been out of the loop here for quite a while, and am catching up on some builds

    If it helps to know, you can go to a plastics supplier, google that locally or yellow pages (NOT hobby shop) for styrene sheet. I just bought a sheet of .060 for 29 bucks... That's  4 foot by 8 foot sheet!  (Almost a quarter acre in 1/25) And .040 is cheaper. Same stuff as a hobby shop sells in little packages.  Dan.

  2. 8222650137_b274c066f4.jpg

    L600001[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr


    L600002[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr


    L600004[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr


    L600009[1] by Southgate_08, on Flickr

    I built this model many YEARS before seeing that beautiful blue truck on eBay Motors:


    P5240061 by Southgate_08, on Flickr


    P5240082 by Southgate_08, on Flickr

    I hope this helps someone. Dan

  3. I bought a bunch of these kits when Micheals had 1/2 price coupons. It seems that about 1/2 of the kits come with tires that will work acceptably. The other half are hopelessly distorted. I have modified some of the wheels to work with Italeri tires, which I have from the truck conversions kits. But that's a great idea, the bead backer! I'll get some next time at Home depot. Thanks for the tip. Dan

  4. What a BEE-utiful build! I think there might also be a bee in flight just above the cab marker light in the last picture, if you haven't caught it already. (Zat a bee?) Anyway, this is a nice clean build, great work on melding all the components together. That twin steer is too cool! Dan

  5. The only car we ever bought new was a '92 Subaru Legacy, 2.2 litre, non turbo AWD. It is actually more user accessable than I'd have ever expected. I have changed the timing belt and water pump myself, and at 220,000 miles it needs 'em again, and some other stuff (it's actually running fine, it's just time to do it) I don't know about the new Subarus, but this kind of accessability just makes me like this good car all the more. Granted, a Subaru boxer engine isn't the sexiest looking thing ever stuck under the hood of a vehicle, but what it gains in reliability, and then DIY credits on top of that, it's the perdiest thing I've ever owned! :blink:

  6. I started this about 4 years ago, worked on it from time to time. I finally decided to get it finished up. Some of you will recognise it from other forums, but here goes anyway!




    Inspired partly by Mercedes Unimog, (and my obsession with hacking up Dodge trucks and vans :P ) I wanted a tough off road capable looking rig, 4x4. I am a working features junkie, and this model has lots of them: Working front coil over suspension and posable steering, complete with full linkages to the PS unit. Working rear leaf springs, following the exceptional tutorial below from fellow model builder "Modeljeeper"


    The cab tilts up and features a lift cylinder. Cab was made by joining the rear of a Dodge van to front. The frame is from an Ertl IH Transtar CO, flipped upside down. This allowed better room for the motion of the front suspensionand steering.

    The crane is scratchbuilt using K&S metal tubing, Evergreen styrene, and a few parts from the scrapboxes.

    The service box was scratchbuilt from Evergreen sheet styrene, some diamond plate and slam lock handles both now available from Don Mills. Rear bumper is scratched from same diamond plate and Styrene strips.

    Other parts include: Gas tank from early Testors L-700, Light bar support from A-Team van, Air tanks from I think a Mack truck model, Wheels from an Ertl Transtar Eagle, engine cover inside cab from Lindberg A-100, Corvette seats (AMT), Front and rear axle pumpkins from different truck kits, Engine 440 from Lindberg Dodge 330, Transfer case from a monster truck, Emergency light pods cut from a Lindberg set, Battery box from Transtar, Radiator from Monogram '59 Cadillac, Shroud from a nascar kit, Tail lights & Bezels from who knows where, And a small handfull of other parts I can't remember.

    here's an early look at some of the components. The wheels for example have been replaced.


    The tailgate is made from expanded aluminum from a spatter screen and brass channel (milled one side off 1/16 brass square tube.) It lifts out. The outriggers are held both in the up and down position by rare earth magnets inside the aluminum tubing, which positions against other magnets at the appropriate position. When lowered, they can actually support the weight of the model. The one tool box that does open is the one under the box, by the battery box. It was made from a plastic aspirin box I found decades ago. It slides open like a drawer. Shocks and cab lift cylinder are made from metal tubing. Mirrors are scratchbuilt from brass rod and styrene, filed to shape. Pretty easy, really. Front fenders and rear flares are cut from spray paint can lids that had the right contour. Stuff is where ya find it, ya know?

    Tailgate and slots before pianting:


    Worm's eye veiw of chassis


    Opening toolbox:


    I hope you enjoy, and I hope I didn't get too wordy. Thanks for looking. Dan


  7. hey guys i got some left over parts from a truck i won off of ebay i aint to shure what kind of truck it is but the cab is a old flat nose coe the interor is strange some parts sits on the left i have a mack r interor and a big motor dont ask what kind all i know is it came in the box with the parts and a set of rear tires that i think go to a Italeri kit the tires are hard black plastic the rear rims are gray if yall want it drop me a line and name your poison

    hey Buba, ya might post some pictures, whadayasay? :P

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