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  1. Posting it here as all I have left to do is paint and add the mirrors to the pinto. Decals came from the '63 Nova wagon kit.
  2. I think the reason is 1. it has not been avaliable in stock form for over 40 * years. 2. It's not another model a ford, 57 Chevy, Mustang, Camaro or over produced muscle car kit. 3 This must be bugging the living tar out of those who claimed that it wouldn't sell because it's a lowly four door wagon....
  3. Thanks, all body chrome work was done with Molotow chrome marker, I used it behind both the headlights, and tail lights as well to give it reflectiveness. I found the kit a Hobby Lobby so I bought it as they were 40% off that week.
  4. Your welcome! There are a few of the factory stock copies on ebay for decent price.. Look for the stock red nova on the cover either copy of it .
  5. Paint is Krylon short cuts pepper red with gloss black on the lower body. Corrected the muffler's But I need to fix one pipe from the engine to the muffler. The black on the seats was done with fine line sharpies as well as the black on the Rims.
  6. On the amt '66 chassis the rear wheel well juts out so it got trimmed flush to where the jut started from. The chassis behind the wheel well's also needed to be narrowed down on each side. The fire wall/radiator support trimmed on each side that contacts the body. Leave a little of the transmission tunnel so the firewall can attach to the chassis. On the inside of the chassis plate cut the tunnel off till flat to the chassis plate. Also shave some of the front of the rear wheel well's down so the '63 Interior will fit smoothly. This may take a few times to get the adjustments to fit nicely. Note that the wheel backs will also require trimming to fit the body correctly, and the mounting plate on the inside of the front bumper/grill will need to be cut off as well. I also removed the tab that is on the front of the interior as well.
  7. Need to find the missing drive shaft otherwise here's the bottom. Note I added the spare wheel pan from the '63 nova's chassis to the 66's The '66 Nova chassis is a stock chassis.
  8. This is the second copy of the 1963 Nova wagon I got the other day. This copy has a chassis/engine from a AMT '66 Nova kit. The transmission/drive shaft tunnel was removed just behind where the firewall mounts ( left a small loop to attach the fire wall to). The rear wheel well's had to be trimmed down as did the rear chassis plate. I also had to trim down the fire wall/radiator support to fit into the body. The Bodies engine bay was also cut out to allow the detailed engine bay of the '66 nova. I added the turn signal switch, gear shift, and window cranks to the interior of it. The blue on the windshield was done with a light blue sharpie marker. The body is painted Krylon short cuts rose gold, Krylon short cuts gloss white for the roof. Interior colors are Rose gold, off white, and rose gold mixed with flat black for the floor.
  9. Painted a GM dupli color blue with off white roof.
  10. USPS just dropped off the Two '63 Nova wagons I bought from automodels2 on E-Bay...
  11. So this issue is basically a reverse engenering kit that has some corrected parts of an Original issue kit? As this is what they done to the Mack Cruiseliner. Yes the molds would be new, but are based on the old kit with some of the minor issues fixed. and some parts changed in locations. That being said I'll at least buy one so it can be built to look like the one my older brother got for Christmas in 1973. I did a replica of the 4070 a that I got that Christmas already. Then there is my green and white 4070 a, and my non painted cab 4070 a. Note the Red with white was missing the bumper which had since been replaced ,and added to the truck.
  12. I know it wasn't a factory option, But a dealership could do an engine swap according to a nova data site I seen online. It stated that though all '63 nova's top engine was only the inline six, a buyer could have the dealership install a V-8 for an additional ($1,500)The two popular engines were the 283 and the 327. How many buyers paid for the extra is any ones guess. Yanko done his cars at his dealership, Most with non factory options added.
  13. From all that I seen , I Think the inline six will, because this release don't have a metal axle in the front (axle pins instead). It may take a little alteration but I'll know more when the kit's arrive in my hands. The 283 will likely come from the amt '57 Chevy kit (opening trunk version)..
  14. automodels2 sent me a email via ebay that the two I bought were shipped, so hopefully I get them sometime early next week.. One is getting the six banger from an '60 chevy pickup, I updated the engine to look like one that a nova would have. The second Nova will get a 283 V-8 which I read someplace could be done by the dealership for extra cost..
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