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  1. Love this so far bill, and I'm NOT a fan of the Vicky body, at all. So that's saying quite a bit
  2. Thinking he makes up the sum of...the vast majority of modelers.
  3. Just wait till you tackle your first engine swap. Then the fun begins. Looking good
  4. Never used Castro, never will. Quaker state in the cav, royal purple in the t/a
  5. A hangover. Lol our car clubs annual weekend getaway was this weekend and had our dunner/ dance last night.. Snapped thus pic out of our hotel window
  6. What's a fone? I'm 29 and never used text speak in my life, and I like to think that I am a better person for it. Please note the above was posted from a phone.
  7. Couldn't give a flying toss about any series but nhra, ihra, psca, and nmca. All I want is my hockey back!""
  8. Chevyfever, by 28 I would have thought you'd have a better grasp of the English language...
  9. Looks great BTW nick. You've done some great work. Though may I ask why the engine is going in before the rest of the paint work?
  10. They were originally designed and marketed towards women. As admitted by ford.
  11. Nice. I'd like to go with a 2500 rpm stall in the t/a when I do the cam and gear swap in the spring.
  12. Majority of GMs, a lot of Italian stuff, some old Datsuns, always thought the last gen rx7 was pretty spiffy... And add any, and all 4 doors to my ugly list.
  13. Every last one. Erase any evidence they ever existed. Send the scrap to mars. Get it off my planet... Throw in the vast majority of the offerings from ford.
  14. American motors. Chrysler. Yes. All of them. Every single car, made by every single manufacturer either one of those corporations ever had even remotely anything to do with. I hate them, and would like to crush every one of them.
  15. 1934 Chevy either 2 Dr standard coach or 2 Dr master cabriolet. 1937 Chevy panel 37 GMC
  16. The purple monstrosity is somewhat local to me. You should see what they did to a 67 chevelle ...
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