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  1. Outstanding Fabrizio!!! If I didnt know any better I`d say it was a long lost Weirdo-ohs kit. I say call it 'The Briziotiller"
  2. The entire album is awesome Harry, its called "Still in Hollywood". Its a collection of live tracks, covers and unreleased stuff. Its one of my favorite albums ever and one of the few albums where you like every song on it. Here`s a Dylan cover......... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el3XJRr9rIo
  3. Cool thread. I cant believe I haven't seen it until now. Hendrix and Blonde are two of my favorites. Suffice it to say this is one of my favorite covers..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBlFxMQ0UnE
  5. Hahaha, I did give it back Stray, but he had to pull pretty hard to get it out of my hands. Thanks for the compliments guys.
  6. He was pretty happy with his new paint job.
  7. Found some pics from a couple years ago. Thought you guys might like a peek. My 9 year old nephew asked me one day if I could give his O.C.C. Chopper a custom paint job because he didn't like the paint job it had. As with any other custom bike I`ve ever built I got a little carried away.......
  8. You gotta love a car that looks like it wants to punch you in the mouth and then kick you when your picking up your teeth. Nicely done.
  9. I find if you give a light sanding to the paint surface it helps a lot to get the ball rolling....or paint peeling if you will.
  10. Thanks for all the comliments everyone! For being a 37 year old kit the old girl went together pretty good. Monogram really nailed it when they made this kit. I believe this is also the first release of Monograms 55 F-100. The decals have always been my favorite part of this model DeeCee. I still remember opening my first kit back in 77 and seeing those flames and door decals and thinking those were the coolest decals I had ever seen ( still are). I couldnt get them on fast enough.
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