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  1. Psychographic added a post in a topic Der Beetle Bus   

    Didn't I say I wanted to keep this build simple? Oh well, I guess I lied.
    I've got the doors cutout, and the hinges made.




  2. Psychographic added a post in a topic Der Beetle Bus   

    I finished the sheet metal work for the trunk.

    A riser for the seats and a shifter.


  3. Psychographic added a post in a topic Der Beetle Bus   

    I like this design!
  4. Psychographic added a post in a topic Der Beetle Bus   

    After looking at it for a while I decided the track on the rear was too wide for my liking, so out came the scribing tool and I tucked the back tires in quite a bit. I made the tubs from .020 sheet. Also for anyone who knows my style, it's on the ground. After a little more trimming I've got the body right where it needs to be.

  5. Psychographic added a post in a topic Der Beetle Bus   

    A quick mockup of where I hope to be with this. The zoomies are from a T'rantula and will be cut down later.

  6. Psychographic added a post in a topic Der Beetle Bus   

    A floor pan was made from .030 sheet, and the trans tunnel was stolen from a Stingaree.

    I decided to use the frame from the Stingaree. I cut the back off of it, bent it out behind the front torsion bars to make room for the engine. I also took a section from a second frame to raise the C-notch for the rear, and added 1/8" rod crossmembers, and some extensions for the body mounts were made from square stock.

    I made an injector hat from 1/8" tubing.

  7. Psychographic added a post in a topic Der Beetle Bus   

    I made a rollpan by cutting a section of 1/4" tubing for the center section and will fill the ends with scrap styrene.

    Here's the first mockup of it with an engine and wheels. I want to keep this build cheap and simple. Although I would like to use a T-bucket frame, I don't have one, so it's off to the pile of kits to see what I can find.

  8. Psychographic added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Der Beetle Bus
    First step, I cut the roof to make a pickup out of it.

    Then I shortened it 3/4" and filled the wheelwells.

    Next I cut the center windshield post out, narrowed the body 1/2" and put the post back in, along with moving the headlights up and out.

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  9. Psychographic added a post in a topic Now what do I do with it ?   

    Here's some inspiration on doing a 2 seater.



  10. Psychographic added a post in a topic Der Bettle Bus Challenge   

    Love your version of DBB!
    Now ask your buddy in the club,

    if he wants to race. I think I got some competition for him.

  11. Psychographic added a post in a topic '53 Chevy track racer - update 8/12   

    I use this method all of the time. I mix it thin enough that when I stick a toothpic in the mix and pull it out one drop will drip off fairly quickly. If you mix it too thick it takes to long to dry. The thinner you make your mix, the more it will shrink as the solvent evaporates. As you work with it the MEK will evaporate from the bottle in the mix. If I'm doing a lot of work with it, I have to add a little MEK to the bottle every few weeks to thin it back down.
    I keep it in an old Plastruct Bondene bottle and don't even smell it when working with it. I've used the Ca/Baking soda mix and find the MEK/Styrene mix to be much stronger, especially when sectioning, chopping and such.
  12. Psychographic added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Help a little girl have a better Christmas
    It is really not my style to spread stuff like this around, but for some reason this really hit me hard when I read it ( enough so, to bring me out of my self appointed exile from forums). All this little girl is asking for is some cards. A dollar store card and a stamp is less than a bottle of paint, or a tube of glue.
     I myself lost the holiday spirit years ago, but that doesn't mean I don't have a heart. I just can't stand to see a child go through what this poor girl has endured and will for the rest of her life. I do not know this girl, but I do remember reading about the tragedy of the fire which killed the rest of her family and how her dad covered her with his body to protect her.
    I sure hope this doesn't break any forum rules. If it does, I apologize.
    Thank you, Dave
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  13. Psychographic added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    While sitting at a red light I spotted the back of this in a restaurant parking lot and just had to find out what it was. I was very surprised to see it was a Subaru. I have no idea what model or year it is, but it sure is cool. Any one know anything about this little car?

  14. Psychographic added a post in a topic Cover versions of well-known songs   

    Al Jourgensen and the boys of Ministry have quite a few covers that are interesting.

    Louie Armstrong

    Golden Earring

    Rolling Stones

    Deep Purple


  15. Psychographic added a post in a topic 55 Chev drag crash   

    Did anyone notice they are racing on what appears to be pit lane of a circle track? I'm no expert, but I doubt that's a good surface to be racing on.