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  1. "Bubble Trouble "show rod

    Very cool John. I would love to see a couple of different angles of it. I love the machine guns, did you scratch build them?
  2. 36 chevy

    It amazes me sometimes when two people have the same idea.
  3. Sorry, Not in my book

    It's Pat's model he used as a master.
  4. If you are spraying closer try going a little faster with your passes, or not pulling the trigger so far (dual action) or close the needle a bit (single action). You also might want to give more time between coats if you are laying on more paint. To be sure it's not moisture from your line or compressor, run your AB wide open on the air and spray just air onto a piece of paper that will show water easily. Hold it longer than the amount of time you are spraying normally. You might be getting a little bit of water and not noticing it.
  5. Is the airbrush absolutely clean? If so you can rule out old paint. Do you have any moisture in the air line? . Are you sure your not getting contamination from your compressor? If the above things are all good, that leaves solvents being trapped creating bubbles. Can you give a detailed of what when and how you are spraying?
  6. The Wicked Baron

    A little progress. Once I had a little more info on the engine (thanks Bill!) I made a water pump for the engine. It's not like the stock one, but I think it's pretty obvious what it is. I also have the upper suspension arms mounted. I cut a slot on each side of the fuselage and filled it with some 1/8" tubing that I sanded to a little more than 180 degrees. The 3/32" tubing on the end of the arm fits nicely into the 1/8" tube after a little filing. I need to figure out the spindles next. I'm also not sure if I want to leave the flaps on the front wings as they are a little "thick" looking. I'm worried that I'll have to bring the ends to much to a point in order for clearance when the wheels are turned. If I decide to take them off, I'm first going to cut them off carefully and see if they look good in the up position to look like a race car wing. I just ordered these resin bombs. I'm going to make headlight buckets out of them and they will hang from the front wings. This works out well with using the drop axle as lower arms, as there is a pocket for the bomb to fit into. The only other plane related things on the outside will be the gunsight from the stock grille and the machine guns. I don't want to go overboard with the plane theme.
  7. 2018 Cannonball-AMX

    Now that is FUNNY!!!
  8. 2018 Cannonball-AMX

    So Pat, when are we going to see a tutorial on your weathering techniques? You really have that grunge look down to a science.
  9. The Wicked Baron

    I want to either find or make a pair of bombs to hang under the front wings as headlights. I tried to make one from the fuel tank of the p-40, but even after I cut it down it was too big. I'm hoping maybe a 1/72 scale kit might have something I could use.
  10. The Wicked Baron

    The wings really look better than I imagined. I think it fits the theme without going overboard.
  11. The Wicked Baron

    I had to extend the frame to get the wheelbase I wanted. I have an idea I hope will work, it will tie the wings of the rear suspension arms to the front suspension. I only have the top wing left and will use that as the upper arm. I cut the solid axle and that will be the lower arm. Hanging from the upper wing arm will be a small bomb that will be the bucket for the headlight. I cut down the P-40 fuel tank, but it's still too big. I think once it's shrunk down a bit it will look good.
  12. Red Baron Engine

    I'm going in a different direction as far as induction is concerned.
  13. Red Baron Engine

    Thank you Bill.
  14. Red Baron Engine

    I'm doing away with the kit's intake and exhaust, so I've got that covered. Do you know how much force is needed to move the lever? Would it be feasible to have this operated off of a cable if I decide I'm taking the detailing that far?
  15. The Wicked Baron

    Next up on detailing the engines was removing the area between the cylinders. Then it was time to break out some Evergreen. There are 3 oil fillers/breathers and what I think is the water inlets for the cylinders. I need to sand down the caps of the breathers a bit along with giving them some shape. I made a plate for the back of the frame, this gives me a mounting point for the transaxle and cleans up the back a bit. You can see the start of the upper tranaxle mount. I think with a little more sanding it will have a shape to compliment the winged suspension arms. A couple of pics of the almost rolling chassis. Right now, I think I'm going to convert the solid front axle to an independent suspension, but keeping most of the look of the solid.