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  1. ranma added a post in a topic 1950-1990 Factory showroom Build   

    I've decided to go a diffrent direction then a Bel air, In the first picture is the untouched body on a spare interior. I decided to do a 57 Two-Ten sport coupe instead of a Bel-air, The inline 6 came from a junked Jessie James 57 wagon that I got for free. The transmission is from the Bel-air kit,

  2. ranma added a post in a topic 1950-1990 Factory showroom Build   

    Here is my #1 build arrived via U.S.Mail  on 02/03/16

  3. ranma added a post in a topic 68 GTO in Bahama Blue   

    No vent window's? Didn't the 68 have them, I know the 69 didn't.
  4. ranma added a post in a topic 1950-1990 Factory showroom Build   

    If the kit comes with plug wires, Such as the AMT 57 Chevy retool that is accepted, After market ones are not.  This is just basic building not meant to be all the "bells and whistles" builds. Basic box stock  Factory car's.
  5. ranma added a post in a topic 1950-1990 Factory showroom Build   

    Decal's for the stock rims would be fine.
  6. ranma added a topic in Community Builds   

    1950-1990 Factory showroom Build
    This will run from February till June 2016 ( so  anyone  who can get the MPC 70 Bonneville convertible or the Revell 83 Olds).
    The rules are simple
    1. Must be a car or pickup from 1950 -1990 Make and model of your choice.
    2. The car or pickup must look like it came from the factory to the showroom floor, so no custom paint's here, Only Factory color choices in paint.
    3.your choice of stock paint color, type of glue, and BMF. No aftermarket detailing (plug wires, Photo etched parts) unless they came in a kit!
    4. post a picture of the model that you have chosen before,during and finished.
    5. Only exception's to to the detailing is engine choice's (ie If a six cly was offered in the 1:1 then that"s allowed) interior order choices are also accepted.
    6. Otherwise this is box stock type of build, whats in the box is what you'll use. Exceptions to this see rule 5. 
    I hope to everyone who chooses to do this has fun building their car or pickup.
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  7. ranma added a post in a topic What If B.J. and the Bear KW   

    Thank you for the door decal's ( all new Photo's replaced the old ones).
  8. ranma added a post in a topic Modelhaus email response   

     What I think they are saying is That they are trying to catch up on the order's that they have had just before their loss of their son. It also say's that their site is open and order's are being taken,But they are letting you know that your order will take longer to fill. The death of their son was unexpected, and being such takes longer to come to terms  with.  Unlike the passing of both my late wife and my Dad, we knew they were going to pass, So it was easier to let go.
  9. ranma added a post in a topic A 1964 and (3) 1965 Chevy C-10's   

    I put a inline 6 cly in the darker blue one just so I'd have something other than the V-8. My aunt had a 65 fleetside with a 6 cly in it.
  10. ranma added a topic in Under Glass   

    1957 Chevrolet's (4 of a dozen that I've built).
    The Bel-Air hard top's are AMT Retooled, while the 150 and convertible are Revell kits.

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  11. ranma added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    A 1964 and (3) 1965 Chevy C-10's
    Of the many choices that Chevy had in Paint from one to two tone paint work. The 64 service truck was built using the back half of a 1/32 scale Mack fire pumper.

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  12. ranma added a post in a topic 60's econoline truck in 1:25th?   

    Jada makes a die cast , And I seen a resin copy on a yahoo image search. As to who made the resin ??????? You could try to alter a Lindberg dodge dragon wagon van into a ford as the body looks simular to ford's
  13. ranma added a post in a topic Johnny lightning Return's!!!!   

    So far it will be 1/64 But I'm sure 1/24 will follow sometime
  14. ranma added a topic in General   

    Johnny lightning Return's!!!!
    I got an email from Auto World today, Johnny Lightning has returned!  and being made by  Playing Mantis , 6 cars: 65 Riviera, 71 Maverick, 75 super beetle,81 wagoneer,67 Fairlane and a 65 Catalina.
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  15. ranma added a post in a topic Revell 2nd QTR 2016   

    It would be nice if the Oldsmobile would also come with a regular hood and 442 decal's