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  1. Anyone cast a flat hood for a 66/67 Pontiac GTO and 68/69 Pontiac GTO? Would like to convert a revell 66 GTO into a Tempest or Le Mans As well as doing the same to a 68/69 GTO kit.
  2. Looking for a 63 Impala Wagon

    t.m.resin also make them and are sold on ebay. I have bought copies of his 63 Nova wagon and 66 Impala wagon Both were nice casting's to work with.
  3. Comic Book Ads

    Found this ad on the web
  4. What would YOU like to see as a model

    How abut a new truck kit like this?
  5. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Three that I'd like to see be kitted
  6. Girls Und Panzer (3 tanks from the Anime)

    They do make the girls, But as I said those are $$$$$. Picture's of team Angler fish (Panzer Iv's crew & team Rabbit M-3 Lee's crew
  7. Girls Und Panzer (3 tanks from the Anime)

    The Girl's which I would like to get are way to pricey as the set of 5 girls for the Panzer IV runs over $70.00 on ebay....
  8. Girls Und Panzer (3 tanks from the Anime)

    Each school operates a School carrier. These super carriers have complete towns on them as well as the school and it's tanks. All the tanks are from WWII and either have to be of that era. If a tank was in the prototype to design stage in 1945 Those tanks would also be allowed to compete. Saunders is a competing school based of american military equipment as They use every type of Sherman tank that was used in WWII where as One of the other schools use's German made tanks, (IE Tiger's Panzers, Elephants, Mause ect. There is also a russian School called Pravda Which uses JS 2's KV's Ect. Along with a british themed school that uses Maltilda's, and a Churchill....
  9. Girls Und Panzer (3 tanks from the Anime)

    For an animated series The tanks were very well done as to how the actual tank would look like inside and out. As for the B-29 Hiroshima joke not all that funny , Besides the school's were on mega carriers. BTW I'm 50 and like Girls und Panzer. Another thing not very many war movies have correct tanks for wwII , I rember one where the germans were using Patton tanks for Tiger's.
  10. Girls Und Panzer (3 tanks from the Anime)

    I know that the Panzer IV and the M-3 Lee are Revell- Monogram, The sherman was rescued from when my older brother moved west, But more ten likely it's a Revell kit as well. I bought the Panzer IV from Hobby Lobby recently with a 40% off coupon. Trying to find a cheaper Tiger 1, Panzer 36 (t) , An Assult II, and a ILS (JS) 2....
  11. Terrible Box Art

    This Bright yellow don't work on this box art, As GM didn't paint a 57 chevy this bright yellow) The actual yellow was a pale yellow.
  12. Since I really liked the one season series Girls Und Panzer. I decided to build 3 of the tanks used in the anime show. I plan on adding some others when I can. The decals were bought off ebay as it's cheaper to buy those then pay extra for a Girls und panzer tank kits.
  13. The resin wagon non wood grain is the one I bought from this vendor while the other was bought from a different seller
  14. Yep I have. I bought the Impala wagon Not to bad of a casting just lacking some detail in a few places. (IE No rear tail gate vents that the 72 would have had. But at least the hood opens!