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  1. Coming along nicely. Have this one in the stash. Following along.
  2. Really like that color, and nicely done.
  3. Nice! Clean as a pin as always.
  4. Love it. One to be proud of for sure.
  5. Excellent work as always Pete. Great looking build.
  6. Wow, a lot of work. A Brilliant Purple and man I love those crazy headers. Great job!
  7. Beautiful! Love the color, love the Blacked out look, and it's super clean. Prayers and well wishes!
  8. Well, I learned something here. Thanks guys, love this site.
  9. That looks great! Clean, nice details, and you can't go wrong with Black!
  10. Unbelievable is right....not really because I watched you build it, but simply amazing. I mean no offense to anyone on this site as there is talent beyond mention, but you sir, in my opinion, are one of the absolute best.
  11. Thank you Don. Actually I applied the decals directly to the color coat, then cleared it all together. In this pic you can see the hood already has some clear, but the body does not. A lot of differences of opinion on when to decal/clear, but the base coat although flat, was quite smooth. Thanks again for checking out my build.
  12. Hi Joao, Thank you, I appreciate it much. I used a pre mixed Black wash on these wheels. "The Detailer" is the brand name.
  13. Very nice work on these two.
  14. Dave42

    1970 Corvette

    Great work. Love all three.
  15. Amazing work, very impressive.
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