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  1. I got that email, but I'll be darned if I ever remember buying anything from Omni.
  2. I built this cartoon a few years back, it is the inspiration for this build.
  3. I cut everything up. I get no enjoyment out of just assembling a model.
  4. Nope, no breaks allowed if it's the other guys project. Now my own projects, that's another story. Do you happen to drive a dark Blue HHR with steelies and NNL plates?
  5. The Big Man, this is dedicated to my favorite cousin who passed away a few years back. I don't remember how it started, but we were at a bar, quite drunk and came u with the fictitious biker gang called the Leather Teddies. This one's for you Den.
  6. I don't know why, but this seems to be everyone's favorite. It's totally scratchbuilt except for the driver which is a modified 1/12 tamiya RC piece and two modle parts that no one has ever found or identified. Supersonicus Idioticus, it's roughly 1/18 scale.
  7. So would I. I have such a short attention span. I am constantly seeing things and thinking """what if I cut this here, and took the roof off of that......................" and the next thing you know I'm off in another direction.
  8. There is a link up a few posts on this page.
  9. That is one gorgeous model. You should be very proud of it.
  10. Sung to the tune of Beck's "Where It's At",,,,,,,,,,,,,, I got three Beetle Buses and a Silhouettes and a Silhouette.
  11. In my neck of the woods, I don't see any of those Ricers anymore. What I do see, is some very nice imports cruising around these days.
  12. Someone in my neighborhood still has Christmas decorations up, so I guess Tom still has some time left. But if he waits much longer, he won't be late for last Xmas, but early for the next one.
  13. Not quite solid, but there were spots where it was about 1" thick It was posted on that site, it was not for anything on the site. You will never see another thing from me on there. The Corvair are diecast 1/24 sprint car tires, the whitewalls are Evergreen sheet. The Insani-T are diecast 1/18 McLaren wheels and tires with the centers removed and the wheels fit inside the rim are from a Deora Yes I cast them from the mini bike that comes with the Vandal kit. It's the Offy from the old Monogram midget. It did require a bit of work to get it to look more like the Offy.
  14. I use the Createx 4012, I have used plain water also. People use water with a touch of glycerine, window cleaner, and a host of other things. A tip I can give you, don't spray it too wet, if it mottles from spraying it to heavy, you might as well strip it and start over, or at least let it dry for a day or so before trying to get an even coat. This is Apple Barrel with a pearl nail polish over it and a urethane clear.
  15. Burnout or a Cheech and Chong moment?
  16. I was going to suggest the same thing when I first saw this, but I've never seen a model James has built that I didn't love how it looked when done. I figured I'd just wait to see him work his magic.
  17. If you don't mind me asking, what was the total cost of your order?
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