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  1. Silhoutte COE

  2. Prowler

  3. 289 Cobra Street Rod

  4. Porsche 911

  5. AMC Scrambler

  6. Ukrainian Scale Cars Production (USCP)

    My wheels arrived today. Very nice castings, I'm sure I'll be ordering more.
  7. PT Cruiser roof section

    I'm looking to make a Viper into a sedan delivery and need a roof section from a PT Cruiser. I need from the side windows up. The back window would be helpful, but not necessary.
  8. Johan SC/Rambler

    I got you covered. PM your address.
  9. Trying some open'n doors

    I'm sorry, I thought you meant there was a gap from the side of the tub to the body. Have you put the dash in when you checked the fit? If you cut the section of the back door panel that is blocking your door opening, will it make the rear door panel look too short?
  10. Trying some open'n doors

    If I might add a little tip I've learned, don't cut your door, hood , trunk, or whatever all the way through before making you hinge. What I do is cut about 90% of the panel leaving a few little sections connected. I then make and mount my hinge, this way the panel is already aligned. Then just cut the little but that is still connected. The hinge cannot have any binding, or when you cut the panel the rest of the way through it will not align properly.
  11. Trying some open'n doors

    The tub is not too narrow, you need to build the door sills and jambs to reach it. You will also need to build the door edges also. Look at a real car and you will see what I mean.
  12. What good is a kit that was made to be assembled and enjoyed if it sits in a box? It's up to you and only you what you do with it.
  13. I'm not 100% sure mine is a Flinstone, but i'm pretty sure it is. Width without fenders 2-9/16", with fenders a hair over 3-3/4" Length without grill and bumper, 3-1/16" Height 3"
  14. How to judge car models?

    Are you judging the finished model, or the modelers ability? Model "A" is just about flawless, but all parts are purchased, and model "B" is a little less flawless, but a lot of the parts are scratchbuilt. If you are judging just the finished model, "A" should win, if you are judging on the work it took to produce, then model "B" should win. Of course this is just my opinion.
  15. 1/25 scale surfboards

    Search ebay for surfboard cake toppers.