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  1. Revell 57 Chevy questions

    That's easy now that the AMT '60 Pickup is out again.
  2. looks to me like a Chevy Impala chassis (1965-1976)
  3. Looks like the one that came with the '76 Caprice kit to me.
  4. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I bought my now second 1960 Chevrolet Nomad's This ones also a craftsmans kit.... The body/chassis are not as badly out of shape as they Appeared, Amd I already fixed those problems. First photo's are from ebay while the second ones are of it after I done some work on it.
  5. 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

    Bought off ebay , and was built mild custom . It came with a non painted stock hood ,but no stock front grill . The replacement grill is from a Bobby Allison Coca Cola race car. Body was stripped and repainted.
  6. Bought for a decent price off ebay . The GMC was started (engine/chassis and bed, cab /bed was never painted. Picture of what I started with and finished.
  7. None of the replacement's that I built as an adult are the same colors as the ones I had in my youth. The Original 4070A was built by my parents, My dad painted the cab of mine red and white while my older brothers was gold and white. The 72 GMC was painted black like the box art, while the duesy was left yellow. THe scout II poorly painted light blue, the cadillac was tan, and the '77 Pontiac was silver. As for the 75 Oldsmobile the one I had was green, But I made this copy to look like my first car I owned,
  8. Some of us have lost,destroyed ect Model cars / trucks in our youth. Of those what ones have you bought a "new" copy of? I my self have quite a few now that I had then. Of those are Ertl Transtar 4070 a, Transtar 4300, S-Series 2674, AMT'72 GMC stepside pickup, MPC '77 Pontiac Ventura, Jo Han '75 Olds, Jo Han '64 Cadillac, Monogram Duesenberg. Ertl IH Scout II.
  9. Not finished with this build yet so I'm posting it here.
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I just got my '72 GMC I bought off ebay, And I paid just $32.00 for it. I'll be working on this as soon as the weather gets nice and above 40 outside. Decal's will be traded off later as I won't be using those.
  11. CF White Freightliner

    Couldn't sleep last night so I done some work on it still not done yet though.
  12. Anyone know what color the engine was for the White Freightliner (Consolidated Freight cabover) I know the engine is a Cummings but I'm leaning towards painting it red to match the chassis (like the bumper and rims do).
  13. Started building the Freightline right after I finished the Paystar 5000 and it's dump gravel trailer. The cab /grill aren't glued together But this it's where I'm at on this kit.
  14. Just finished the Paystar 5000 this morning January 1,2019 The trailer will get finished today as well. Here they are together! And the real truck that inspired this build.
  15. Those rear tires come in the kit. Three of the four Paystar 5000 kits come with them. The only one I am aware of that don't is on the one pictured here.