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  1. Thanks to everyone for their help. Did not realize the ones I have are that old. Guess I was out of modeling longer than I thought.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. You mentioned 1/4 oz bottles. Do know where I can some of those?
  3. I have several bottles of "Colors by Boyd" paint. By Model Masters or Testers. Not sure which. I want to get more but can't find it anywhere. Can anybody tell me where I can get it from? That and maybe "House of Colors" in quantities for models.. Thanks in advance. Had to evacuate for "IDA" and looking for things to do.
  4. Looks pretty good Nick. Thanks for posting. Don't think I ever saw this one.
  5. By all means, please post it , here is fine. I am sure other front engine dragster fans would love to see it too.
  6. Jay, one more thing, or two. I use empty little bottles from testers brush paints to measure things. I fill one with polish or paint and another next to it with my thinner. That way I can see the levels of each. And like I said, be gentle with the decals.
  7. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Jay.. fingernail polish is very easy to use. I mix it 50% polish to 50% Lacquer Thinner, or 1 to 1. I think I read someplace that it has to be Lacquer Thinner. Anyway, I have been using this mixture and it turns out fine. It seems to dry pretty fast but without a shiny finish (flat). I use "Model Masters ENAMEL Clear Top Coat #2936". I decant it into a coke bottle so I can use my airbrush. Yes...I am using an ENAMEL clear coat over a basically LACQUER paint. No problems so far. I apply decals before clear coating but I do a real real light sanding with 1000 grit sandpaper just get it a little slicker. The fingernail polish has a "Dusty" feel when it drys, sands off very easy. Doesn't seem to matter wet or dry sanding. Just not too much. You will see what I mean by feels dusty. Hell, it may just wipe off, so go easy. So, get over to Walmart, get a good supply of Lacquer Thinner, then swallow your pride and go pick out some fingernail polish. I don't even tell people it is for my wife anymore. For this model, I used "ESSIE #1640 Don't Be Spotted". I actually picked it up because I liked the color and it was a clearance sale. Can't find it at my store anymore but beauty supply stores carry it. I did make up a mixture of Testers Yellow and Orange brush enamels do use as a base coat. Just keep adding a little of this and a little of that until it is close to the polish, saves on polish. I don't remember if I used more yellow or orange so just play with small adjustments. I then thinned the mixture with MINERAL SPIRITS since it is Enamel paint and airbrushed it. If you go with a Lacquer paint use Lacquer Thinner. I always wait about 24 hrs before taking the next step. It doesn't seem to matter what brand of polish. Number of coats..well, until I am happy with it, but usually all in one sitting. I spray a light coat, then a little heavier, then a little heavier until I a satisfied. I don't wait X number of minutes between coats. In fact, I don't wait at all. I just go around and around until I am happy. Good luck. It really is easy to use and the colors choices can fill a galaxy. If I can be of anymore help just ask.
  8. I was in Walmart checking the fingernail polish when I saw this one..."ESSIE #1640 DON'T BE SPOTTED". I thought it was a neat color so I got a couple bottles. I used it on this one, not really thinking about matching the real colors. As I was putting on decals, I kept thinking it was close to all the pictures have. Real happy with it. The front did not fit well at all, so I glued it together and started body working it. Same with the drivers cowl. Be warned, the decals are fragile and split on me several times.
  9. Thanks RRR and everybody else. The Mustang body is for my SW&C Darkhorse 2. Speedcity Resins had them availible but no more. So, I am making my own long nose mustang. Have used 3 kits so far.
  10. Hello Mike, Yes I was. One year, my wife and I made every race. They raced on the first and third Sunday. Almost all the big names came. Tommy Ivo, Big John, SW&C, Don Gay. Once, we sat at a table in a diner next to "Big Daddy". Then, a track opened in Houma. Although it was closer and nicer, we preferred LaPlace. My wife's cousin raced a 64 Impala SS in G/stock. Great days gone by. Wish I had taken more pictures.
  11. JC and Tony, The car was around for 2 or 3 years. I don't remember ever seeing it in a magazine, only at our local dragstrip...LaPlace Dragway. I think it traveled around the south a bit. This was around the time "Candies and Hughes" teamed up and was making a name for themselves. Thanks for all the kind words everybody. I am working on my second most favorite funny car now, "SW&C Darkhorse 2" Mustang.
  12. My favorite funny car is the Car Shop Inc. 1967 Camaro out of Metarie, La. (New Orleans). It ran in the mid 7s at 190 mph (1967-1968). It had a unique body design with the fastback wings and built in front spoiler opening. I used a Competition Resins body, Polar Lights chassis, and fingernail polish for the color. I added the fastback wings and holes in the front. I made the decals myself (in 2003). It is another model I had started then put aside. When I found the proper color I got all fired up about it. Still have to sort something for the headers.
  13. I have a couple of dual action airbrushes, but the more I use my Paasche single action, the more I like it. I like to tear it down after each use for cleaning. However, I kept dropping the small allen set screw that holds the needle assembly in place. I have replaced it with a longer allen screw the same size. It is easily loosened and tightened with my fingers so I don't have to dig out the wrench each time and if I drop it, it is much easier to find. I also have several, just in case. You would be surprised the difference it makes. Clean up is fast and easy now. Give it a try.
  14. Thank you everybody for the kind words. My wife really likes it too. The is the car I had when were dating ,got married and went on honeymoon in. I still need to finish under the hood. I need to make a dist. cab and something for air cleaners.
  15. My first car was a 1965 Mustang. I bought it for $800 in 1968. It had a 289 cu in engine with 2 4bbl barbs, solid lifters, Mallory dual point dist and a 456 rear end. Chrome reverse rims, bubble scoop, 4 speed and a slightly blue metal flake paint job. The guy I got it from said he was running in C/MP in the high 12 second range. I fabricated the hood with wood, epoxy, filler and lots of sanding. The chrome trim and wheels was done with MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME. This is another model I started years ago before I lost interest. Still trying to get the motor right.
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