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  1. ranma added a topic in Trading Post   

    Boyd American Hot rod '57 Chevy (AMT)
    Up for trade all custom parts/409 engine, tires/rims.
    Need the rear stock suspension'diffrential,tire's rims and axles.
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  2. ranma added a post in a topic 55 Chevy 3100 Rusty from Brazil   

    A '55 it is not. more like a '50 chevrolet.
  3. ranma added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    The Walking Dead 2/19/2017 Iconic Truck Trailer
    For the ones who watch AMC"s The Walking Dead's second episode of this eason (02/19/2017) got an Iconic treat. The Trailer that was used in the Original Smokey and the Bandit was used as a back drop in a sceen with Daryl and one of the men from the kingdom. I knew the trailer right away, My roommate wasn't sure untill the last question on the Talking Dead was about the Iconic Trailer.
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  4. ranma added a topic in Under Glass   

    '89 Pontiac Grand Prix Box Stock
    Found a Revell '89 Grand Prix . The box had been opened, But the bags had not been opened, I don't have many white cars in my collection, so I left it white. The Instructions say the engine is a 3.1, Which it is not  it's the 2.8 instead. I painted the rims aluminum,and used a red marker for the red trim around the car.

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  5. ranma added a post in a topic Adventures wheels pull back 2012 Chevy pickup   

    The first one I left white, So here are the second and third one together.

  6. ranma added a post in a topic Adventures wheels pull back 2012 Chevy pickup   

    One is now blue.

  7. ranma added a post in a topic Adventures wheels pull back 2012 Chevy pickup   

    No radio Just lights and loud engine noise.( that mine no longer has).....
  8. ranma added a post in a topic Four door or sedan/post interest   

    Well didn't they also have mustangs/camaro's ,66 Impala,62 Impala, Amt 1/25 slot car's even F-150's and dodge pickup's plus many more? But I did not see any 94-96 Impala's or 91 Caprices! Also the 94-96 Impala was issued Four time's , Snap, street burner, Donk and low rider.
  9. ranma added a post in a topic Four door or sedan/post interest   

    Four door kit's don't really sell? Funny that the Revell '91 caprice sold as a Police car, Taxi/Fire chiefs car, Revell issued the 94-96 Impala as well. Then there is Lindberg with their Ford Crown vic and dodge Charger police cruisers. Even revell Issued the crown Vic, and I forgot the '05 Impala cop cruiser.

  10. ranma added a topic in NASCAR   

    Donnie Allison '71 T-Bird?
    As I used the chassis and interior of the T-bird on the '71 Cyclone, and not wasting either the T-bird body or racing chassis/decals I made a '71 #21 T-bird

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  11. ranma added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Adventures wheels pull back 2012 Chevy pickup
    Found a third one at wal-mart, tore it down to repaint and to add an interior and clear glass. Picture 1. as it comes, #2 inside cab/bed, #3 inside chassis with speaker and wires( wires already cut away from headlights at this point). Picture 4. process of removing speaker holding area and cab screw down towers. Picture 5. glass removed along with mirrors and bumpers. Picture 6. Sepration of the "glass" and windshield wiper area. Picture 7. showing the wiper area where it belongs.

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  12. ranma added a post in a topic 71 Cyclone/ 71 T-Bird   

    Both are not finished yet.

  13. ranma added a post in a topic 71 Cyclone/ 71 T-Bird   

    Thanks for the input on this thread, But even though it won't be factory stock I did manage to get the 71 T-Bird chassis and interior to work for the cyclone. The T-Bird will go on to be used on the race car chassis along with the race car decals. And I did find out that a T-Bird was used for racing in '70 (see pic.)

  14. ranma added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    71 Cyclone/ 71 T-Bird
    Need to know if all the chassis and interior parts from the AMT '71 T-Bird would work on the Donnie Allison '71 Cyclone? If so I'd be like to trade the racing parts for the stock parts from the T-Bird kit.
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  15. ranma added a post in a topic Top 10 TV cars   

    A.J. Simmons 57 Chevy and then Camaro
    Riptide corvette/ Face's vette from the A-Team
    Oliver Wendel Douglas"s Car
    Major Nelsons Pontiac GTO
    Bewiched -Chevrolets
    Brady bunch Wagon
    Baretta's camaro's
    Dragnet Cars
    The untouchables
    Crime story  verious 50's and 60's cars