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  1. Anyone know of any kit/cast that may have such a,piece? Needed for my notchback mustang build
  2. Still don't like 4 doors. Never will. Not worth spending money on.
  3. The third one down, if its the car I'm thinking of, is a legit 200+ mph lsr car. Either way it and the green one with the blower are bad.
  4. best use of a 400 block is to stick a 350 crank in it and make a 377. still lots of torque but the big bore short stroke combo means MEGA Rpms
  5. I Figured youd knw him, the 34 chevy circle is a small one indeed.
  6. www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xj4aWxcBgU but its only a 272, those wheelie bars and chute must just be for show..
  7. look up the Grey mare on youtube. for a mustang that is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy faster than it looks
  8. fantastic stang and you would be surprised harry.
  9. best of luck to Thompson and his crew, following along with baited breath! go challenger!
  10. gorgeous car! My grandfather has a 34 Master Cabriolet and used to have a 34 Standard 2 dr (sedan)
  11. a subject near and dear to my heart as I own a1:1 scale 85 T/A... looks great
  12. Got this at a flea market yesterday to build a replica of my 1:1. Does anyone know if center bolt valve covers have ever been kitted? I'd like to mimic the vortec 350 swap.
  13. Neil Young's views on oil and gas, he can go screw himself.
  14. Judge or no judge if I saw someone touching my model I'd break their g-d hand.
  15. Old. Very very old these past few weeks.
  16. mrindy, you have no clue. H.A.M.Bers know whats what, what you posted aren't rat rods. Rat rods are garbage wagons.
  17. yeah they made the (long overdue) jump to twins a few weeks ago
  18. punk and metal. especially motorhead
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