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  1. This project has been on hold for a while, but now its time to get it finished. I sanded some imperfections in the paint and sanded all the parts so they are ready for paint. I also drilled holes for wiring in the engine head. It looks like this weekend will be busy Best Regards, Andraz
  2. Hi everybody! Just started some work on a 71 Charger. I managed to sand all the parts and put primer on all the body parts. I also painted the body, hood and chassis with Scalefinishes plum crazy purple. It was the first time I used Scalefinishes product and I'm very happy with it. There is some dust in the paint at the moment, but nothing that can't be sanded out. I'm going to wait a few days before I put some clear on it. I'm building this model for Moson model show in Hungary that will take place in the middle of april and I'm planning to build another kit The pictures are not the best, but you can see something Regards, Andraz
  3. This model was built for Moson model show 2015 in Hungary and it took me 8 days from start to finish. Some flaws are present because i was rushing this build, but it will remind me that i have to start building a kit earlier than one week before it needs to be finished The model is almost box stock, i only added engine wiring, BMF trim and light bulbs to the headlights.
  4. Hi there, its been a while since I last updated this thread I had some mishap with my challenger build just before it was to be finished and I lost my nerves and took some time off Now its time to finally finish it! I had to do some modifications to wheels and this is the first mock-up with 20'' bbs rims.
  5. Been busy again. Engine, chassis and interior are done. I used some self adhesive 'carpet' for the floor.
  6. Was quite busy with the build yesterday and today. Yesterday i applied the decals (no fake carbon pattern decal on the hood, because i think is ugly), and today i applied another 2 coats of clear and i painted the interior and chassis semi matte black. The engine is also almost finished. So far im pleased with the result. Best regards, Andraz
  7. I finally had some time to do some progress again. I have a goal to finish it till the nationals on 15th of november. I don't have much time, so today i applied 2 coats of clear. There are some minor mistakes, but i think i will be able to correct them. I have to apply decals today and a couple of clear coats tomorrow. The shine is OK at the moment, but the pics are not the best because the weather here is really bad and I don't have proper lights yet.
  8. Thats one mean Super Bee. Your detail work on the engine is top notch!
  9. Thanks for your comments. As for the PE set, I'm aware of it, but everywhere I looked it was out of stock. I think that the model itself has nice enough details and I won't miss this set very much
  10. Beautifully executed. Paintjob is really nice, but I'm not sure if white is the right color for this car...maybe because I've never seen one in white before
  11. This looks excellent! One of my favourite Mopars of all times
  12. Body parts were painted with Plum Crazy today. I applied 2 coats and am fairly happy with the result. I'll have to wetsand it a bit and apply 1 or 2 more coats. Regards, Andraz
  13. I applied 2 coats of tamiya fine gray primer to challenger body today. This primer is without a doubt the best one on the market in my opinion. The finish is really smooth without any orange peel. Regards, Andraz
  14. There are two options of this kit, regular and DX. This one is DX and it comes with all the extras you see above and it only costs a couple of bucks more. One thing that bothers me is that the lower part of the seats is molded into the interior floor which will make detailing a bit tricky Oh and the body will be painted Ferrari Blu Tour de France which is the sexiest color for this beauty in my opinion.
  15. I'm building this for a friend as a birthday gift. The kit looks quite awesome, it contains a lot of PE parts, doors open etc. I started with building the brake discs and sanded them to give them more realistic look as they are carbon ceramic on real car.
  16. Magnum interior is done...some small corrections will be made before everything goes together. I added PE CD to make the interior less dull.
  17. I had time to do some work today and I painted the engines with hemi orange. I also painted all the parts that should be steel color and detailed brake calipers Thanks Dan, that's really nice of you. Andraz
  18. great looking charger! first time I see '70 in 1/25
  19. Dan, thanks a lot for the photos, they'll help a lot You've got an awesome ride! I wish I could step into a dealership and buy or even see more of these cars over here...and for the price you pay for it (our Jeep dealer wants $116k for an GC SRT ).
  20. That would be much appreciated, thanks a lot!!
  21. Can somebody tell me what are the colors for charger/challenger/magnum chassis. The instructions say semi gloss black but I'm not sure that's correct. I was searching for pictures and all I found was a picture of charger with chassis in body color. Thanks for your help!
  22. Yes I'm trying to replicate factory colors as much as possible. I think that light gray should be a bit darker, but I'll leave it as is. As for the body colors I'm gonna go with brilliant black pearl for magnum and charger, and plum crazy for challenger.
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