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  1. edboys added a post in a topic smbc status   

    Condolences to his family and friends. Still need to inquire as to the state of his business, does it continue in any way....or....on hold for now? I wanted to get some of his product and that is why I am asking about the future.
  2. edboys added a post in a topic 3d printed body question ?????   

    Wow, seems like a lot of work to go thru in order to get this material ready for use? And how much did that body cost you? If model kits contained this same material, requiring all this work & expense in order to get the product into the same surface consistency styrene plastic already exhibits.....I don't think anyone would continue to purchase kits under these conditions. 3D printing has made significant progress in providing better materials displaying smoother finishes, but they are in no way able to create a smooth, glass like finish...yet. That said, good luck with your project and hopefully in the future we will see an immense improvement towards smoother surface perfection in all 3D processes.
    I do purchase 3D printed items, but not bodies because of all the extra work it takes to make them usable. And because I build in 1/16th scale, the cost of a body can reach $600.00 and that doesn't include that extra work mentioned above.
  3. edboys added a post in a topic Can't wait for these !!   

    I don't know what Hobby Lobby is thinking charging $39.99. Auto World has it priced at $26.99 and Model Round Up (Model King) is priced at $24.99. Even if you use the 40% off coupon (which I did because I wanted one now) it prices at $25, so what gives here? If Hobby Lobby continues to escalate the cost of kits like this they will soon find themselves without sales.
    NOTE: here is a pic of a real Enderle 3-hole bugcatcher. It has flat sides, not rounded sides like that of the Revell bugcatcher commonly found in most kits...Ugh!!!  And these hats do indeed have a lip on the front horn. Do a simple Google search to get the facts right.

  4. edboys added a post in a topic Pretty much done with resin.   

    I take full responsibility for my errors and have made amends where possible. I've ended my association with Ted at Ted's Modeling Marketplace and here on the aftermarket list. None of you here on this thread know anything about how I operate, it is not an established business like Comp Resins or Altered States, but as stated taking money does indeed make it a business venture. I build in 1/16th scale and began offering some of my scratch built parts to like minded modeling enthusiasts through sites like Yahoo/Groups and now Facebook. I never established a website or regularly attended any swap meets to sell my resin. Every transaction was on a personal contact basis and I would refuse to take funds until the engine package was ready to go out the door. Ted Bowe convinced me to offer them through his website so the general public could have access to my resin. I knew what I was up against by offering my engines to the public and that is where a lot of the confusion started. I'm not sure where the loss of communication took place between me and Ted, but as customers placed orders with Ted I kept telling him that I did not have professional equipment to meet mass production goals. All of my engines are custom made, pinned and test fitted before they went the door. A slow process I know no other caster even attempts to provide for their customers. A ten day delivery time frame was supposed to be stated and I kept to that schedule until recently. Ted would put in an order for 7 or more engines so he had some on hand as orders would come in. At times the customer would request a specific engine tailored for a particular vehicle and most times I accommodated that request because of the extensive amount of parts I have created. These orders took more time to get done. However, the customer(s) always seem to think these items were sitting a shelf somewhere that could be immediately put in box and shipped right away. Some customers didn't like this third party interaction and would contact me directly for better communication during this process. Well, as it turns out this venture did not work out as planned and I have marred my own rep in the process. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused.
    For every person here who has posted there have been 10 who have come to my defense contacting me not to give up my offerings. I am returning to that core group and will in the future only cater to that fraternity of fellow modelers in 1/16th scale. Nothing more to be said I are done here.
  5. edboys added a post in a topic Pretty much done with resin.   

    Well, since my rep has been destroyed here on MCM here's my side of the story. Please ask Chris Sobak why he didn't answer or reply to any of my attempts to contact him by phone on several occasions. Left him messages with my return phone number so we could talk in person. A mutual friend of mine Mike Garland, who speaks with Chris was always telling me not worry as Chris was tied up with his Army Vega project and wasn't in a hurry to get to his next dragster build. Chris does his own parts in 3-D now so why does he need a caster anyway?
    Teresi - I sent him a parts list when he was building his Stage Coach project and he instead decided to go with TDR, so he has NEVER ordered anything from me. I would discount any comment he would offer up as he is a friend of Chris Sobak and is obviously riding the friendship train here.
    Some of you model builders who have never created, molded, casted resin parts have no clue as to how intense this process can be. It is time consuming and pays pennies an hour unless you approach this as a full time business. Don't own a pressure pot or vacuum chamber so this isn't no business in the true sense. More like a fraternity effort, just trying to help people get some of the same parts I create for myself. I made enough to pay for more materials so continuation of the process would go on. Trust me I will show you my records for the last year - would like to see anyone live on that income. 
    Now a little back story - I started out offering parts in 1/16th scale, mainly drag race subject matter. Since I build in that scale for myself, many parts were being created for my own projects and it wasn't difficult offering some of these parts to like-minded 1/16th enthusiasts. I belonged to a Yahoo group that later went over to Facebook and have sold many engine packages/parts for over 15 years. I have never had anyone request a refund or demand their money back because of poor quality. Contact the Facebook site; Dedicated to the preservation of 1/16th drag race models and ask anyone on that site about me.
    I am done with this business. I made that announcement 4/27/16 and have been trying to tie up loose ends ever since. Do I get to leave - NO - because people keep contacting me about product. Even Ted at Ted's Modeling Marketplace continued to take orders after I informed him I was out. I want to build my own projects again and not spend any more time fulfilling other people's desires, I feel I have contributed enough and want to get out of the resin side of the hobby. Will see how this goes as I have created many friends that will continue to have some business dealings with me on a personal basis.
    As for Ted Bowe, we had a pretty good run. He convinced me to provide resin for his website and I had to inform him that my engines are custom tailored and that each order would be done on an individual basis. I can match up almost all the parts any modeler would need to build a vintage race engine from my stable of parts. All that was needed was an email from the customer informing me of the build/vehicle they intended to build. Example: I have 3 superchargers to choose from with up to 9 different end plates to pick from. My 392 Hemi engine has more choices than any other engine package and I just couldn't get Ted to have his website reflect these options so the customer could make better choices while making a purchase.
    Now lets talk a bit about some of you customers. Ted would send me an order, I would send him that order in complete form and then get an email informing me that many parts were missing upon arrival. I know that those engine packages were complete when forwarded to him and towards the end was taking photographs before being shipped out. So, between my sending Ted the parts, he mails them to his customer only to be informed that parts didn't arrive and now I am supposed to replace these at my cost as well as Ted's. THIS GOT OLD REAL FAST FOLKS. 
    In closing, I apologize to anyone I have slighted by being late in shipping product. I have no excuse for the 3 yr wait I put Chris Sobak through. I did follow through with his order and still owe him the hi-rise manifold for those Donovan 417's. It is in the works and I hope it gets done before he orders that same part from TDR. For those that have been loyal to me for the past 15 yrs I say THANK YOU. For those of you here on MCM who do not know me, but decided to deride me and sully whatever rep I might have in the modeling world - BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH OFF!!!
  6. edboys added a post in a topic chuck naylor R.I.P   

    Rest in Peace Chuck.
  7. edboys added a post in a topic 1/16 Jewel T Altered   

    Kevin,  I don't believe I am, cause I've been tested. Can't speak for other people, but I do suffer from AADD (adult attention deficit disorder) and PMS (plastic modelers syndrome) though.
  8. edboys added a post in a topic 1/16 Jewel T Altered   

    Chris, Thanks for the kind words. I would like to get back to this project along with a variety of others as well. Any one of them a great choice to work on. 
    Brad, Good to hear from you again. Hopefully I will still be offering resin as I always sit on the fench when demand disappears like it has lately. I have been gettin a lot more bench time for my own projects.
    Michael, I specialized in 1/16th scale because the more common 1/25 - 1/24 market is pretty well covered. Just wish there was more subject matter to work with in 1/16th so that more cars/vehicles could be replicated.
  9. edboys added a post in a topic 1/16th Scale Jolly Rancher Stagecoach Wheelstander - Update 11/7/2015   

    Chris, might my 1/16 BBC engine help in your effort to build the wheelstander?

  10. edboys added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - Didn't see that coming..........   

    First time commenting. Absolutely amazing work! Your comment about putting in 25 hours to make these parts provoked me to reply. That amount of time can be related to and compared to the amount of money you have invested in your project. Once approached a machinist to cut a die for doing aluminum velocity stacks and his charge was $100.00 an hour and he estimated a minimum of 2 hours to complete. I deeply admire your dedication and efforts to completing this project. I tip my hat to you and can't wait to see the 'J' in final form.
  11. edboys added a post in a topic 1/16 Jewel T Altered   

    Hans, I do make the 4-hole Hilborn available in resin as well as the BBC engine. Shipping to the Netherlands could be pricey and I would have to check on that. Send me an email offline at mjaafd1@msn.com and we can talk more.
  12. edboys added a post in a topic 1/16 Jewel T Altered   

    Thanks guys. Unfortunately, this will continue to be slow going. There are so many projects that back-burn this build.

    Chris - you are so fortunate to have access to photos or better yet, could view Snake's car in person if you had the opportunity, but with the Jewel T there are no reference pix of the altered's interior or rear suspension. Even the builder, Wes Ingram, didn't take any photos while building the car and works from memory with me. I'm making a lot of decisions blind, based on common practices of those days.
  13. edboys added a post in a topic 1/16 Jewel T Altered   

    Been a while since I posted on this build. Made some improvements on some of the BBC engine parts. Just didn't like the valve covers I had done earlier. Here's the improved valve cover for this build. Hoping to get back to this project. Very busy updating most of my resin engines.

  14. edboys added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 2/14/2017 Valve Covers and Manifold   

    Here's the pic I wanted to share earlier. These are right out of the molds. The can in front is the one that would have saved you some time, it is basic like the one you already had and the other behind it is one that I do with all the details in place. With your building skills you got the basic one so you could add those details yourself.

  15. edboys added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 2/14/2017 Valve Covers and Manifold   

    Chris, you should have given me a shout cause I would have sent you another clutch can that is shaped like that. You did a wonderful job transforming the chamfered type anyway. Photobucket is down at the moment so I can't forward a pic, maybe later.