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  1. I need to get another one of these. I got ahold of one, but between being glue bombed and short shot I just ended up tossing it. It was a nice kit, though.
  2. Anyone happen to have a spare windshield for the Revellogram Lotus Esprit 300 sport? I've got the rest of the kit, but I'm missing that piece. Appreciate everyone for looking.
  3. I like it! I would drive it on the road, I would drive it with a toad...
  4. Prime everything. I usually prime all the parts, clean up and then re-touch. Paints stick better to the primer than the bare plastic.
  5. What about magnets and suspending it that way? Just use the line to keep it from travelling?
  6. Got in a 1926 Mack Tanker truck. It's in pretty good shape and appears to be complete.
  7. Amen brother! I know exactly what you mean. I'm 6'3"-6'4" and I typically have to squeeze into a 4-door as is (being tall&fat doesn't help). Right now I've got a Malibu, but I miss my GM A-Bodies.
  8. Isn't that one of the cars from "The Wraith"? The gang leader's car, if I remember correctly. Fun movie. Loved the Dodge the Wraith drove.
  9. Neat! I think I had that Stomper 4X4 when I was a kid.
  10. I use CA for most assembly, Testor's clear parts adhesive for glass/headlights and used it to attach PE parts. I'll use Testor's liquid adhesive for parts that are going to take more stress.
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