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  1. Got in a Testors/Italeri 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II, brand new in the box and was still sealed with the Toys R Us tag still on it.
  2. Very nice build! That's a tough kit and you made it look awesome.
  3. No engine?! Denied! Looking good. I'm really interested in this kit.
  4. Whatever I can get my meat hooks on. I might park one, once in a while, but I'll come back to it eventually. Especially once my skills can deal with it. Working on the 1/1400 Galaxy Class Enterprise (NCC-1701 D) right now, and also knocking the ugly off the Californian kit.
  5. The first kits I remember were the 1/32 scale Monogram 55 Chevy with the slotted mags and blower: And the MPC Star Wars R2-D2 van:
  6. Got a 3D printed Akira class starship in from Ebay. Needs a little sanding, but if it builds up as nicely as the Kyushu and Stargazer, I'll be happy.
  7. Nope, last two were from the LHS. I've tried ordering direct from BMF, but that didn't help.
  8. Built the Italeri/Testors 1933 Cadillac V16 Town Car. It's a fun kit, but keep in mind the main body is a multi-piece assembly. I found it easier to put the main part of the body together so I could sand/paint in one piece. I'll post pics as soon as I can.
  9. Another bad sheet of BMF. I can't seem to get anything that works. There are places on the new sheet where it's visibly not even stuck to the backing paper. I ended up sending a complaint to the company. I won't hold my breath for a reply.
  10. Awesome job! The movie makes a great two-fer with Wizards by Ralph Bakshi.
  11. Awesome! Curious to see how it builds up.
  12. They also make tapes as well. Would be easier than trying to cut strips.
  13. I usually paint carburetors with a base coat of steel or aluminum. Once dry I dry brush them with a little gold acrylic paint, then give them a light wash of black acryilic paint to get the detail to stand out. Then pick out the details with chrome or gold, depending.
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