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  1. I bought the Lindberg '61 Impala convertible 5 days ago from Ollies , And I just Finished it this morning. The seat belts are 1/8" white ribbon from walmart (.97) , and was painted to match the seats.
  2. Revell '57 Sedan

    Just completed another '57 Chevrolet sedan, This Bel=air was done in a two-tone paint work Inside and out. Thank's To Snake45 for the idea on the color combo, as he suggested the color idea!
  3. Promo

    Promotional models Were made of acetate plastic in the 1950- mid to 1960's Thus they warped ( JoHan smile) The bumpers and glass were styrene plastic which the Promo's all became in the mid 1960's. They were made by almost all kit companies such as AMT, Johan just to name two. Amt returned to doing promo cars for Chevrolet in the 1980's and still makes promo's of Camaro's and Corvette's. Most of AMT/SMP's promo became Craftsman or styleline kit's. Promo models are Curbside kit's that have the hoods molded shut, The exception to that is the AMT/Ertl Chevy pickup's which were based on the full detail kit. The hood can be taken of them and the tahoe for that matter as well.
  4. Promo

    Yep they still make a few promo's Here is a 2017 Camaro promo which is on Ebay
  5. Ollie's strike again

    The new flyer is now on Ollies web site!
  6. Ollie's strike again

    According to their web site The current add ends Tomorrow So this will be for Friday or Saturday. Lima Ohio's ollies was just starting to stock the shelves with kit's. I seen Revell kit's : Danica Patrick #10, Pre- deced '10 Camaro's, Mustang, Corvette and Dodge Challengers in purple and red, The Burgetti, Mercades, 29 and 32 Ford 37 ford hot rod, 61 Impala convertible low rider, along with the '72 Dodge. Not sure what other kit's they will have as they had boxes on a cart in the isle that had not been opened yet!
  7. I just got a copy of the Tom Daniels Garbage truck, Which I really don't think that it's actually a 1/24 scale product. If I were to guess as to scale I'd say it is closer to 1/35-132 scale, as the figures that it comes with fit in size to a 1/35-1/32 Military tank model! Also a garbage truck would be rather bigger then a 1/25 '57 Chevrolet wouldn't it?
  8. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Sadly Some of us here don't have a vast amount of kit's stashes to work with. The Hobby is gone from the common man's hobby to a Rich person's , And just like the 1:1 it has become a big money wealthy person's thing. I for one don't have a stash to work from What i build is what I have bought the month I buy it. The Hobby takes some deep pockets these day's
  9. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    So if it all comes from Germany now then it will cost more as Revell of Germany product were always higher priced than the Revell USA kit's Even if they were the same car ect in a different box. I found the '05 Impala police car on scale hobbyist (ROG Copy) list price $39.95 sale price of $31.95 while the Revell USA copies are under $20.00 on Amazon, Ebay and a few other vendors!
  10. What did you get today?

    The Valiant is a '64 AMT craftsman. The Johan will not be re-done, The 1925 Ford's the hot rod is built while the other '25 hasn't been touched, The '25 ford's are molded in black , the instuction sheet is quite yellowed with age So they are late 1960's issue I think.
  11. What did you get today?

    I went to my Favorite place that's local to where I live and came home with all these! 3 of these I traded some toy's to get, and some Hayne's auto repair books for , And the fourth kit I paid $15.00 for Now Guess which one cost me $15.00 :-)
  12. The kit was part of a AMT value Pack, And I used some parts from a 66 Chevelle wagon :and 67 Chevelle to Complete the build. I didn't use the rims or tires supplied with the Kit either! I used the intake manifold, fan and belt's, Carb, and alt from a parts 66 Chevelle wagon the rims came from a 67 Chevelle. The seat belts came from another AMT kit but I don't know which one. Paint is Dupli Color For GM Cars.
  13. '57 Police car

    Here's a picture of the Ohio state Cop car that inspired this build!
  14. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    NO THANKS! Wouldn't even want one 1:1
  15. '57 Police car

    Just about completed (headlights/tail lights need put in ) other wise it is done. I put the siren under the hood like Ohio state had done to their cars in '57....