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  1. No, But this one could be actually ..
  2. Since I have an abundance of Coca Cola Decals I decided to beat round2 by making my own Coca Cola '70 Impala. The rear axle is not glued in place, and neither is the glass/interior.
  3. Yes I know, I needed a '68 Impala for my 30 years of Chevrolet 1950-1979. 1950-1957 are Bel air's ,1958-1973 are Impala's, 1974-1976 are Caprice's and 1977-1979 are Monte Carlo's. I found a resin caster that is casting a 1977 Caprice/Impala, and those could be changed for the 78/79 so I'm thinking of getting a few copies here in the near future...
  4. Yes you were right, and I had to jump on it with a total cost of $51.00 ! It actually came with 3 engines the two chassis, 6 tires and two sets of axles/wheel back's. Snake the hood is in the picture, all that was missing was the wheel's and bumpers. Those I had here (bumpers/wheel rims)....
  5. Yet another great trade with scott8950, Enjoy the '61 Impala I sent you Scott!!!!!
  6. Bought it off e bay as a buy it now deal. Working on getting it back together, But the door's and trunk will not open anymore . I have it back together but still have some body work to do to it.
  7. Actually I got this in the mail yesterday. It was on E Bay for Buy It Now, So I did.
  8. Loctite super glue works on die cast metal. Look for it at wal mart get the one that say's it can bond metal ect..
  9. So do I. And thank you for the '63 Cadillac and ford Convertible..................
  10. I got the screw bottom '63 Ford Galaxie convertible & the Johan '63 Cadillac from Scott8950. Thanks Scott for the trade
  11. I like the B.I.N. as sometimes you can get a good deal! Mpc '68 Impala parts can be pricey, so when I seen this '68 "parts lot" I bought it! I plan on rescuing the convertible and restore the poor thing back to the way it was before it got carved up!
  12. Don't think they will" prop him (me) up by the jukebox when he(I) died" (die), But who know's his casket maybe" John Deere Green". Being those were two of his biggest hit's!!! May he rest in peace.
  13. My late wife loved them, but she also called them "Hockey Puck's" Funny thing she always put them in the freezer as she liked them frozen??
  14. If I recall correctly the car was supposed to be a race car driven by Richard Petty. And the boy's only wanted it for the racing engine for parts (which wouldn't be nascar legal) . In the real world that car would have been stripped of useful parts, which would inclueded the engine/Transmission........
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