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  1. george 53 added a post in a topic nice transaction with Scenes Unlimited   

    Can't say enough good stuff about Danny! He is a GREAT guy and outstanding businessman. Danny got me casting resin for him(He BOUGHT me my FIRST pot) and I haven't looked back. The guy is a regular hero in MY book.
  2. george 53 added a post in a topic Revelles new Mazda Miata   

    So it IS a 24th scale kit then?
  3. george 53 added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Revelles new Mazda Miata
    Guys, is revels Miata an ACTUAL 25th scale kit, or is it a rerelease of their old Airfix/Revell kit? I was talking to one of our brothers who lives in Ireland, and he matched it up with the Tamiya kit and they looked the exact same!
    So I was just wondering if they were accurate on their scale? Any help would be GREATLY appericiated!
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  4. george 53 added a post in a topic Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed....   

    Very nicely done, But I gotta agree with Ace, those exhast dumps shoulda gone into the jet exhasts. But it IS a REALLY cool build,regardless!!!!!
  5. george 53 added a post in a topic Saving a Maverick   

    See? it ain nuthin but plastic! Your repair job came out PERFECT! As a suggestion, The chassis from the AMT 67 Mustang will fit under that body with just a little shortening and trimming. And it's a MUCH better detailed chassis than the stock Maverick chassis!
  6. george 53 added a post in a topic smbc status   

    Paul's family has chosen NOT to continue his business. The molds were thrown away, and currently there are NO plans to bring any of his items back to market. Which is a shame, because he had some REALLY nice items. God Bless you Paul, and may you rest in peace. Paul was the owner of SMBC.
  7. george 53 added a post in a topic Parts plated by George at GT Kustom Krome.   

    Brandon, as of yet, I have no pay pal abilities, but I shall soon, please bear with me. Geno, YOU da man, bro, and I appericiate your kind words. Zman, I'm just waitin on the NEXT load bro! The more the merrier!!!
  8. george 53 added a post in a topic Parts plated by George at GT Kustom Krome.   

    If that's how you dealt with Bob, it's good enough for me, Steve. Just send your parts when you're ready and I'll be more than happy to help you out! Thanks, George.
  9. george 53 added a post in a topic Parts plated by George at GT Kustom Krome.   

    Guys, thank you all for your interest in GT KustomKrome . I don't know if this is the proper place for this, so if the mods need to change it, please feel; free to do so.
      I'll give all yall a run down on prices and procedures.
          Prices are, Bumpers---4.00 each.
    Hubcaps and wheels---2.00 for set of 4
    Misc. small parts.---1.75 each
    Misc. Med parts---3.50 each
    Items LARGER than Bumpers, contact me for quotes.
    Chassis---15.00 each
    Standard kit tree---20.00
    Strip parts using your favorite stripper, Purple power, Easy Off, Bleach, whatever. Then wash them off with New Dawn dishwashing soap. Let airdry, and make sure they are as CLEAN and SMOOTH as you can get them. The plateing process is SO sensitive it can and will pick up FINGERPRINTS, so cleanliness is REALLY important.
     Then, just put 'em inna baggie an send them off to me. George Hernandez
                                                                                             6027 Kim Ave.
                                                                                             Allen Park, Mi
    I hope this helps, and I look forward to being able to help anyone who needs me out. Thanks to you all for chooseing  GT KustomKrome, George53.
  10. george 53 added a post in a topic Parts plated by George at GT Kustom Krome.   

    Thanks Mike! Yeah, it's been a while, but I'm back an ready ta go! Thanks again for the kind words!
  11. george 53 added a post in a topic Parts plated by George at GT Kustom Krome.   

    THANK YOU ALL for such nice reviews, I make me feel good to know you're happy with the results. I was blessed to get a fully operating business from Bob Dahl, and all I want to do is KEEP IT that way.
     Hopefully, If all goes well, I can make it even better. I DO appericiate all the kind words because it makes all the work worth it. I hope to be able to help all my friends/customers happy for a long while to come.
     THANKS for chooseing GT KustomKrome, George53
  12. george 53 added a post in a topic Kustom Khrome Changing Hands   

    Sure do. Thanks Shay. Thanks for asking Brett. Just send me the parts, and I'll mount 'em an send them back all pretty an done!
  13. george 53 added a post in a topic Kustom Khrome Changing Hands   

    Yes, Jim I do. Bob has established a GREAT business relationship with a quality plater who is the same company I use.
  14. george 53 added a post in a topic Kustom Khrome Changing Hands   

    Sure do, Shay! of course it'll be a different price than our regular priceing, but after speaking with the plater, he assured me that yes, it is possible! Thanks for asking!
  15. george 53 added a post in a topic Kustom Khrome Changing Hands   

    Thanks Tom, and EVERBODY else who said some very nice things about me. I've been a member here since 07 or so, and I was a pretty constant poster. Then I started casting for Paul Plum, of Scale Models by Chris, When he got sick.Once Paul came back to work after a few months, Kevin Lutz of Missing Link took me on.
     I started casting for him then and still do. Danny Iaconnelli was the next friend who asked me for some help, and so I started casting for Danny too.  Danny bought me my first casting pot so I could have My own pots to cast for him.
     Once he moved I acquired 2 more pots and started casting my butt off. Since then I've been pretty busy with that. Then Big Bob, (Bob IS a pretty big guy!) Asked me if I'd like to take over his chromeing business. We worked out a deal over a burger an Pepsi, and now I am the proprietor of GT KustomKrome. ALL things happen for a reason.
     Now, I ask all of you guys to give me a chance to do as good a job as Bob did! NOTHING has or will change as far as I'm concerned. Prices will stay the same (unless the plater raises his prices, which I do NOT see happening ANYTIME soon.)
     Anyways, my E-mail addy is, tihggh01@hotmail.com I don't have a website as of yet, but I'm working on it. If you need a pricelist or just questions in general, please write my E-Mail addy for best, fastest results. Again, I DO look forward to serveing you guys to the best of my abilities! Thanks! George Hernandez, Aka, George53