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  1. Silverknigh58 added a post in a topic Clear coat help!   

    Thanks, I tried that and it lifted the decals on my White Bear Dodge.. I'm in the process of re-decaling it after a strip job and re-paint. I need a fool proof method.... idiot proof in my case lol.
  2. Silverknigh58 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Clear coat help!
    Hi there, I'm new here...
    I've been building funny car kits since I was a kid.. on and off... I enjoy building a clean looking model with a nice paint job.. nothing too fancy.

    Lately I've been digging into my stock of kits and finished a decent Shirley Muldowney Bounty Huntress using the Revell Blue Max kit and Slixx decals, it turned out pretty nice.

    Now on to my problem I used Testors One Coat clear and had no problem, the next one I worked on was Ray Alley and had the decal on the hood curdle and bubble even trying to use light coats.. I wet sanded the decal and ordered another set of decals. I'm waiting for the decal to dry as I type. I just finished applying Tom McEwen's Mongoose 2 decals a coupls days ago and did a light coat of Testors Gloss coat, figuring it may be a little less volatile., worked ok... waited an hour and did another one... I had curdling on some decals... gonna order another set, and wet sand a re-apply.

    What is the best product to use on these decals to seal them and get a nice gloss without wrecking all that work?

    I look forward to your answers, thanks!
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