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  1. This one looks very cool! It's nice to see that my old build got totally new life.
  2. My Opel got some big updates for this summer and now it looks pretty good. Front end needs a bit lowering but otherwise i'm really happy to the result. And it is now much better to drive with those bigger tires and new springs and shocks at all corners.
  3. He's Busy with his 1:1 Cars so he don't have time to build models. But he's fine. Just talked with him about week ago at local Cruising.
  4. I need at least one Coupe to donor car if somebody in some day made Resin kit of '41 Chevy Coupe which is basicly same car except front end looks different in '41.
  5. Count me in with '62 Opel Rekord. I think that GM 2.8 V6 engine with turbo will make it pretty fast.
  6. I'm dropping put because it's seems that my 1:1 cars took all of my spare time so it's not possible to finish Impala in time. Maybe next year I will get something finished...
  7. I bought this last saturday and it's going to be my daily driver since my project car '75 Toyota Corolla is finished. It's Opel Rekord Olympia 1967. Engine is 1,9 liter four cylinder and transmission is 4 on the floor. It needs some fixing like idle is really bad and there's few problems with electrics and need some minor welding but after all it's pretty cool car for daily driver. It's possible that as the price what i paid for it you should get pretty good newer car that is ready to road but somehow I fell in love to that overall look what is pure rock'n roll to me. Anyway It's going to be pretty fun daily driver and if it turned out really good and reliable car I think it will be daily driver also after I finish that Corolla but let's see. Anyway here's couple pics of that Opel. And here's one pic of my Corolla also. It is waiting for sandblasting now.
  8. I got this today. '67 Opel Rekord Olympia. Runs pretty nicely but need to do something to idle because its pretty bad. Exhaust is also broken but after all it's pretty sweet car. It feels almost like real american car on the road and that was the main reason why I bought it. Also it's going to be my daily driver so long that my Corolla is finished.
  9. Hi! Finished this one today and it was pretty basic and fast build but I had lot of fun with it. Wheels are from my parts box and brakes are made by The Parts box. Exhaust and those Super Bee decals are from AMT '70 Super Bee. Interior is mostly box stock but I changed steering wheel and flocked interior floor. Body is painted with Motip spray paint. After body was dry enough I clear coated it with Motox spray cleat coat. Engine is also box stock except plug wires and battery cabels. Here's few pics. Thanks for lookin guys and comments are welcome!
  10. Maybe the best lookin '69 Super Bee what i've seen so far! Love that engine and all details on it. Paint job is also very nice. Very Good Job!
  11. Hi fellas! Finished this build at yesterday evening. It's AMT kit and it's mostly box stock build. Just putted plug wires to engine and changed wheels to those new AMT tires. Body is painted by using Maston spray paint and clear coat is manufactured by Motox. It was fun kit to build and I'm pretty happy to result. Nothing more to tell about this build so here's few pics. Thanks for lookin and comments are welcome!
  12. Very good work guys! Finally got inspiration back to return my '64 Impala. Here's some photos what i've done in few days. Engine is pretty close to finishing now. Headers was a big problem because front of frame is so narrow. Those headers were smallest what I found from my parts box and they fitted just between frame rails after some cutting. Still need to paint that fuel injection and couple small parts but after that engine is finally finished. Frame is also painted and I've done some assembling because I wanted to see how it looks in four wheels. I've also opened those front inner fenders. Main reason for that was that Cannonball Run is a long race and engine is running very hot so now that supercharged big block is getting fresh air enough that overheating is not problem. And also it looks much meaner now. Body is also painted and now it's drying and waiting clear coating and maybe some decals. Wheels and tires are from my parts box. And for last one mock up pick. Next body is going to get clear coated and interior is going to get some red paint.
  13. Very nice Ford! Paint job looks really nice!
  14. Very sharp build! BMF work is amazing!
  15. Very nice lookin Dart! Paint job looks really nice. Also like that small block engine alot. Very Nice Job!
  16. One of the coolest Buicks what I've ever seen! That paint job is perfect!
  17. Thanks Guys! Your words means alot to me! Here's one pic with that Hardtop... And one with all of my finished '62 Chevys so far.
  18. Hi guys! Finished this one about day ago. First I must have to say if that color combo looks familiar I used exactly same colors on my '62 Impala Hard Top which I presented here about two years ago. Here's topic http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=60181 About two weeks ago I got idea to make Convertible version of it and here it is. Well I was started this one earlier in this year and there was interior and engine almost finished but whole project stalled because paint job failed. Now I'm pretty happy that paint job failed because this color looks much better on it than that bright red. I painted Impala by using Maston spray paints and after It dryed I sprayed couple thick rounds of clear coat to it. Mostly it's box stock build but I putted few details to it like flocked interior floor and made fuel line to engine and put plug wires to it. Wheels and tires are from my parts box. Front fenders eblems decals are from Revell '65 Impala Convertible. Lisence plates are from that kit also. Here's some pics.
  19. '62 X-frame Chevys are one of my all time favourites and this one looks perfect to my eye. BMF work and paint job looks stunning and those wheels fits perfectly to it. Very Nice Job!
  20. Very Nice Nova! I love that color. Nice Job!
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