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  1. Started as a glue bomb That I bought for $3.00. I will need to replace the windshield and do some other work to it so it's not a finished Van yet.
  2. Looks like winter has came to Van Wert Ohio. I'm not ready for the white stuff ,But it's here. Forecast calling for up to 4 inches, and another Inch on Tuesday YUCK!!!!!
  3. I am looking for the stock hood for the '70 MPC Pontiac Firebird formula 400 kit. I also need the gill's for one as well. I have a Bruce Larson Camaro headlights/grill and the Instruction sheet as a trade for the two items I need.
  4. I need a GMC/Chevy Pickup hood from any of these: GMC Snow plow, GMC Big Game, or Chevy stepside. I have a sealed pk of snow plow parts to trade.
  5. Anyone heard from Dave? I see he last visited on September 27 Th. I orderd some parts from him but since he hasn't visited here I don't know if they have been shipped Or ??????
  6. From Toledo's toy show yesterday. Now to find the parts needed to finish the two resin Chevy '71 Impala/ '73 Caprice. The Edsel wagon cost me only $20.00, and is a very nicely built resin model.
  7. Yes they are LARGE as the red Corvette is sitting on a box top that is covering a Ertl 1/16 Peterbilt truck.
  8. Well I actually bought these two on Sunday at the Farm toy show here in Van Wert Ohio. Nice 1/8 Monogram Corvette's
  9. ranma

    AMT '66 Mustang

    Needed : one stock front bumper for a AMT '66 Ford Mustang.
  10. Just one question has the Mack hood made of fiberglass or aluminum when they were built 1:1
  11. Dave, It was great to meet you in Ft.Wayne, and To see your display of what Bill's dad gave to you as well. Hope to see you next year there.
  12. Actually you could start the work by converting a '94 Impala which would be closer to the car in the photo. Only the Impala was rear wheel drive , and the Pontiac was FWD...
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