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  1. X-29

    Nice, They have a Real one of them at the National air Museum in Dayton Ohio......
  2. 85 Buick Electra Estate wagon

    Now that there need's to be a kit! Only would need some different parts to be either, a Chevrolet,Pontiac, or Oldsmobile ,as well as your Buick there
  3. in 1957 Chevrolet produced 1,874,289 vehicle 's those would include: Bel Air, 210,150, coupe/sedan/wagons ,Nomad wagon, Corvette, pickup's, & suburbans
  4. I need the back seat from the Bel-air sedan. The 150 kit's have the rear seat deleated(don't have the rear seat) But some 1:1 sedan 150's had a back seat added.
  5. '57 Chrysler 300-c Kit bash

    This is the '57 Chrysler 300 -c that was kit bashed with my '59 Imperial. The 300-c has the interior, chassis, wheel's and tires from the '59 . The '57 retained it's dash, but has the 59's steering wheel.
  6. A Idea for NASCAR

    With all the new safety features on the new car's I think NASCAR could/should start a new type of race. These would be special event type races, and would be 10-15 races per year. The cars would all be either late 1969- 1974 Vintage looking auto's with the retro also being the colors/numbers of each car The whole set up could be called NASCAR Classic series. what do you fella's think? I talking about when the cars looked like these.
  7. Monogram kits to trade.

    Pm sent on the GTX
  8. Long shot but parts needed

    Both Corvette's are taken care of still need the parts for the Revell '83 Pontiac Trans am.
  9. Kit bashed '59 Imperial.

    I bought the new reissue of the '59 Imperial, and seeing the shallow interior there was no way I would build it as a convertible. Instead I bought a AMT '57 Chrysler 300-C , and used the chassis ect to improve the '59 Imperial. Being that the car would now have an engine I decided to open the hood as well. The '57 also gave the inner fenders ect to the '59 Imperial as well. I used the dash of the '59 but with the steering parts from the '57 added to it.
  10. Hobby Lobby

    I bought a copy of the '59 Chrysler a few weeks ago, with that shallow interior it makes it hard to do the convertible. With that said, On the E Bay for a '57 Chrysler 300 c, and that arrived last week. Now the '59 has a better interior/Chassis, and not wasting anything the '57 300 has the '59's Chassis/interior.
  11. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Got back from a flea market that is on the first Sunday of every month. It opens at 8 a.m. till 3 p.m. These followed me home, And the Elliott trailer is complete but missing the instructions . I put a post in the wanted section to get parts for the Firebird,and two of the corvette's.........
  12. Long shot but parts needed

    I bought a box of built/partial built models among them is a revell '83 Firebird which need's some parts, one front strut/axle 4 tires&wheels. I also need the stock grill/bumper for an AMT '63 Corvette Roadster. I also need the complete Chrome, and glass from a revell '68 Corvette.....
  13. Hobby Lobby

    Ft.Wayne Indiana, has the '59 but not the '60 chevy pickup. Lima Oh also has the '59 but no 60 pickup, However I did score a Foose Cadillac for $7.49 it was the only clearance kit they had.
  14. AMT 1964 Falcon and Comet Needs

    Gary, you'll be getting a Trumpeter copy via USPS by mid April. Hope it helps you! I'LL ship it to you as soon As I can.
  15. This guy should be ashamed(eBay)

    I have seen some kits listed as NOS ( NEW OLD STOCK).