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  1. The Spirit stripes are easy to do with out buying the decal set. I did my own stripe work on mine by masking the stripe area's, and putting the stripes on by hand. The Off Road Scout SS's are the new Re-issue one's. I had a couple of scout II seat's and Steering wheel's from a couple of junked ones, and used those in the Scout SS's....
  2. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    It would also be nice if Revell would make a 68 and 69 Impala.Those would be a great addition to their Impala line as the Produce 58,59,60,62,63,64,65,&66's We really need to fill the gap here ! As AMT makes the 62,63,64,67 and the impala, while Lindberg (now AMT) produced the 1961 Impala's
  3. Built these 3 Scout's in the last few months, The Scout II Spirit is almost finished (under the hood work) The yellow Off Road Scout SS is from the Burt Reynolds movie "Hooper"
  4. I bought a revell Chevy Impala police car from Goodwill, Parts are needed to restore the kit are: 1 axle, with tires and wheels(rims) The steering wheel and steering column...... Picture of the same kit that I need the parts for....
  5. Ollie’s!

    I wouldn't know as I don't get to the Ft.Wayne Indiana Location often, But they were adding a lot of toy's ect to the middle isle's of the store these kit's were on an end cap, along with the surf wagon and Lindeberg ship kits! They had the shelves filled well with the Vette/Camaro kits along with the surf wagons.. BTW they also had the spy car kit as well as Revell quick build #48,88,and #22. and other kits
  6. Ollie’s!

    I got a couple of AMT kit's Today at Ollies for $9.99 maybe other locations will have even more than these two? The 1994 Camaro has extra part's to make it a 1996 Z-28 SS...
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Bought these two at Ollies today for $9.99 each
  8. '65 Goat-A-Mino Can Be Yours!

    Staggering Safari - 1959 Pontiac Catalina Safari - Po - Hemmings Motor News.html
  9. 2019 GMC Sierra ( UGLY Truck)

    For those who thought the 2019 Chevy Silverado was bad, Here's the GMC Sierra
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Actually I bought this AMT '37 Chevy kit locally yesterday for $25.00. Still factory sealed with the original G.C. Murphy .Co price sticker on the side, And boy do I miss these kind of prices for a new kit ! {G.C. Murphy Co $1.64} Tried on ebay search on this one, But Found that Model Roundup has one for $69.90 + shipping.
  11. Revell web site back on

    Went to check revell's web site, Now all new, sadly every kit listed is in Euro priceing...

    Tom all the under the hood things were extra's from one of my "parts Box's" , And were added to the scout by me. None of the scout kit's came with the extra needed parts...
  13. Left overs are sometimes better than then they were the first time around. leftovers that come to mind are Pizza , meatloaf, and chili......
  14. Well then you sure got a lot a spare roof shingles. Back on topic. I had those salted potatoes, and yes they are great indeed. My oldest sister was married to a fella who was Italian, and lived near Syrcuse Ny. We had them when we went there one summer to visit my sister and her now Ex-Husband for a week.

    Here is pictures of the Off Road Scout II being built. Note same tires that are used for the regular scout II Last 2 pictures were found on the internet.. Note the stock scout II rims on the Chrome tree in the Original issue of the Off road Scout ss. All the "off road"parts from this was also used for the Off road scot II but Molded in red!