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  1. Looking for all 6 of the white wall tires and one stock "Chrome" wheel for the '72 Chevrolet ramp truck kit. I need them to replace the ones I used from my pickup kit on a AMT '68 Shelby Mustang as the tires in the Mustang were much to wide/tall for a Mustang, and the tires from the '72 pickup worked better for the Mustang. So this is why I'm looking for all six tires. As for the one stock Chrome wheel that's for a Chevy pickup that has one wheel missing.
  2. With the Plymouths you'd be correct. But the Jeep was given to her when her Plymouth went cliff diving... The brake lines were cut , Bo and Luke were driving her car when that happened. In the end the wealthy farther of the girl the Dukes saved gave the Jeep to Daisy.
  3. supply chain is a bogus reason! I can go to the local wal mart and see that their spray paints are 95% of the Rust O lium junk that stays tacky for day's paint! I'm thinking it's Rust olium trying to rid themselves of their main competitor . Much like Wal Mart has done in most smaller towns with running other stores out. I use Krylon short cuts mostly as it lay's better than Testors(rust olium). Not to mention Meijers was selling Dupli color paints, which they no longer have in favor of the Rust Olium auto paints line, and there aren't many color choices with them!
  4. Bill, From that last video it looks as the B-17 had a full air crew aboard. My they rest in peace! Sad day not only for the loss of the two aircraft, but for also the people whom lost their lives ...
  5. Yes your right about that. Though if AMT would reissue the one with the fifth wheel , as the Logger trailer kit has been reissued so it would make the logger Paystar 5000 .. Since the trailer kit has all the parts that go on the truck with it, And if a person wanted to they could build the regular Paystar into the logger or vise versa if the logging kit were to be reissued.
  6. Actually there is three of the S-Series kits The 2575,2674, and 2674 Dump truck, and there's a third Paystar 5000 kit as well!
  7. Paint is Dupli-color GM Dark Blue painted over Krylon short cuts silver, and clear gloss coat over the blue.
  8. Got the U.S release, and it only had the driver side a pillar bent a little. It was an easy fix though. From what I seen among the parts there's going to be another copy of this car fairly soon! There are large wheel's attached to the tree that has the stock wheel backs, and custom rear axle as well included in this kit. Not to mention the drop top boot cover from the Convertible kit. So i'm thinking a California wheels 2n'1 copy will be around soon.,,,, Pardon the blue paint on one of the Big wheel's , the piece that is in the center of the front grill is also on this tree so......................
  9. The haul from the once a month Flea Market in Decatur Indiana. I bought the aircraft and the ship for $5.00 each (parts still sealed in their bags) The MPC Mustang (sealed in it's bag) $10. while the C-1500 promo was $20, and the '59 Lincoln friction promo was a cheap $25.00!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hello, my name is Dan and I'm writing this note for Chris Smith.  His internet is out and wont be on until Wednesday.  He received a package from you today and in it was 3 Chevy grills.  He was 2 mini bikes.  He asked me to let you know that he will get in touch with you after he gets his internet fixed.  Dan

  11. Looks like someone already converted a 1:1
  12. I just finished building this AT-6 Texan .Colors match the box art but since it included a machine gun in front of the pilot I chose to use that instead of the non gun part. BMF on most of the aircraft.
  13. Complaint's there are only three that I have really. First is the frame length, which is an easy fix. Second complaint is the "new" sprew tabs which go further onto some of the parts, which has more cleanup work than an Original kit did, Complaint three: AMT screwed up when moving the parts around so a few numbers on the instruction sheet are now wrong such as the frame part numbers which now are switched. Frame part # 49 is now #7, and vice-versa for the other frame rail. I like the extended decal sheet, and the addition of the choice of front wheels. The biggest change When following the instructions that I do is I build the and add the cab interior to the outer cab before adding it to the frame, I add the radiator after the cab is put in place. I found It's easier this way then trying to put the outer cab on while the interior is attached to the frame! By adding the completed cab (minus some of the Chrome cab parts) to the frame this way would actually be more inline as to the actual production with the exception of the radiator would be in place on the real one before the cab would be installed on the frame. I also don't attach the front axle until the cab/radiator are in place. as it ease's the installation of the cab to the frame. Since all that's needed to put the cab on the frame this way is squeezing the frame a tad to get the cab pins in their location on the frame. Then I add the radiator, and the front axle... The cab pictures added here are of Transtar #9 when it was in it's build process. I had to wait for a frame rail replacement for the one it had was a short shot. But this should give you the idea of what I said by putting the cab together and not as the Instructions show.
  14. Yes sir I sure did, These Transtar's look so much better with a shorter wheel base. Well to me they do that is.
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