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  1. 2005-2010 Mustang

    I'm workin on a few at the moment wouldn't mind joining in if this old thread kicks up Jaaon
  2. 41 willys factory stock 4.18.16

    Getting this project back on the bench. Haven't had much building time lately but now that things have slowed down I finished up alot of bodywork and got everything primered. Still need to change the grill opening but at least got the rear fenders done. Happy with the progress so far sill have a ways to go though thanks for looking.... Jason
  3. project pro street 4.25.15 brass time!

    So its been a long time since my last update. Been working on this alot recently although there isnt much to show for it but here we go. Been working with brass and aluminum! A first for both and soldering brass also. For my firt time working with brass im really happy with the rear end so far. The spool gear assembly needs to be redone ill use this one to measure and make one correctly. The ring and pinion set is the second attempt. Once the spool assembly is right ill cut the gears. Also went with wheels from micro nitro well worth the money Any questions comments or opinions welcome Jason
  4. Fujimi Enthusiast kit community build

    I have a few ive been meaning to build so Im defenetly in
  5. Darren this thing is turning out beautiful ill be tuned in this weekend to see the progress Jason
  6. 41 willys factory stock 4.18.16

    Thanks art! Jason
  7. 41 willys factory stock 4.18.16

    Yes that is where I sorced the engine is from a jeep. The jeep and willys the shared the same engine even in the 33 willys. Ive got lots to do on the rear fenders but thats all part of a new challenge Thanks Jason
  8. 41 willys factory stock 4.18.16

    Frank, I did see that thread those were some of the pictures ive saved thank you Jason
  9. 41 willys factory stock 4.18.16

    Robert, thank you for that link thats exactly what ive been looking for those will help a ton I apreceate it Jason
  10. 41 willys factory stock 4.18.16

    Wayne, I thought they were a 6 also mabie an option? So few are stock ive found two for referance and there both a flat 4. And a stock version would look nice next to the gasser and pro street versions Thanks, Jason
  11. 41 willys factory stock 4.18.16

    Building this one as a factory stock willys coupe. Ill be using the l134 flathead 4 cylinder. The block will need some detail work and ive almost got the frame and axles done. it should be an interesting conversion from race car to factory stock but ive been wanting to build a stock coupe for a long time. Thanks for looking Questions and comments welcome Jason
  12. mustang super stallion

    Super stallion mustang built box stock. Thanks for looking Questions and comments welcome Jason
  13. I'm back!

    Thats a nic e lookin bus and welcome back Jason
  14. 1967 Hemi Charger

    Nicely done. Real clean engine bay Jason
  15. Another weekend build 85 svo

    Ron.. thanks I wasnt sure about the wheels at first I kew I wanted something differnt I think they worked out well Danno... thank you Jason