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  1. Psychographic added a post in a topic Design Exercise   

    It's just a matter of taste. I think you could extend the front and leave the back stock. The extended rear really kills it for me.
    I think the long hood of and short rear look of the 35 Mercedes looks good. The shapes of the two are very similar. I think extending the front fenders on the 32 might help also. They seem to hang out a bit further than the Ford, also I think filling them in behind the wheels helps a lot.

  2. Psychographic added a post in a topic 36 Ford coupe roof   

    I didn't know a chopped roof was available. PM coming your way.
  3. Psychographic added a post in a topic Design Exercise   

    You asked, so I'll give you my $.02. IMO, extending the front and rear is not an improvement in any way, the chop even makes it worse and  I do like chopped 32's. The 32 Ford's overall shape and lines were perfect right out of the factory, even now in 2017 the factory design looks great. As I've said numerous time, if we all had the same tastes, the world would be a boring place.
  4. Psychographic added a topic in Wanted!   

    36 Ford coupe roof
    The Revell 36 Ford has two roof options and I'm hoping someone has a spare coupe roof they aren't using. I want to graft it onto a Prowler.
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  5. Psychographic added a post in a topic AMT Silhouette Bill Cushenberry   

    Maybe because it's very cool looking.
  6. Psychographic added a post in a topic AMT Silhouette Bill Cushenberry   

    I see Bill's trailer and raise him a Dune Buggy, Boat, Sports Car, and a Street Rod. I've also got about 3 other Silhouette projects, not including trailers of which I have two in the works.
    The Silhoutte is one of my favorite show cars of all time and definitely my favorite model of all time.

  7. Psychographic added a post in a topic cast metal effect   

    If you use an airbrush, try adding cornstarch or talcum powder to the paint.
  8. Psychographic added a post in a topic I am creating a website about models and I want input!   

    In no way did I feel singled out. I'm sure you're man enough to do so if you felt the need.
    Now I'm only saying this as a friend, maybe it's your passion for cars, both 1:1 and models. You have a habit of coming of kind of crude (for lack of a better word) when you see something you don't agree with. The gasser thing is a perfect example, We all know by now that you hate seeing the term used for a build that doesn't fit the actual rules for one. But let's be honest, we are building models, not real race cars that need to follow the rues to be legal and fair to other competitors. After all it's just a name for a class of car.
    I've never seen you complain that a Lowrider wasn't low enough.  Again I. think it's the passion you have.
    Again a partial  quote but it is all that is needed to make my point. "I guess it's just symptomatic of the times we live in that everyone is looking for something to get butthurt about, all the time, everywhere." Seeing as you are replying to me and Steve, I have to assume that you are talking about us. After all we are the only two to say we found your post a bit offensive. Was I butthurt? I think it takes a lot more than that to really bother me. It's just I get tired of seeing people talked down to because of their ideas of what makes them happy as a modeler. If we all built the same things, this forum would be pretty boring. This quote was a perfect example of talking down to someone. I think Steve said it better than me, it's not what you say, but how you say it.
    Now as far as my builds being able to be realistic, you need to look at my Jeep build again, font suspension arms at 90 degree angles where they mount, turbo's that are mounted vertically, an automatic transaxle on a solid rear that bounces up and down with the suspension.
    In the end it's all good on this side.
    This is a partial Quote so don't kill me for it.  "seem to expect overflowing praise for mediocre results"   You are assuming what other peoples expectations are, and possibly their skill levels.
  9. Psychographic added a post in a topic I am creating a website about models and I want input!   

    I consider the people of this forum family. So when some new member who hasn't ventured outside of a single thread, which by the way, is nothing short of self promotion tells my family to "leave", you can darn well expect me to go off on them.
  10. Psychographic added a post in a topic I am creating a website about models and I want input!   

    You came on to a site of model builders asking for help and admitting you have no interest in models, but are willing to make money from our (in many cases years) of knowledge. Then when you get called out on it, you cop an attitude and tell people to leave. Who the @#%& do you think you are?
    You're acting like a troll, it's time for you to leave. Unless you are too stupid to figure it out, you are NOT welcome here.
  11. Psychographic added a post in a topic I am creating a website about models and I want input!   

    Again, how about you move on. It's quite apparent you've pissed people off with your crappy attitude. There are plenty of other model forums you can go to.
  12. Psychographic added a post in a topic I am creating a website about models and I want input!   

    So basically you want to make money using us for your knowledge. To me that means we are doing your work for free so you can profit from it.
    We've put the work into learning how to build decent looking models and you have not done one thing other than trying to suck on our teats. How about YOU LEAVE!
  13. Psychographic added a post in a topic I am creating a website about models and I want input!   

     As I feel like I fall into this category more than someone who builds for accuracy, I find this a bit insulting. I have very little invested in tools, and rarely build things that would work in the real world. I find my builds are more art than function.
    I have as much fun building what I do, as anyone else, although I do get aggravated with my builds quite often, but that's probably just my nature. I don't understand the constant negativity to people who just want to build what pleases them because their model would never work as a 1:1.
  14. Psychographic added a topic in General   

    RIP Rete Chapouris
    2017 is not starting off so well.
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  15. Psychographic added a post in a topic INSPIRED THINKING- Cheap Tips for Frugal Modelers   

    Thanks for the tip on Micro surfacing. I lost one pad from my kit I bought from Micro Mark and didn't feel like having to buy the whole kit to replace it.
    I make my own sanding sticks using rolls of adhesive backed sand paper and craft sticks. I know rolls of sandpaper can be expensive, but cheap off brand rolls can be found at flea markets.