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  1. this is one killer build. your machining skills are incredible
  2. marcos, this is a awesome build something a little different. love those wheelie bars. keep up the good work buddy
  3. some amazing craftsmanship here. you inspire so many people with your builds Francis. really nice to see your process and all the details you do
  4. been seeing this build on FB so glad to see it here. this is going to be a beautiful build amazing work so far
  5. thank you sonny thanks JC! thank you CT always appreciated thank you Tom thanks Francis! they are 3d printed. I'm using a resin 3d printer had have been doing work with auto desk fusion 360. ended up making a whole new engine for twin turbo should have the final parts finished soon. may end up doing a swap
  6. marcos, my frame and main bars are #212 .080 the the supports/gussets are #222 1/16 and the rest is #221 3/64 and thank you!
  7. thanks for lookin! thanks buddy! thank you! thanks! the Datsun is basically box stock but ill post some pics of it thank you! thanks! the wagon was a replica of a 1/1 I restored thank you! thanks! thank you very much! same here I built a two-tone green coupe too. have a few more waiting
  8. thanks CT! I also build 1/1 cars for a living makes it easy when you can walk to the garage and measure! thank you sir might be a while! glad to have you thanks! thank you thanks bud! thanks!
  9. OLD vs NEW made some new valve covers for the 932 old: new: made some headders, downpipes and charge tubes and firewall panels. headders need some fine tuning and cleanup but they don't look to bad and they clear everything which was a task in itself. might try to make my own intake and throttle body. going to start working on the front drive too. thanks for lookin!
  10. managed to finish 10 in 2020 somehow didn't seem like i got that many done considering i worked on the 61 impala most of the time. really pleased with the lineup though i know the super bee isn't correct but the next one will be better now knowing the differences. fujimi ferrari f40 LM revell 64 GTO AMT 71 charger super bee amt Datsun 280zx 2 mpc 75 Datsun pickups moebius 52 hudson hornet convertible monogram 57 Ford del Rio ranch wagon revell 68 chevelle yenko tamiya mustang GT-4 thanks for lookin!
  11. thank you! I used automotive 2 part urethane clear
  12. looks beautiful nice detail paint and foil looks really clean and well done
  13. really looks great though. ine of my favorite impalas for sure im building one myself.
  14. looks really clean! you did a real nice job
  15. this turned out beautiful! nice to see a street rod version I've got to finish my 41 willys from drag to stock.
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