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  1. A local Grocery store started carrying Tony Packo's Food's! They sell the Front street Franks, Hungarian Hot dogs, Canned Chili, Pickles , and Peppers.
  2. Art Metrano for those who may not know the Actor. Played Captain Mauser in the Police Academy Movies. Not long after he made his second Academy film he fell off a ladder, and broke his neck plus had a spinal cord damage. He regained use of his arms and could walk later with crutches. He retired from acting around 2000. He was 84. So far The film franchise lost: Bubba Smith, David Graf, Marion Ramsey, Andrew Rubin, Ted Ross, Debralee Scott, and George Gaynes,
  3. It's An AMC of the Truck world??? Those front fenders/headlight's Look like they were taken from a International Transtar 4200- 4300 series of trucks.
  4. Willard Scott Today show Weather personality , and The First Ronald McDonald has died at the age of 87. He was the Today show weather man/100th birthday announcer as well.
  5. Got 3 AMT display cases ($6.74 each) and the 63 Nova wagon $19.97 at our wal mart in town here.
  6. Van Wert Ohio Wal- mart must have gotten the, yesterday sometime. I managed to get three display cases, and the '63 Nova wagon. some empty spot's on the display already!
  7. Found a Jada Just Trucks 1980 Chevy Blazer w/ tire rack along with extra wheels/tires, axles, and a screw driver. I detailed it, but I still need to detail the steering wheel to interior color. It's very close to 1/24 scale! overall length is the same as Revell '76 Chevy Step side, and just a hair wider than the revell but really close otherwise!
  8. Ed Asner passed away at the age of 91.
  9. Maybe just maybe it could be either the Transtar 4270 (4200) or lucky enough one of the International S-Series kit's 2575, 2674, or 2674 Dump truck....
  10. Chevrolet made these in 2018 so they are factory done, and not after market. My late Aunt had a 1978 Chevy Big 10 that was blue with the white.
  11. Casey: these are a few of the choices of stripe design's used. Note ertl made the red feather decal for the Scout II Off road kit.
  12. My late Father Worked at the Harvester Factory in Ft. Wayne Indiana. He started with them in January 1962, and I was born in 1967. From the very early 1970's till the last Scout's rolled out of that plant I grew up seeing them sitting out side of the factory ready for shipment. Most of the time dad would drive himself or ride with a friend to work, But lucky for us kids sometimes our Mother would take him to work. That was a real treat for me as I have always been a car loving person. My dad would be dropped off at the Meyer Rd gate of the truck Factory , and so this ran along the side of the Scout Factory where the Scout's rolled out of the Factory. Meyer rd and New Haven Ave were home to quite a few companies back then . North American Van lines head Qt;s was on the corner East of the scout plant. Going west on New Haven Ave we would pass the front of the Scout plant . Phelps dodge was the next factory west of the Scout plant. Magnavox had a factory off the street that The Harvester tower is. Anyway I remember getting to see all those scouts sitting there from 1971 till the last ones where shipped in 1980. And passing the former plant till Harvester left Ft. Wayne in 1983.
  13. Yes that is but one of the stripes options , there were more choices in 1:1 Scout II's stripes. As a foot note I grew up seeing factory fresh Scout's on a regular basis . My dad worked at the Ft.Wayne Harvester plant. My mothers younger brother worked for a few years in the scout Factory, but went to the truck plant to which he retired from Navistar in the mid 1990's. The gate that my dad would sometimes be dropped off at was off Meyer road which runs past the Scout factory on the side were the scout's came out and sat waiting for shipping. As for round 2 changing the grill to 78-80, I think it would be more likely that a resin caster would choose to do that before round 2.
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