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  1. Nice find Pat. I too thought of the Druid Princess when I first saw it. Did you scratch the transparent red frame?
  2. https://bangshift.com/general-news/the-big-fca-meeting-went-down-heres-where-the-company-stands-and-where-they-are-going/
  3. There is not one thing I would change on the side view of the new one. I think it is perfect, and I love how it looks. the question is, will I still think that when I see it from other angles.
  4. http://www.dirtmodeler.com/store/
  5. Fix it in a few minutes, or wait weeks for a replacement? I think that is an easy decision to make. I have a Red Baron that is a short shot and missing a headlight, it's a good thing I grafted an airplane fuselage onto the front of it.
  6. This reminds me of this funny thing that happened to me years ago. I used to have a chopped S-10 with hydros. It was pouring rain all day and I was on my way home on a road with a short dip that was notorious for flooding. There was a late model Vette following me. We got to the flooded dip and I slowly entered to water and knew it had to be about 10" deep. I watched in my rearview mirror as the people in the Vette were shocked at how quickly it got so deep and that this idiot was trying to cross it in a lowered mini truck. I waited as long as I felt safe then hit the switches. I had 8" cylinders in the front and 12's in the back. The look on their faces as my lowrider turned into a 4x4 was hilarious. I went abut my way home while they had to back track about 15 miles to get to a road where they could go another route to detour around.
  7. I have a bag kit of the square bodied Lotus that is missing the tires and chrome. I do have the decal sheet and there is nothing for the tractor, unless it had a decal sheet of it's own.
  8. That's very cool Ray. I bet you could make some wild steam punk build out of that.
  9. When you turn the regulator all the way down (off), is any air coming out of the regulator? If not it is the gauge, not the regulator that is bad.
  10. Shapeways apparently think they know more about where I live than I do, their site won't accept my zip code.
  11. It looks like there might be vents in them.
  12. Each time I have brought finished models to NNL east they have been photographed and published. If you know me, my models are all highly modified and out of the ordinary and fairly detailed. Even though there were many models built better and more accurately than mine, I still got published. The moral of my short story, if you want to be in a magazine, build something that stands out. As has been already stated, a common model, even if built to perfection, might not catch the photographers eye.
  13. The floor does slide, but only to the back of the box. IIRC it slides forward to be able to close the back and clear the figures.
  14. This is the MCM forum, I have faith someone will find something!
  15. The tide car was done in florescent from what I understand. The problem is florescent dye is not lightfast. So if you do this, keep the model out of direct light to keep it from fading.
  16. Joe will have to edit his post. If you noticed I did so before posting my reply. I think that would be a good practice for everyone on this site to do.
  17. Joe, would you please edit the address out of the quote for John?
  18. Click on the word "Edit". it should be to the right of the "G" in the blue circle that is your avatar image Just next to the word "Quote"
  19. May I suggest you PM your address and remove it from public view? You never know who is seeing it,
  20. You do realize what you just replied in your "smarter than me" attitude is exactly the same thing I said in my original post? In fact I even said I used a 6 foot line from my compressor to the trap, just like you use.
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