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  1. Thank you everybody for the kind words. My wife really likes it too. The is the car I had when were dating ,got married and went on honeymoon in. I still need to finish under the hood. I need to make a dist. cab and something for air cleaners.
  2. My first car was a 1965 Mustang. I bought it for $800 in 1968. It had a 289 cu in engine with 2 4bbl barbs, solid lifters, Mallory dual point dist and a 456 rear end. Chrome reverse rims, bubble scoop, 4 speed and a slightly blue metal flake paint job. The guy I got it from said he was running in C/MP in the high 12 second range. I fabricated the hood with wood, epoxy, filler and lots of sanding. The chrome trim and wheels was done with MOLOTOW LIQUID CHROME. This is another model I started years ago before I lost interest. Still trying to get the motor right.
  3. Thanks Joe. It does seem I am back into model building. I have gone back to work on models I started years ago: My first car, 65 Mustang, started on in 2014 One of my two fave mid late 60s funny cars, CAR SHOP INC 67 Camaro In 1998 I started on a 1/8 84 Corvette I decided to go crazy on
  4. Thank you all for the kind comments. I am very pleased with how it came out. Once of my best I think.
  5. I started this build in 2011, but, soon lost interest in model building all together. Started with a Revell 1/16 fed, Slixx decals, Competition Resins body kit and Machined Aluminum Specialties wire wheels. The large orange panel decals split on me. So, I taped off the body and applied Orange Pearl paint in place of the decals. I surprised myself at how good it came out.
  6. Same here. I taped everything because I did not want to miss that Cobra drag car. I was thinking they would show it again in that MOMENTS AGO feature....but no. But, they did not miss that HOT TUB CADDY...that could have been during a commercial.
  7. I enjoy this show a lot. If you want to laugh, go to YOUTUBE and watch fan reactions to the shows. Some are from bars, some from private homes.
  8. I expect most of you have seen this. I thought it was great
  9. I seem to remember a E J Potter, "The Michigan Madman" from back in the day. He raced a bike with a 327 chevy engine I believe. Does that ring any bells?
  10. Beautiful. I have built a couple of their 1/12 F1 models (and have 2 more) and several of the 1/20. Their quality on all that I have done is amazing. Are you using an aftermarket detail kit? Or, are you that good at detail painting. Once again, beautiful work. I will be watching for more updates. Thanks for posting.
  11. Looks like GEARZ is back on Velocity channel. Saturday mornings,
  12. Have you looked at zip ties for your belt? May take a bit of shaving though. As far as the the shading - you could try doing the orange first, then the liter color. Maybe have minimal paint coming out and build it up slow. Just a thought, I sure ain't no expert. Can't wait to see this one. good luck. here is my undertaker
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