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  1. I know but with round two bringing out long ago truck kit's Maybe Just maybe they will be so kind to reissue the S-series kit/kit's.. (I Hope)!!!!
  2. Yes but the hard part will be getting a International F-2575 Kit to make the plow/dump truck. Odot Here in Ohio has used International's since the 1980's!
  3. I just got the kit from Hobby Lobby. Price was cheaper than all the car/truck kit's . After using a 40% off coupon I paid $14.99 for it. I haven't opened the kit yet ,but it show's that it comes with complete with all the fifth wheel parts as well! So you could make the snow plow/dump truck or a medium duty with the fifth wheel.
  4. Went to Hobby Lobby for a few display cases (Fit's over sized 1/18 auto's or 1/25 Semi Truck's. Then found the New re-issued Ford snow plow, and I think they miss priced the kit! So with my smart phone in hand to use the digital 40% off of the kit made it $14.99!!!!
  5. Talk about a Error filled movie Watch Black Dog with Patrick Swayze, Randy Travis, and Meat Loaf. From contact damage before making contact, A white/Volovo/ GMC that keeps repairing it's self, Rockets seen used to blow up said White/Volvo/GMC. Plus handing the main actor a letter that he was seen just holding seconds before, And many More! Note that a roll bar is visible on the red rig as well..
  6. Well just a few years ago Round 2 also did these two Pepsi themed kit's! Must not had sold as well as the Coca-Cola ones ????
  7. Ahh yes the A team. I recall that they even used an early 70 ford van in a scene where the van flies into the ocean. But here is one of the many as if one couldnt tale it was a ford or in this case a older Chevy van.
  8. This Is from a episode of T.J.Hooker. The International truck that was used before the "crash" scene was a 4070 A The truck in the picture was disguised as a 4070 a but is actually a Transtar II (See head light pans which are square, and the door handle is at the bottom of the door. The second photo is clear to see the round headlight pans, and the door handle under the door window. In the episode of the Dukes of Hazzard where Boss Hogg races Uncle Jessie , Bo ,Luke, Daisy and Cooter help Uncle Jessie defeat Boss Hogg ( Boss had Roscoe put Moonshine in Jessie' s trunk for the race. It is not only seen but heard when in this episode Luke opens the passenger door on the General get's in and shut's the door (doors were supposed to be welded shut on this one).
  9. If I recall correctly all auto makes got bad steel in the 70's not just IH. Look at most any unrestored car/pickup that's been left to the element's from that time period
  10. The shadow of the chain runs across the rear wheel of the Tractor, and if you look behind the tractor there is a tie down cable hooked to the back of it which also has a shadow.
  11. Two more Picture of From the USS Hornet wreckage.
  12. The USS Hornet is just over 3 miles under the ocean. If you look closer you will see the shadow of the chain running across the rear wheel. It's not a fake and live video was shown on ABC news. Video can be watched on You Tube of the actual discovery of the USS Hornet....
  13. I have been working on this one for the last few week's, and really wasn't impressed that it had a "Lima" 2.3 liter 4 banger. Fact is I live just 25 miles west of Lima Ohio were that 2.3 was made! I decided to do an engine swap from a AMT 90's Thunderbird race car kit. So that is the engine that is now in the '87 T-Bird. I painted the body withe three coats of Testors Mythical Maroon, and the Interior Rustolium granite satin gray.
  14. The USS Hornet famous for the Dolittle Raid was just found in 2019, It's amazing how well preserved the ship and this little IH tractor that some how remained aboard the Air craft carrier.
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