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  1. ranma added a post in a topic We need a '60 El Camino   

    Well It could be done as amt did with the Chevy 1500 silverado's They made the promo and full kit. so they could change the mold's and have opening hood, engine ect. Just a thought!
  2. ranma added a post in a topic We need a '60 El Camino   

    I said that because someone else posted for revell to do one from the 60 impala molds. and yea I know amp,smp , both became amt products. Besides If the molds are in fact still around, I'd think it would be easier to retool them than doing that to the Revell mold's.
  3. ranma added a post in a topic Tucker kit? YES!   

    Many of the safety devises we have today were on the Tucker then, They include: safety glass winshields, padded dash, seat belts, disk brakes , just to name a few. The car The big 3 said that all those things implied that the car was not a safe car. And make no bones about it the big 3 would love the telsa to go the way of the tucker.
  4. ranma added a post in a topic Tucker kit? YES!   

    48 out of 50 are still roadworthy! say's something for tuckers quality.
  5. ranma added a post in a topic We need a '60 El Camino   

    Since Both the wagon and the el camino were both kits at the same time, would they not be two diffrent molds and not one?  I got a copy of the 60 El Camino and a resin copy of the 60 wagon. I would love to see both reissued as "old" new stock ( Vintage box look) but molded in white.
  6. ranma added a post in a topic We need a '60 El Camino   

    wouldn't the molds for the 6o el camino kit/wagon kit be the property of AMT?
  7. ranma added a post in a topic Johan 1970 Toronado Parts   

  8. ranma added a post in a topic New idea for Mobieus Lonestar   

    Sorry but International Havester don't produce trucks under that name since 1985! It became Navistar, and now is knowen as Navistar International. The harvester name and logo are used by Case IH. Also Most  Navistar trucks are special ordered in one way or another. More than likely the Lonestar pictured above was a special ordered truck.
  9. ranma added a topic in Wanted!   

    HELP WANTED!!!! 64 Johan Cadillac, 75/76 Chevelle parts needed.
    I'M in need of some model parts!
    1. Need a Johan 64 Cadillac Convertable body.
    2. Need 2 complete Interiors from Revell 77 Monte Carlo.
    3. Need complete chassie with the engine, suspension, wheels, tires and rims (basiaclly the coplete kit minus body,interior and glass.==========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================
    I have These parts to Trade. Cannon ball run Chevelle minus the body,hood, bumpers,and glass.( instuctions and decals will be included)!
    Johan 70 Toronado parts, Minus the body, glass, Chrome,Tires.
    1940 Ford parts( AMT) Missing the upper body, and chassie. Has two Interiors 3-4 engines, Slicks and "rubber" tires with there spiders still attached.
    Johan 64 cadillac convertable body( customized) fins have been cut off, and was this way when I bought it.
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  10. ranma added a topic in Trading Post   

    Johan 1970 Toronado Parts
    Up for trade are Johan 70 Olds Toronado parts. It's missing: Body, glass, all Chrome,wheel's and tires. What you'll get are chassie, interior, most other parts are still on trees and the hood.
    Now For what I want for it: Johan 64Cadillac convertable body and a 68 cadillac hood and chassie. ( i have a 64 cadillac body but the fins were cut off) will include that body in trade for a good uncut one).
    added on 8/30/15 . I  also have a mpc 87 Pontiac Fiero kit that is still in the factory bag (box open, decals missing otherwise complete).
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  11. ranma added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Two day's ago: Johan 64 Cadillac convertable plus a sealed Cannon ball run Chevelle. Yesterday:  MPC Pontiac Fiero GT (red car on box) plus a 76 Chevy Vega Promo (molded in green).
  12. ranma added a topic in Wanted!   

    64 Cadillac convertable
    I scored a complete Johan 64 Cadillac Covertable. The problem is that someone cut the fins off the body to do a custom car. So I need a New body will trade the cut one for a stock uncut one. You will also get the decals from the one I bought.  I need the 64 convertable body only!!!!!
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  13. ranma added a post in a topic WWE Hall of famer Roddy Piper died 61 years old   

    Yes 1980's stars who have passed  are: Captin lou, Ultimit warrior, One of the british bulldogs, Andre the giant,Hawk(road warriors)Eddie Garrio,Dusty Rhodes, Randy savage, Miss elizabeth, Paul barer, Rowdy Piper, I know there are more. Includeing Owen Hart. My room mate watches WWE raw and smackdown.
    I myself don't really pay atention to it as it's like a soap opra now.
  14. ranma added a post in a topic WWE Hall of famer Roddy Piper died 61 years old   

    Yes Carl, Dusty Rhodes died a few month's ago. Hogan got fired last week and, Rowdy Roddy Piper passed July 30th but was found today the 31st. Cause of death Heart attack.