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  1. Motorbooks International Books for trade.

    Dodge,Plymouth,& Chrysler police cars book Traded.... I still have all the other books.
  2. I don't need these books and would like to trade them for a couple of car models. I'm looking for: Bobby Allison Chevy Coke Machine Monte Carlo and a Revell '63 Impala 2 in 1, AMT '63 Impala, 67 Impala, 70 monte carlo, and Revell 77 Monte carlo. I can only afford to ship to the lower 48 states. Pictures of the books are shown below.
  3. If it were possible which promo's would you like to see re-issued? This includes Craftsman/ styleline (which are copies of the promo that you built) And had all the customizing parts. My self I'd like to see the Pontiac Bonneville's from 58-60 and 66-70, Dodge/Plymouth from 59-67 (non chargers/roadrunners) '58-60 Nomad's, 58-69 Buick's . Pictures added to show both promo and craftsman kit...
  4. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    This isn't to change the subject, But This die cast looks almost to the kit body wise.

    I for one, am happy to see the Off road Super scout II getting reissued! That kit hasn't been around since the late 1970's early 80's , And IIRC this is the first time it's ever been reissued. Now if round 2 can bring back the (S-Series) F-2575/2674 kit's back on the market.
  6. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Funny thing about that is you maybe right about that, As stranger things have happened!
  7. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Rob Hall, I agree with what you are saying that the kit was rushed. A.K.A half baked. But as I was trying to point out that all kit companies are guilty of doing the same thing. No this don't excuse this company from the mistakes that are bad in this kit, Nor is it to defend them. It was to point out that Companies like Revell, AMT, MPC, Monogram, Trumpter, and even Moebuis has missed the mark. Sadly this was a bad attempt on what should have been a decent kit!
  8. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Waynerd, I fail to see where Sears/Kmart has anything to do with this. Hobbico, Owned Revell USA Which affects the Hobby. Hobbico Copied Some of Traxx R.C, Things Thus started the demise of Hobbico. Your statement that The Company that made the Gray Ghost should have Copied AMT for most of the parts, Is why I wrote my response. It would have been Better to pay Round two for the use of the chassis mold's ect. The Real Point is This kit failed to hit the mark, Which all Model companies have done.
  9. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    It was not an attempt to cover up the lack of quality of the Oldsmobile gray ghost kit, But to point out that "other "model companies have put out their fair share of below average quality kits. It's Odd that with so much tech that we have around today that there are still kit's that come out like the Gray Ghost. Yet the Promo car's from the 50's and sixty's seemed to be very good copies of the real thing (though being curbside Products)... Would I buy the Kit? maybe, Then I'd need a amt bobby allison Coca cola Monte carlo for the correct chassis wouldn't I?
  10. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Just some questions to all of those who look down upon this kit. Even though the Pyro( now Lindberg) Auburn speedster kit is from an old production, With all of it's mistakes still get's reissued does it not? AMT, JoHan, Revell were producing kit's, Minus the dreaded Palmer kit's, at the same time and had better looking kit's. Every Model company has it's "dogged" kit's, Just read any topic about most kit's (IE Starsky and Hutch Torino, Or the Revell 57 NOMAD KIT's) Another One is how many complain about how ERTL missed the mark on the Scout II kit's, And most of those are an easy fix with parts from a parts box! Last but least how many Die cast cars are out with as many mistakes as some plastic kit's or even worse than a plastic model? The fact is even the big guy's with all the tech, and such still can and do produce inaccurate models!
  11. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Well for one the former employee's of Revell USA, Hobby shop's and anyone who builds models! Lest you forget at this time there is no Revell USA? And the future of Revell even though it's Revell of Germany is uncertian when it comes to the U.S.
  12. AMT 1983 Camaro Z-28 Tip

    These photo's show that the decal was applied as directed, But the clear lenses have been painted over with the exception of the backup lights. The lenses wasn't painted over bckup lenses because it looks closer to the real way they are on these camaro's.
  13. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    And isn't that one of the things that Hobbico done, and was sued over? What was the out come to That?
  14. The Tail lights in this kit are Decal under the clear tail light lenses, My tip is apply the decal as directed in the instructions. But after the lenses dry paint the black strip, and both the red and yellow/orange on the outside of the lenses. Leave the white backup lights clear which will give the look of the real backup lights...Also remember no mater what color the interior is the dash is black.
  15. Sorry, But isn't that actually this?