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  1. Yep. 39 weeks today and the little ones still dug in tight as a tick haha
  2. Love the bubbles pic, ace. You didn't strike me as a trailer park boys fan..
  3. Hahah...which one? Lol... All of them I suppose
  4. me too, lot of fun memories in that thing, I cant wait to see it in turquoise and black and under about 20 coats of clear lol
  5. oh I know. and plenty of ammo for when she starts dating
  6. this is getting restored for her... Was my dads....then his brother's ...then mine (yours truly behind the wheel...3.5 years or there abouts) then my bros then all my cousins. and now my daughters. Teal/black with whitewalls..
  7. Chevy's drag racing and hotrods are in there too..
  8. as you may have noticed, ive posted a new thread about a baby on the way, and the Décor is decidedly female. Because we are having a girl, the little fella this thread was made for ended up being born about 15 weeks early on feb 11 2014, and sadly didn't make it. we named him Maxwell mark Fulmore, and he was nearly 2 pounds even at 25 weeks.. couldn't bring myself to update this thread for a long time save for a few private messages to a select few, but now were on the homestretch, Baby and momma are doing aces, and we are feeling really positive. so stand by to be inundated with pictures of Addison angela!
  9. thought that 34 looked familiar.. and its Fulmore, btw (no big deal)
  10. Yeah. There's a "rat rod" Intl pickup around here that looks like the owner tried to teach his dog to weld with minimal success
  11. whats amazing is that video...no coolant so its probably half what that machine is capable of, likely less with the coolant turned off so you could see the tool
  12. stunning. love the stovebolt. they belong in more rods a great looking engine
  13. drug charges still pending though.
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