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  1. I use them all the time for various things. They're great for interiors and detail painting.
  2. Only problems I have with scratch building is just having hammer hands. Big fingers and tiny parts do not mix well
  3. This is good to know. I just got one of these in yesterday.
  4. The lines on the rear end remind me almost of a taller Subaru BRAT. I'd consider removing that rear cover altogether if possible.
  5. I usually pin things together with flower wrapping wire. Got a bit the exact size of the wire.
  6. Flat black, semi-gloss black, flat white, flat red, aluminum, steel and some custom mixes for replicating rust or a wash for metallics.
  7. Been working from home since thursday last week. I've been tinkering with model kits between calls. Got my 1962 Chrysler 300 convertible torn down and repairing.
  8. Um.... Wow! Looks like you could get in and start it. Fantastic job!
  9. The top ones look good, but the bottom set looks better and fits the car.
  10. There are older kits by Hubley of the 1960 wagons just like this one and they aren't very expensive normally. They appear to be the same scale as the AMT Starliner kit.
  11. That's got some nifty stuff! Might have to look into that.
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