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  1. Some headache rack progress and the final light configuration for the rear bumper. Signal/brake/brake/reverse i think is a winner
  2. Thanks. Been slow going this week. Busy at work and pooped when i get home haha. Did get the rest of the intake and exhaust piping painted so hope to put the engine in the frame once and for all soon. Might try to detail it up a little with some hoses but finding good clear photos of the twin turbo cummins has priven difficult. Oh well.
  3. Interesting use of spent brass. Looks lime .308 or maybe .270? Did a little more started a headache rack and some chains for it. Cabs primered need some warmer weather to paint the rest of the engine and chassis pieces before i do too much more
  4. Has anyone here done it? Ive heard others talj about it with great results i just have a few questions. Firstly does it require a black base coat like alclad does? And secondly what psi do you spray at Thanks
  5. Building this one too... Not stock. Build thread is a few posts down on this pages actually. Ypure off to a great start.
  6. Yeah the hormone monster kills me."sleep in it, pig" had me crying with laughter
  7. Some new mock up pics. Made a piece today to duplicate the kit bumpers mounting points works mint
  8. No pics but got some more sub assemblies together and ready for paint. Interior mostly but finished off front and rear susp too.
  9. Been a little while.... Some progress.. Real mesh radiator and an aluminum insert for the battery box step
  10. Sprayed the box aluminum today, I'll mask off what's gonna be painted body colour tomorrow maybe.
  11. To an extent, yes. I won't be lowering it any but the big bumper should make it look lower. Will be getting full rear fenders as well.
  12. Yeah. I drew it in cad and cut it out on the cnc laser I run at work. Had one of the ypungfellas we have at the shop bend the ends up for me, then polished it. It's 304 stainless steel. Sanded it with an orbital sander starting with 150 grit paper, then 240, 320, 400, 500 grits, then onto the buffing wheel and finished with autosol metal polish and a microfiber towel It's not an easy material to work with, stainless. But not sure is pretty
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