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  1. I'm not into the mopar's so I want to trade this '64 Valiant for either a '73 Chevy Caprice or a '75 Caprice also willing to add a '70's Dodge Charger.. But the Caprice must be complete!
  2. ranma

    1960 Nomad

    I'm no expert on the subject of the SMP/AMT '60 Nomad "craftsmans kit's But I think they were molded in at least 5 or more colors during their run. Red, green, blue,light blue and ????
  3. ranma

    1960 Nomad

    My two copies are mot promo's but the Craftsman kit's. Why some had the correct tail lights is odd, but then The first issues of the International Transtar II carried the air suspension from the 4070 kit.
  4. ranma

    1960 Nomad

    I got the same wagon , well 2 of them really. I rebuilt mine factory stock. Both has the correct 4 tail lights! If you really want to do a restro mod I'd just buy a Jimmy flintstone resin copy. Ebay sometimes has the chassis and front bumper/grill for these. Being as old and never reissued as the model is I would suggest keeping it all original, and stock.
  5. Alrighty then, because IH trucks from the 60's to early 1990's had a distinct look compared to those of Ford, KW, Mack, Peterbilt, White, Freightliner GMC , And Chevy
  6. Resin parts would be accepted as well..
  7. I'm more into factory stock, but I do like your color choices. Now if I could get the parts I need to finish my '71 and '73 Impala/Caprice's Then I'll have every year from 1970- 76 , But I;m missing a 1975 Caprice.
  8. while one is finished the second is waiting on the battery box cover, and I need to get the headlight glass put in.
  9. Yep that's the one,although any of the ertl (amt) International front axles will work as they are all the same. Other than the dual steering Paystar 5000 That is. All I have that I could trade is a new Revell '94 Impala ss . The engine is together but not painted nor glued. The body ect are still untouched.
  10. Yes the cab, and rear cab mount were moved forward. back of the engine almost meets the cab leaving very little space between them.
  11. I am currently in need of some parts from a Transtar 4300 kit. Parts are: Front axle,tie rod,spindle's,Radiator front,back,bottom,Main drive shaft, two door latches, front windshield, passenger side window and a battery box cover. I robbed a Paystar 5000 's front axle to replace the busted unit on one of the Transtar 4270 trucks I bought. These parts would help build not only the Paystar, but one of the 4270's has the battery box cover missing and was missing the radiator front.back,bottom tank and shroud . Being the Paystar is an Original kit it's radiator was molded in black as the 4270's are thus being used to save the 4270. When the last 4270 I have gets finished being built the only Original part's that would be missing is the Battery box cover, and main drive shaft which will be replaced by a 4300's part's....
  12. I seen them selling resin kits on ebay. Are they good casting's or over priced Junk. I was looking at their '73 Caprice for the missing Parts to use on my '73 Caprice...
  13. Ok I have the glass, rear bumper,interior, chassis resin body of the '73. I am still looking for the hood,front bumper, and headlight/grill to finish the '73 Impala/ For the '71 Parts needed are: Glass, hood, front bumper,headlights/grill,and the rear bumper. These parts will help me get closer to finishing my 30 year's of Chevrolet 1950-1979 collection (30 Chevrolet;s from 1950-79 one for each year).. Thanks Modlbldr for your help with parts for the '73 Impala.........
  14. Right back at you Sam.Thanks for the Paystar 5000 , and enjoy the suburban!
  15. I got a Restorable International Transtar 4270 (missing the battery box cover) other wise complete. I also have another copy of the 4270 on the way, and both are ebay buy's. First photo is the one I got in the mail, the other photo's are of the copy that is coming..
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