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      The Report function of the forum works well. If you see someone acting up, acting out, or just being an okole, use the Report function. It works! I have it set up so it not only sends me an email, but that email is then marked with a flag, and get's put to the top of my email list. I will try to access/look at the report/topic as soon as possible, but remember, I'm on a six hour time delay, and other mods not only have a life, but a real job as well.  k den

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  1. William H added a post in a topic What brings you to this forum?   

    I am here simply because a while back I had a question ( a model car question ) Over "there", the answer was "go search". Here I got an actual answer ( in fact many ) practically right away. And that's what the forum should be. Model builders helping other model builders! Thanks to the whole gang.
  2. William H added a post in a topic What Possesses Us...   

    My problem I think is no matter how hard I try to complete a kit I just can't do it without some modifications. Then it turns into a major project that stays in the building/incomplete stage forever! A good example is I found some PL 64 GTO's on closeout and thought I could get out of my slump. Well one thing led to another and after detailing the interior with paint and giving the engine some details it seemed like a natural to go ahead and backhalf it with a Chevelle Pro Street chassis so my quickie turned into a not-so-quickie. Just like all the rest!
  3. William H added a post in a topic New Members PLEASE READ THIS!   

    Thanks for the response Ken. I'm realclose. In Franklin Park, former truck driver, and try to get to as many local shows 1:1 & plastic as time allows.
  4. William H added a post in a topic New Members PLEASE READ THIS!   

    Stopped in to look around and liked what I saw. Actually learned a few new things on my first visit, so here I am.