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  1. One step forward... 2 steps back. The step forward is I got theInjector lines finished...the step back is my airbrush has stopped working properly frustrating since it worked fine last week (it's new to me my first dual action brush a badger 150) one head won't spray at all just bubbles in the jar. The other head will spray but only in pulses. I'm going to try to get another head this week as I think the nozzle is junk in the bubbles one. 

  2.  I've already told you this story in private Harry but  thought it may pass along a bit of inspiratio to others who may need it My great grandmother was diagnosed with bowel cancer. They decided to operate, the surgeon cut her open, took one look and closed her up. When she came around from the anesthesia he told her "Mrs durning, you need to get your affairs in order". She asked what the he'll he meant by that (direct quite I'm told) and he told her she had 6 months maybe at the very outside. She told him flat out nope

    He asked what do you mean no


    " no I'm not ready to die yet." 

    "I don't think it's really up to you to decide that..the canc-"

    "I'm. Not. Ready. To. Die. Yet"

    She lived another 20 years. 

    There's something to be said for stubbornness Harry. Be stubborn. Kick. Scream. Fight dirty. Beat it. 


  3. I tend to agree. I'd get it right on a 1/12 or 1/8 scale model, but probably wouldn't bother on anything smaller.

    Still, it's a little easier to avoid the "hair part" look a lot of model distributors get if you have something to look at for reference. 

    There are some 1:1 guys (not me) who build a lot of the same engines (like smallblock Chebbys) who would spot a wrong firing order immediately though.

    indeed. 18436572 ...it's how smart people count to eight.

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