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  1. fury3 added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Dodge Daytona 440 Restoration   

    Randy, this has to be the best build of a Daytona I've ever seen. Everything is "just right".You used to call me or e-mail me when building a Chrysler Corp. vehicle for technical advise. You clearly don't need me in that capacity any longer. Take a well deserved bow. Dave, AKA Fury 3
  2. fury3 added a post in a topic 1961 Oldsmobile F85 Station Wagon (Jo Han)   

    I couldn't have said it any better, Carl . Fury3
  3. fury3 added a post in a topic 1986 Chrysler Laser - Tribute build   

    Your memory is correct, Dodge didn't. It was sold as a Chrysler...by Chrysler-Plymouth dealerships. Dodge dealerships sold the "Daytona". They were both the same car with subtle differences. This is a "cool model" indeed! Take a bow. Fury3
  4. fury3 added a post in a topic Ford 170/200 cid inline 6   

    Art, I agree with all the others but would like to add an additional source. "MCW" AKA Model Car World offers a very clean and accurate resin kit of this engine. It's a reproduction of the engine in the Jo-Han 1970 Ford Maverick annual kit. Fury3 
  5. fury3 added a post in a topic question about a 67 tibird   

    There WAS a 1/25th scale kit of the 4 Door Hardtop/Sedan 67 Thunderbird produced as I have one painted in factory colors from MCW." Modelhaus" produced the top quality kit over the last few years. It is no longer listed on their website, but a builder may be able to locate one on E-Bay or other similar sources. I'm sorry, but I'm unable to post photos. FYI, the kit is of the promotional style AKA hood molded shut. Fury3 
  6. fury3 added a post in a topic 1968 Cadillac Devile   

    I too am sorry to hear of your loss. However, glad that it inspired you to build this stunning Jo-Han Cadillac build. During this time period, Jo-Han produced mostly clean, crisp and mostly accurate kits. Notice the interior is no longer the "shallow" promo style that they were just a few years earlier...1963 and earlier. Thanks for sharing one of the more attractive Cadillac designs. Fury3 
  7. fury3 added a post in a topic Jo-Han 1970 Cadillac Eldorado - Restoration   

    This has to be the finest build of this seldom seen kit I've ever seen. All I can say is WOW! Way to go Randy...Fury3
  8. fury3 added a post in a topic What Car Do You Wish To Be A Model That Isn't?   

    I've been requesting this one for over 10 years and can not understand why it's never been produced....a 1968 Plymouth GTX. It's the only GTX that has not been represented in 1/2th scale. Why? Is it that ugly and undesirable? I don't think so. Fury3
  9. fury3 added a post in a topic Dash Board Quiz just for you.   

    I got 100% with no outside assistance. Surprised me too! Fury3
  10. fury3 added a post in a topic AMT 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 454 - Misty Turquoise   

    Love the color choices and detailing....as usual with your builds. Only "nip pick" I can bring up is the wiper arms. I'm almost sure that they were a low-gloss satin silver in the early 70's. Black arms didn't start to appear until the late 70's early 80's (as on my 1.1 84 Chrysler Fifth Avenue). :wub:Fury3
  11. fury3 added a post in a topic 1962 Ford Sunliner Update, 8/1, Adding Some Color   

    I too am fond of this color as my parents had a new 63 Fairlane 500 in that color. The interior was especially attractive, being a harmonizing two tone all vinyl of Chestnut and Rose Beige. (I had to Simoniz it every 6 months with my dad...it was my responsibility). After researching this color, it was a "restricted" color according to the 62-63 Ford factory literature. "Chestnut Metallic" was only available on the Fairlane 500's, Galaxie 500's, XL's (Country Sedan and Squire), and the Thunderbird. It was not available on any Falcons, or the base Fairlane and full size Fords. BTW, your Galaxie 500 is looking good to my eyes and I'll be watching your progress! Cheers, Fury3
  12. fury3 added a post in a topic Moebius at the NNL East   

    I'm not going to bore Dave, or anyone else with what I'd like to see tooled. That's really not important right now, as Dave has mentioned. The following has been mentioned before, but I want to clearly state it again. What Moebius is offering us that is new and refreshing is a company that is listening to our wants and needs, and has raised the bar on quality substantualy. The beautiful/correct tires, bodies that are mostly tooled correctly, careful consideration to packaging, the list can go on. Since Revell is the only major model car manufacturer that has been releasing any new tooling as of late, (Round 2 is still restoring the old toolings...thankfully!) they (Revell) need to re-group and discuss their business practices if they want to be competitive. If Moebius keeps on the same path they are on, I can only see success in their future. Revell, seems to be run by the "bean counters". It's a stated fact that the last major automobile manufacture that did business in that form was General Motors. Look what almost happened to them( and is currently with the ignition lock recalls). By the way, thanks Moebius. I'm buying most of your factory stock kits simply because you are the new (and needed) trendsetters of this hobby. Fury3
  13. fury3 added a post in a topic '66 Chrysler 300   

    Looking forward to your build of this beautiful Chrysler. It's also nice to see someone other than Ron Hamilton doing it...He seems to have just about every scarce kit around, just ask him, LOL. Don't be offended or surprised if he posts a photo(s) of his own 66 300 build. No offense meant, Ron. The color scheme you are doing was indeed available from the factory, so go for it! Fury3
  14. fury3 added a post in a topic 1963 Dodge Dart GT ?   

    The last year for the push button Torqueflite transmission was 1964. All 1965 Torqueflite built passenger cars used either a column mounted shift lever, or a console mounted shift lever.....both connected to the transmission via two cables. Starting in 1966 they adopted the familiar linkage connections. Fury3
  15. fury3 added a post in a topic Seats - Johan 1969 Road Runner avail ?   

    If you are trying to build a correct Jo-Han style 69 Road Runner Hardtop interior, the Jo-han and AMT interiors are both incorrect on a couple of levels. First, both kits utilize an incorrect 1968 style instrument panel. The lower instrument panel pad switch panel opening should NOT extend over below the radio area in 1969 (unless A/C was ordered, where the center discharge vent would be located). Also, the 69 upper pad has a beveled edge. The original issue Jo-Han interior does indeed have the GTX wood grain side panels (FYI...These are are incorrectly shaped on the AMT kits!) as you have mentioned. I worked with Don Holthaus (of "Modelhaus") to create a correct 1969 Road Runner/Satellite Hardtop interior...with a corrected 1969 instrument panel, door panel/qtr. panels (which are separate components!), and 1969 front and rear style bench seats w/ applied headrests (standard on vehicles manufactured after January 1969 (optional at extra cost prior to that), a Federal Safety Mandate. If you prefer the optional bucket seat option interior, simply purchase the "Harts Parts Resin" bucket seats and rear seat package separately. They will fit the Modelhaus/Jo-Han based interior perfectly. Note: Unfortunately, Don did not correct the radio knobs on his instrument panel...the are still round knobs, not "thumbwheels", as ALL 1969 B-Body radios utilized from the factory or Mopar over-the-counter (specifically the Bendix AM-FM radio) were. FYI...The Modelhaus instrument panel will also correct the incorrect 1968 style panel in that Jo-Han 1969 GTX kit that you have, Ron. Fury3