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  1. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/12 Ferrari 641/2   

    I have built a couple of their 1/12 F1 models (and have 2 more) and several of the 1/20. Their quality on all that I have done is amazing.
    Are you using an aftermarket detail kit? Or, are you that good at detail painting.
    Once again, beautiful work.
    I will be watching for more updates.
    Thanks for posting.
  2. DavidChampagne added a topic in General   

    GEARZ back on Velocity channel
    Looks like GEARZ is back on Velocity channel.
    Saturday mornings,
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  3. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic Carl Caspers Galloping Ghost II   

    Have you looked at zip ties for your belt? May take a bit of shaving though.
    As far as the the shading - you could try doing the orange first, then the liter color. Maybe have minimal paint coming out and build it up slow.
    Just a thought, I sure ain't no expert.
    Can't wait to see this one.
    good luck.
    here is my undertaker

  4. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic "Frantic Ford" Mustang Funny Car   

    Something you may like.
    Hope the link works.
  5. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic Mad Max Gigahorse   

    Just found this on Youtube.
    Hope the link works
    Behind the scenes - Cars : Mad Max : Fury Road - Duration: 22:38. by Pierre-Olivier POTIER 227,419 views
  6. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic Bans   

    Are you being affected by all the storms heading west?
  7. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic The key is to enjoy or try to reach the best you could?   

    Enjoying the experience is what it is all about to me.
    I find building box stock more successful for me, and less stressful.
    I think my greatest joy is a good paint job, followed by putting it in my display case.
  8. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic SWC Mustang   

    Thanks Jim, these are great.
    Saw them in a match race against Don Gay's 66 or 67 GTO AWB (or funny car).
    Thanks again for the help, maybe I can get back to work on it now.
  9. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic SWC Mustang   

    Thank you so much for posting this.
    This is my most fav car of that era. I saw it race near hear. Beautiful car.
    Years ago, I started modifying a plastic kit to build this same model. Happy with the back but still miles away on the nose.
    Yours is the best model of the Darkhorse 2 that I have seen. Love the frame.
    I can not find any pics of the front axle setup and really don't enough to do it right.
    Could you post pics without tilt nose to help me along?
    Or link me to someting? Wish you had a build post, that would be so neat.
    Great job, reakky.
  10. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic Compressor and airbrush driving me nuts!   

    My pressure gauge always shows a drop as soon as I start actually sparaying.
    I always adjust the pressure by test spaying.
    If it has been a long time, I test with water, set the pressure as I spary the water then run Laguer thinner thru everything.
    When I am ready to spray the paint, I test spary and adjust the pressure if need be because the paint is thicker than the water, I will spray a few seconds to make sure the piant takes over and has washed out any left over thinner.

    Now, if I could just quit jumping when the compressor kicks on and surprises me as I spray...LOL.
    Practice practice practice.WATER, THINNER, then PAINT.

    Good luck.
  11. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic 2014 Formula 1 USGP   

    Oh yes indeed. Looks like a really beautiful track.
    Pulling for Nico R, myself.
    I follow F1 and NHRA more than NASCAR anymore.
  12. DavidChampagne added a topic in General   

    Stacey's Davids GEARZ on Velocity
    Sorry if someone else already posted, but , looks like GEARZ is back on.
    Velocty channel (channel 246 on DISH) has it and my wife says she saw it on SPEED, I did not.

    A note for Slusher, I sent you a message on how to download YOUTUBE vids.
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  13. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic 1/16th Pony....I finished a started kit....weeeeee   

    Good job.
    Reminds me of my first car. It was a 65 Mustang.
    I just got a 1/16 model and will try to get s close as I can.

  14. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic 1964 GTO   

    Too high? Perhaps for a STOCK LOOK.
    But, I remember seeing cars with that stance.(Showing my age)
    Is that a Vienam ribbon on the front liscense plate? (Showing my age again)
    A great car and a great build.
    Thanks for sharing.
  15. DavidChampagne added a post in a topic Tony Stewart 8/10/2014 Canadaigua Speedway   

    A very tragic, needless event.
    I downloaded the video from YOUTUBE and the first time I watch it, I felt TS may have tried to SEND A MESSAGE or something like that.
    But, then, I just kept replaying the impact part, over and over again.
    This is what I see, and I sure am no expert on dirt racing:
    KW was clearly angry.
    It looks like he was pointing at another car that was about the same colors as TS.
    Then he just missed getting hit by the blue and white car.
    Then comes TS.
    TS is almost past him when he gunned his engine, and the backend swerves away from KS. The backed swerves away from KS, not towards him.
    Did KW try to reach in and hit TS? Get hung up then run over by the rear tire? That is what it looks like to me. I think TS tried to avoid him once he saw him, but, KW was too close.
    Certainly, I was not there. I do feel however, that having a chance to view this vedio over and over and over, that you can get a better view of what happened.
    I also realize that, to any eyewitnesses sitting up in the stands, on the other side of the track, at nite, that it would look like TS had hit the guy on purpose.
    Just my opinion, and yes, I am a longtime TS fan.