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  1. Funny I wasn't trying to be negative, and no I never had cast any resin item's. I have bought quite a few that came from the seller that had very little to do to clean up. The door window's look a tad off on that casting, and that's why I would lose the resin cast cab using the kit cab since I'd use the kit to supply the needed frame ect.
  2. Those are the one's I have! I built that van when it was reissued, and saved the tires. Now just need two more for my '72 Jimmy project.
  3. These are the three I have, and they fit the "drag" rims very nice. I have to find two more as I'll need one to be a spare for the Jimmy!
  4. Someone made a better casting than that a few years ago, the hood was not attached to the cab on their casting, As I recall the caster was from North Carolina. The cab on the one shown looks ruff! I'd cut that off and use the Transtar 4300's complete kit minus the 4300's hood/headlight's and bumper. The real 9300's used the 4300 cab design anyway.
  5. I'm talking about the Extra tires that were issued in kit's like the 68/69 Chevy pickup's (fire/tow truck) kit's that also had the stock bed in with them. Not sure that the recent reissue of the '78 Dodge pickup or the soon reissue of the racer's wedge chevy pickup kit's inclue a pair of those tires
  6. Looking for info on what mpc kit's came with the extra snow/mud tires. I am asking because I want to use those to replace the Non 4X4 tires that are in the GMC Jimmy kit. I have one or two of them here but would require another set of two or three tires to go on the GMC Jimmy .
  7. Flea Market finds. The Maserati is copyrighted 1968 on the box, Both are still un built (never started).
  8. I have a resin '58 Edsel 4 door wagon that I got that was already built. Casting was All American resin models. The wagon is nicely done by who ever had built it.
  9. I recently bought the dodge Monaco goon/police car kit that comes with the "joker" figure . It's supposed to be the Jack Nicholson Joker, But the nose they gave the figure don't look right for the Joker. In fact I think it is a closer representation of another villain from the 60's TV series. Penguin played by Burgess Meredith. So I made him an umbrella , and gave him the cig holder
  10. Well I got both for $60.01 which includes the shipping and taxes. Just wanted to try and save them, from being "parted out" that some ebay buyer/sellers do. I still plan on getting the new release when ever it gets on the market, and not that pre sales from Japan listing!
  11. Got two '64 Oldsmobile's Original's off ebay, and going to restore both. One is missing the hood. The pale yellow is a Promo.
  12. That would not be a true statement, as for them to Issue anything International harvester related would have to still go through Navistar International. Be it the Scout II or any of the semi trucks such as the Transtar 4300, Transtar II, Transatar 4070a, Paystar 5000's and the S-Series 2575/2674 kit's.
  13. Nice to see they are basically doing a repop of the Original box design, But AMT should have left the Many Unique Features without the AMT in it! AMT Truck kit's didn't have any UNIQUE Features! Only Ertl had the better interior features, opening sleeper doors, and moveable steering of the front wheel's. Plus Ertl's Instruction sheet's were better with better illustrations with check off boxes! But that's just my opinion, and with that being said I'll be waiting for this kit to arrive on shelves !
  14. Yes I tried to find out who had done the casting of that, without any luck. Must not have been in the biz very long??? Internet search only comes up with the '58 edsel two door wagons as being made for sale now.
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