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  1. george 53 added a post in a topic smbc status   

    Here's a slight update on Paul. Kev 'n I went to see him on the 4th. He was doing well, if not just kinda abetired. He was getting out today, and was goin home, I think.  I live  about 4 cities away, so 'm not real sure where the guys actually live only that they're fairly close to the shop. Kev'n I both live 20/25 mims. away.
     The old boy was lookin good, just like I said, tired. BUT his sense of humor he has is still there, and that's always good. Paul IS kinda a quiet guy anyways just  stays in his office un less he's in the shop casting. He does ALL the artwork for DRAG, so if ya got an item without a printed label, THAT'S probably why.
    Havent'nt been here in a while, been busy with the clowns over at DRAG, and it's been fun! Just lucky to be at the right place, at the right time! Paul is doin better, he's probably there as I write this! We hard working (hurmph ruff cough....)members of DRAG are just human tryin our best to give you guys the stuff you want/need ta build the wonders that you do,and We (I) enjoy doin for yous!
    As I  said, Paul IS STILL out of commission, and I can't honestly say ANYTHING as to wats goin on with SMBC other than to add Paul's doin better and is BACK HOME, now He'll probably call for a meeting with the guys and get caught up.
    If I'm privey to that , If I can, I'll keep you guys UTD. BUT NEVER FEAR smbc is STILL ALIVE, AND WE'S TRYIN LIKE MAD DOGS TRYIN TO GET YOUR STUFF OUT TO YAZ, honestly we are. Opps cap lok got jammed.....
  2. george 53 added a post in a topic is this resin Conversion a good kit? 78 LTD   

    YES, I have one. Its VERY WELL cast and its pretty near a complete kit! You add an engine, tires and color! Itsa nice kit, represents its style very well and there's only ONE place ta get one! Missing Link!!!!
  3. george 53 added a post in a topic smbc status   

    Ya never know a man's path in life till ya walk in his shoes. It's a PLEASURE to be able ta help you guys out! Like I said, its more like playin than work! YOU guys are NUTS!!!!!
  4. george 53 added a post in a topic MAD Hudson 308 I6 finned cylinder head   

    You noticed that too?
  5. george 53 added a post in a topic franklin mint   

    And the mystery gets DEEPER!.......
  6. george 53 added a post in a topic Buick kits   

    R&R did a 68 Buick Skylark GS. I have one. But with Ray's passing, I don't believe there is another caster who does one. I could be wrong, hopefully.
  7. george 53 added a post in a topic Best Cragar SS wheels?   

    Those, AND the Cragar S/S wheels from the 66 Nova are the nicest Cragars out there!!!!
  8. george 53 added a post in a topic Scale Modeling by Chris   

    Nuttin but da BEST from these guys!!!!!
  9. george 53 added a post in a topic Complaints and grievances with your models   

    After 50 years of doin this, its ONLY PLASTIC! If your starting out, it can be a problem to get it right, but if ya stay with it, you'll improve. If you DON'T, let it go, modeling ISN'T for EVERYBODY! That's why they have die cast. If you ENJOY workin with plastic, stick with it, you'll get better, I PROMISE! Just do YOUR thing, don't worry bout the other guy and ENJOY yourself. Itsa HOBBY, NOT a calling!
  10. george 53 added a post in a topic Wild custom Pantera   

    Like the original design MUCH better.
  11. george 53 added a post in a topic Using baby/talcum powder for mold release for master   

    Do ANY of you guys REALLY cast? I use talcum powder an most of my open faced molds AND 2 piece molds. I've NEVER had any problem with it, I use Smooth On 300 thru 305 and its NEVER left ANY impressions. I use a spray release on the OLDER more tired molds but I STILL powder them with NO problems. What resin /Mold making products are you using? Been workin with Smooth On for over 5 months now with NO problems at all.
  12. george 53 added a post in a topic 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado (Jo-Han)   

    THAT is a beautiful job you've done on this! We used to build these cars in my plant(Fisher Body/Fleetwood)and I sure do remember them! GREAT job!
  13. george 53 added a post in a topic mangleing a polar lights 65 coronet   

    Al, I have BOTH an unbuilt AMT 65 Doge kit AND the Polar Lights kit, and the parts INTERCHANGE! So, I don't know WHAT the "Experts" say, they're pert near the same to me.
  14. george 53 added a post in a topic Hi from Michigan   

    Clio? your a bit North of us here in the Deeetroy area. BUT, IF you EVER get down around Dearborn, On the THIRD FRIDAY of EVERY MONTH, PLEASE feel free to stop into the DISC on Ford Rd,(after 7 pm.)
    and look us up! we're the Downriver Model Car Club, we're over 80 strong, and we have a BLAST! This is your open invite!
  15. george 53 added a post in a topic Alan Rab Ma's Resin   

    So Cuzzin Al stil hasn't showed his mug yet????? I hope he's OK