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  1. Looking for a Petty Dodge Dart. Might have something to trade. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! The earlier released bodies were almost a brushed chrome and was way too bright. These recent releases kit bodies are much more realistic. I was very pleased with the quality of the brushed stainless finish, but it was a nightmare to get paint to stick to it. If I ever build another one, I am going to scuff the finish off the areas that paint is required so it doesnt flake off.
  3. Finally finished this model I built for a friend of mine for a Christmas present. First model I have completed in over 15 years! It's a Polar Lights Back to the Future "Time Machine" but this one they included the "DMC" on the grille. It's a snap-together and it's one scale smaller than the AMT-ERTL/Aoshima kits with a lot less detail, but I made due. Here is some of the WIP pics to show the interior details and the completed car. The only details I added outside of the box-stock car was the gauges (the square gauge on the plutonium gauge cluster is hand-painted), Ken's Kustom Fuzzi Fur carpet flocking, the braided wire on the lightning rod and the thin wire I wrapped around to hold it in place, and the "GoodYear Eagle GT" decals I got from Joseph (Fireball Modelworks). The decals alone transformed the car and gave a much more accurate look. I also couldnt stand the chrome plated wheels, so I stripped and painted them with flat aluminum, then detailed the center caps and lug nuts. Anyway, without further ramblings, the DeLorean...
  4. Okay, if I can come up with a good body, yours!
  5. Looking for a body from a Revell '70 Buick GSX. I bought a used kit and the previous owner made the body look all dented and rusted like a graveyard car...needless to say, it's too far to save.
  6. I just bought a Revell '78 GMC "Big Game Country" pickup and I was wondering if there is a 2WD conversion for these kits?
  7. Bought a few carbs from Ted's Modeling Marketplace. First one is a Pro-tech Barry Grand Demon carb. Details are amazingly crisp and very nice piece (wish I would have bought a few more). Second is a Pro-Tech metal Holley Dominator. Again, great detail but will be harder to detail since its metal and not resin. Third is a copy of the Holley Dominator casted by VCG Resins. They obviously made a cast of the Pro-Texh unit and made it out of resin. While it's a direct copy, it isnt the greatest quality. Lots of extra flash everywhere and crisp details were lost in the cast. Maybe they should make new molds out of better material? Not sure. This is the 1st piece I've gotten from VCG but since they have a store, I hope they improve their casting. Not trying to bash them, just giving my own review and opinions. I have never cast something but would like to give it a shot sometime for my own personal use, not to copy other's work and sell them. Anyway, I highly recommend Pro-Tech stuff. VCG wasnt junk by any means...I can clean it up and use it, but I'd rather spend an extra dollar to use something I dont have to clean up to make look better.
  8. I looked on Revell's PDF instructions online and the engine looks identical to the one in the Ford Fusion's instructions minus the valve covers. Are they the same engines in the Chevys and Fords? In just wondering because I kinda want to kit bash some of my models with Nascar parts but I dont want to put a Ford engine in a Chevy or vice versa. I have a Fusion kit that I traded an unwanted kit for and wondering if I should bother with an SS. First pic is the SS and the second is the Fusion.
  9. My God, you have an incredible talent my friend!
  10. Looking for a set of wheels made by Pegasus Hobbies. They came in both 19" (part# 1285) and 23" (part# 2311) versions. Looking for both. I have some things to trade for them.
  11. I'm a huge fan of DeLoreans and wanted to build one of these so bad, but I couldn't justify the price.
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