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  1. This is just a tiny fraction of projects I've started.
  2. Next up is am Indy car-65 Corvette hybrid
  3. I've got a couple of requests to see something I've finished. Seeing as I too was a victim of the PB hostage crisis, I thought I would post my very few models that managed to get finished. First up, a 48 Ford Woody.
  4. Would making it into a wedge sectioned El Camino work for you?
  5. I might have an unbuilt one. Give me a day or two to dig the box out.
  6. Once again some beautiful work Bob. You have a great knack at recreating these old 1/8 scales in 1/25. Plus you really got me on the art work, I was saying to myself "I thought those models were called Big,,,,," then after a little bit I realized you redid them.
  7. I LOVE this! The pickup is spot on for a 50s-60s custom and then not only do you add a cool boat, but you put in an inline 6 in it. Perfection!
  8. Thank you Bill, that is a big help. The carb is similar, there is a blob about the same shape, but it has a tube on top running up to a scoop, instead of running under the engine. Also the manifolds going to the cylinders are tiny looking compared to the one in your pics I agree, and would also bet your entire stash of show rods on it.
  9. Psychographic

    Hot Wheels

    Fire up the way back machine.
  10. According to the info in the kit, it's a "1914 in-line 6 cylinder fuel injected overhead cam Mercedes Benz aircraft engine". I've searched quite a few variations of that wording and could not come up with any decent pictures of the engine. I would like to add some detailing to the kit's engine, basic things like distributor/mag and plug wires, fuel lines, oil lines (if it has any external ones)and any other obvious details. I know the engine is undersized, but I don't care about that. If anyone knows where I could find some good pics, has any, or knows a better phrase to put in a search engine, I would sure appreciate it.
  11. Sorry, I just wanted to point it out so you could fix it before you got to far along with it. I didn't want you to stop working on it.
  12. I really like how the new car looks. It is weird not hearing an engine, but I raced RC cars for a few years, so the noise they make is familiar to me which helps. The best thing for the series, no more car swapping. I do think having to use two power levels is gimmicky, but no more than the Push to Pass in Indy. https://jalopnik.com/formula-e-wont-have-to-swap-cars-mid-race-next-season-1824228506
  13. I got the gluebomb plane and it didn't look good on the C cab. I went to see if I had a Red Baron kit and it does look pretty good on that.
  14. I got mine from a friend who is a motorcycle mechanic.
  15. I use caps for automotive vacuum lines and stick a round toothpick in the in the vent hole.
  16. I remember it being said by one of the characters on the show that is was purple. I just did a quick search and two sites reference it as purple.
  17. You probably trapped solvents under the wax causing it to lift the paint. You're going to have to get new decals.
  18. Those pics are very deceiving. If you look at the spears on the side of the body and compare them to the seam at the back for the rear pan, it looks level on the passenger side but drops on the driver side in the pics.
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