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  1. Ertl Issued their first International Truck kits in 1973 The Transtar 4070 A , And the Transtar 4270 (4200). By 1977 The Both Transtar's were changed, And those became the Transtar II ( Transtar B ) then the Transtar 4300. The first issue of the Transtar II was issued with the air ride rear suspension from the Transtar 4070 A. The Transtar 4270 (4200) went on to become the Transtar 4300. It was suggested that the 4300 had a whole new frame when it came out, But that is not the case as the frame was reworked to have the walking beam suspension.While the Transtar II second Issue also got the walking beam suspension, as all the Paystar 5000 and the S-series kit's as well. To note that the Paystar 5000 was issued from the begging with the walking beam Suspension. In the photo's are the Transtar 4070 A, Transtar II both first and second issue. The Transtar 4270 with the Transtar 4300. The 4300 shares quite a bit with the 4270. frame, cab, fuel tanks, radiator , glass, interior, Most all chrome, Changes were the hood ,engine , headlights, walking beam suspension, and added sleeper. The first issues of the 4300 had a line on the under part of the hood, this was where the extra length was added to the old 4270 hood, Later reissues that line was smoothed down thus no longer visable.
  2. Both Hard top's and these>>>
  3. A '57 Chevy Chassis/frame after a few Ohio winter's The engine had it's oil changed recently!
  4. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    The clear "glass" from a '70 Impala kit works as a replacement.
  5. International Harvester head quarter's has been In Chicago, But until just a few years ago The research/design part of Now Navistar was still in Ft.Wayne Indiana. Ft/Wayne Not only had the Truck factory, they also had Internationals Enginerring, Internationals Test track, R &d, as well as the Scout factory. My late Farther started working at Harvester in Ft.Wayne in 1962 till the plant was closed in 1983. He knew alot of guy's who worked in R&D as well as the engeinering Dpt. In fact that is how Ihe got my first 4070 a model. Through the Factory in Ft.Wayne, and he also got me the Transtar 4270 in 1977, along with a Transtar II , and Transtar 4300. That's how he found out about what was and wasn't selling well for the truck kit's. It seem's that Ft.Wayne's plant had no interest in the "Springfield Special " S-Series kit as Ft.Waynes plant was for heavy Duty trucks (IE) Transtar II, Transtar 4200-4370, Paystar 5000, and the 9600 series of cab overs.
  6. MPC '69 Impala Hardtop restoration

    This is the thinner I've been using. It has not damaged any of the plastic kit's Ive had in it. Infact the '69 Impala convertible was in in for almost a week. as the orange paint didn't want to get off the body.
  7. MPC '69 Impala Hardtop restoration

    Regular paint thinner that I bought from wal-mart in a plastic quart container
  8. Revell 2019

    Any word on the '76 Chevy stepside release date?
  9. MPC '69 Impala Hardtop restoration

    almost complete still needs a stock hood!
  10. I bought it off Ebay with Buy it now. Body went into the paint stripper yesterday after it arrived. This is the body before and going in the paint remover, and after I washed it with soap and water this morning. I still have to find a stock hood for it though!
  11. I am willing to trade the custom parts PLUS a built MPC 1971 Dodge Charger (body pre-painted) by MPC !!!!! But I need 2 stock hood's One stock grill/headlights, rear Bumper, rear valance, two stock front seats, and three stock wheel's (hub cabs).....
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Just came in the mail today. I got it off ebay for the buy it now price of $56.00 ,and free shipping. I already have the body in paint remover which is making quick work of the old purple paint! I need to get a stock Hood, grill/headlights, stock front seat's and wheel's (chrome stock hub caps) . Then it will be complete for a repaint and build. Yet another MPC '69 Impala 427! Sorry If anyone here was among the 10 people watching this on ebay!
  13. I have pulled out both the 4270(4200 and the 4300 , and placed them side by side. The frames are the same length and are quite Identical except for the engine , and rear Being they are different there. The 4300 has the updated walking beam as do the second Issue of the Transtar II , Paystar 5000, and S-series kit's. In 1:1 The all new Transtar series of conventional started in 1971, The cab design was also used on the Paystar series starting in 1973... The Transtar 4200-4370 cabs design remained untill 2000 when the cab got a new redesign
  14. I stumbled on a rusty exhaust pipe idea while using embossing powder for interior carpeting. I first painted the exhaust pipes with testors rust paint, then used silver embossing powder (which actually looks gray) after that set I then repainted the rust paint over the embossing powder this giving the exhaust pipe a rough texture. The '68 Chevelle. is the second model that I used this idea on. The first car I did this on was my '64 Impala
  15. 1969 Impala promo to be repaired

    I think Molotow liquid Chrome did a decent job on restoring the bumpers. I had to make the left rear tail lights as they were missing. The tail light came from a '76 Caprice model ,and was cut down to fit the '69 Impala