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  1. hi there thanks for your reply. as for prep yes the parts have all been washed and are all primed with Tamiya spray primer.
  2. hi all just need to pick some brains from here. I have just brought a few 'tamiya' paints for my new kit. when painting them on they seem to go on very thin and once dry going to put a 2nd coat on pulls the first coat off, am I right in thinking that they are not meant for brush application and are just meant for air brush use ???. I don't have the use of an airbrush and don't build enough to credit getting one so I just use a brush to do the detail painting and auto spray paints for the bodies and big bits. I have use revell paints a lot in the past and not had the same issue as I have with the Tamiya paints. that's what has lead me to think they are mainly airbrush use not brush.. and help on this would be much appreciated. thanks stu
  3. hi all just a quick post to ask some peoples expert advice. I'm getting the 'revel samba bus kit 07399'. what I wanted to know is how easy is it to lower the suspension ??? and whats the best way to detail up the engine bay ???. also how is the best way to make a roof rack to fit it ??? could anyone include some pictures of the kits the have done or started for me to see what people are doing to them. please someone help me lmao.. thanks looking forward to the wisdom
  4. hi all I have just brought the 'revell movin out' kit. I haven't used this site for so long ive forgotten how to post pics so please bare with me. just wondering if anyone else on here has this kit or built it if so any help/advise would be much appreciated. if someone could give me some advise on how to upload that would be brill
  5. I had the crystal kit when I was a kid and didn't really appreciate it back then.. now im a lot older and want the kit again its like looking for rocking horse s*** lol..
  6. if you look on page one of this post he has commented on it so you should be able to talk to him from there
  7. thank u... the hinges are hand made from brass rods.. and fatkidd is on here some where. it was through here that I contacted him about the ignition sets
  8. few more.. close up of the engine last one.. im just working on the doors, hood and trunk. then she will be finished. thank you for following along update again soon thanks stu
  9. hi all sorry I haven't updated in 4 months but been busy with moving and getting a job and stuff. but I have still be tinkering with this one a fair bit... the body is now on and sorted.
  10. I did paint them all together at first because i also read that on here. But i still got the crazing on them parts but not the body... but thanks for the advice and the comment buddy
  11. thanks guys... @kc7wzl.. i have only been doing models for about 12 to 18 months. but i can promise you that the people on this forum are the best ever. any thing you need to know they will do there upmost to help, guide and even help out with parts. i wouldnt of known any of what i have done if it wasnt for these amazing people... any way small update trial fit of the interior. sorry for the bad pics still learning how o take good ones.. thank you so much for the kind comments. thanks for looking in stu
  12. interior is done and finally i know this isnt going to be everyones cuppa tea... but i didnt like a plain empty boot hope you all enjoy and keep following along... sorry for the long time between posts. update soon thanks stu
  13. hey there... small update.. while messing about with the paint i've been doing the little bits... got the grill and head lights in.. added a little pin striping to the fire wall as well as the coil glass is in... i no i made a little error i drilled the drivers side wiper hole to close to the centre... my bad lol
  14. thanks guys... i thought it was the temp outside but i went over to my work and tryed to paint it in my spray bay and the same thing happened still... so i am kinda stumped as to why its doing it... i did have the same problem with my merc kit but that happened all over... this is just on the doors, hood and boot... but i will slowly carry on until i get it sorted lol
  15. hi guys... i am currently having some paint issuses again... i painted the body and as you can see it turnt out fine... but when it came to painting the doors, hood and boot i got some extreme laqure crazing... i did try to fix it but no matter what i did it just came back... but i am persisting with it and i will update asap... thanks stu
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