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  1. yendorg66 added a post in a topic NEW Fujimi Porsche 911 GT3R Type B   

    Sorry to correct you Brendan but this kit is titled correctly as the GT3 R and is not the CUP version as you stated.

    The 911 CUP version differs to GT3 R in that it has LED Day Running lights below the headlights not the mesh air intake as on the GT3 R. There are also some minor body differences i.e. the front splitter is different on the CUP, the CUP has a different rear diffuser and the CUP doesn't have the mesh air ducts behind the rear wheels. Also the CUP also has a sligthly different interior to the one in this kit and is misssing the dry brake fuel fillers in the front hood.

    However there is one error in this kit. The upper air intake below the headlight should be as per the box art and shouldn't have the vertical bar which is present on the moulded body supplied in the kit. Other than that it's most definitely a GT3 R.