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  1. I decided it looked meaner with some rake, this is about how I think it should sit. I also found some bigger back tires and some bomber seats for it. I had to rethink the drivetrain, Even with the smallest tranny I could find and cheating on the bellhousing, there was no room for pedals. I'm now going with a transaxle. The bellhousing and gear drive to lower the driveshaft. The start of the transaxle using a Hydrostick which will mate to the quickchange, Again a gear drive to get the differential back to a normal height. I also added fins to the pans.
  2. Whatever you do, don't reduce them in the bottle. Pour or scoop a little out and reduce what you need. Most likely you can still use it. Like anything you're not sure of, test it first before using it on something important.
  3. Any liquid mask has to be applied thick or in multiple layers to be able to be peeled off. Chances are if you think you have it thick enough, add about 2-3 coats more. The best thing I could suggest is try it on some scrap similar to the shape you are applying it to. If you are doing a part with a lot of ridges and detail, remember that the top edges are going to be much thinner than the valleys when applying it. The more detailed the part, the thicker it needs to be. Practicing on scrap parts will give you the feel of how thick you have to apply it. If you have areas that don't peel up, try putting tape over it after the paint dries to lift it up.
  4. I have made them from a piece of sprue , sand the flash off so it's round, cut it square, sand the bottom to a convex shape. Then you could either glue a piece is sheet stock and sand it to just a little larger than the filter, or cement a thin rod around the top edge to make the lip.
  5. Now that I think of it, it must have been an ebay purchase.
  6. This one broke my heart. I had it a safe distance from a heat lamp to speed up the drying process on something, the clamp slipped allowing it to get to close and it ruined the cab. 39 El Camino
  7. I got that email, but I'll be darned if I ever remember buying anything from Omni.
  8. I built this cartoon a few years back, it is the inspiration for this build.
  9. I cut everything up. I get no enjoyment out of just assembling a model.
  10. Nope, no breaks allowed if it's the other guys project. Now my own projects, that's another story. Do you happen to drive a dark Blue HHR with steelies and NNL plates?
  11. The Big Man, this is dedicated to my favorite cousin who passed away a few years back. I don't remember how it started, but we were at a bar, quite drunk and came u with the fictitious biker gang called the Leather Teddies. This one's for you Den.
  12. I don't know why, but this seems to be everyone's favorite. It's totally scratchbuilt except for the driver which is a modified 1/12 tamiya RC piece and two modle parts that no one has ever found or identified. Supersonicus Idioticus, it's roughly 1/18 scale.
  13. So would I. I have such a short attention span. I am constantly seeing things and thinking """what if I cut this here, and took the roof off of that......................" and the next thing you know I'm off in another direction.
  14. There is a link up a few posts on this page.
  15. That is one gorgeous model. You should be very proud of it.
  16. The RB driveshaft has some extreme angles. Almost everything I build has either airbags or hydraulics, and are in the down position. The u-joints on the RB driveshaft are perfect for what I need. I'm going to be using them as axles for an independent rear suspension which is why I need a second shaft. Trying to cut the u-joints on a normal driveshaft and have them look right would be a lot of work.. That's why I want the specific one from the RB. Thanks for the suggestion.
  17. I didn't know I needed it before.
  18. Sung to the tune of Beck's "Where It's At",,,,,,,,,,,,,, I got three Beetle Buses and a Silhouettes and a Silhouette.
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