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  1. That's good if they do then maybe I can build it as the 1970-1972 IH Unistar
  2. Yes I got extremely lucky. On August 4, I bought a built 4070 that came with it's box, Instruction sheet, and Tech data sheet for $10.00 Then not even a week later I bought the second Transtar 4070 A for $20. Partially built, and The Transtar II $45.00 was factory sealed. The 4070 box is rough but has both the instructions, and data sheet as well.
  3. Yes these rather go for over $100. 00 on Ebay! But I actually got lucky when I bought both of them, and I paid $20. for the 4070a then $45.00 for the Transtar II
  4. Got these the other weekend at the International Harvester Home Coming in Ft.Wayne Indiana. The 4070 had the frame,engine and suspension built, and the cab/Chrome were untouched. The Transtar II was still Factory sealed.
  5. I'm glad I got lucky and bought two of them this month for the grand total of $30.00 !!!
  6. I'd bet the seller was surprised as well.
  7. That one on ebay sold for the High bid of $175.00!
  8. Believe it or not this one actually started out cheap with a price of $2.00 , and with less than 45 min left on the auction $175.00... I feel really blessed Though because I bought one last Sunday (built) which I paid $10 for. Then on August 10, I bought another 4070 and paid $20.00 for that copy, and it was started (frame,engine,and rear axles/wheels) Cab and all the chrome parts were un touched.
  9. A few more pictures of Some of Bill's truck found online. Bill passed away in 2012..
  10. That and the kit's in the display cases were all made by the Late Bill Eichhorn. That 4300 logging truck is highly detailed! and needs to be seen in person as do all of his IH build's
  11. I managed to score both another 4070 a as well as a factory sealed Transtar II. And After I sold a few of my own items the total spent comes out to $20.00! I just finished painting the cab of the 4070 a Today August 11.
  12. Corn on the cob to go Anyone?
  13. I need two parts to finish the 4070 a that I bought at a flea market. I need the front bumper, and the Transtar strip with step bars for the drivers side of my truck.
  14. Yes sir I sure did, all 4 kits in fact was $10.00 each. The Camaro will soon be on it's way to it's new owner who is a good friend of mine.
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