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  1. Once again for a third time All boxed kit's are on sale this week Starting Sept 21,-26 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Actually the 55/56 Pontiac's were kitted by Jo Han /Excel but those are promo type cars. I think they also did the 55-60 Oldsmobile's as well ! SMP/AMT did the 57 & 58 Pontiac's as Craftsman promo's as well. I have a '55 & 56 "promo" Pontiac's which are made not from that acetate plastic.
  3. Seen one the same color heading east on U.S. 30 while we were heading to Ft. Wayne Indiana today. Never seen one being driven on a four lane highway!
  4. Lost my '97 Buick Lesabre on Aug 8th due to a accident On Aug 11th I got my '04 Chevy Malibu. The dealer only sell's local used cars , Photo's were from his lot.
  5. went to Lima Ohio's HL they had 1 '60 chevy pickup, and I bought that! Military kit area has been made smaller as they started putting Gundam wing , and some other Japanese anime kit's in. (Dragon ball z / Pkoemon model kits)...........
  6. Wal Mart used to sell that paint now their cheap paint is just that cheap paint. You'll get what you pay for when you buy wal marts .98 cent spray paint! I'll stick with Krylon short cuts, and Dupli color paint's...............
  7. THE Late Tom Ogle invented a device that vaporized the gas before it went into the carb, There is documents online that proved that his product did work. He had a '70 Ford Galaxy that he got 100 MPG on using his invention.
  8. I recently acquired a Revell of Germany Peterbilt Fire truck. The kit comes with just about everything to build a regular Highway Peterbilt minus four more tires, And that is what I need for this kit. I just need 4 tires that's all as the kit came with everything else for a dual drive rig...
  9. ranma

    GMC General I beam

    Need a replacement part: Front I beam axle...
  10. Thank's but my budget has been blown away. After a $100 towing bill, a $170.50 Traffic ticket, and just over $1,600 for a different car! Leaving a balance of $0.00 for the rest of August!
  11. I have a original Pyro 1/32 Lincoln k.b. dual cowl Phaeton that is missing the chrome parts So I need the complete tree of chrome parts for my copy.
  12. Bought a Garage sale special Lindberg Crown vic police car, And It is missing three parts: Driver side tail light, both front seats.
  13. Lost my car due to an accident. Tore the front end apart, but didn't blow the air bags. Busted the plastic on the raidiator, Pushed the battery to almost touching the Coil packs, But the old beast started right back up, and drove it into the median, And towed from there. The only good thing is I came out unharmed. Let me say those 95-98 Lesabre's are tough car's!
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