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  1. thank you! thanks, I appreciate it
  2. spent some time on the wheels today. taking the bare rally from the mpc Corvette the centercaps from the chevelle kit wheels and the trim rings from the 32 Ford. the trimming of the centercaps from the kit had to trim the rings so they set into the wheel added some wash to the ribs and centercaps thinned down the body through the wheel openings then mounted to the tires and a quick mock up for ride height. pretty happy with how the wheels look and fit. alot of time to do some wheels and tires but it's better looking than the kit part and was better to detail. still need to put the decals on the centercaps to complete them thanks for looking! comments welcome
  3. small progress update the kit frame was open at the top and really noticable. I boxed in the front part of the frame and painted it. sprayed the floor pan and started detailing. also sprayed the exhaust in a different way than I normally do with a mix of aluminum, stainless steel and jet exhaust colors. stull going to add washes and some weathering to the chassis just like the engine to give that used but clean look. thanks for looking!
  4. thanks for the heads up I'll address these before paint
  5. thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments on this build! some very kind people here
  6. finally finished this one up and It is a great kit. built this one stock after a 1:1 i restored. some wiring brake lines and fuel lines were added. some slight weathering/grime added to look more realistic and made some trim for the fine to break the two tone have a couple more wagons and sedans in the stash good to know they build well thanks for looking! on to the next build...
  7. took me a while to find it again but here it is
  8. this chevelle is what inspired me to build this one! I am painting it yellow and black. it's nice to see a build thread and all the work that went into the build. i came across a picture of this car on a resin website and just fell in love with it
  9. thanks steve! thank you yes I have a thing for phantom/what-if yenko cars. even did my 1:1 camaro! I know plug wires go over the covers from the factory but it looks better when there routed around them. yep it was an all day project that engine! it is the l-78 396 from the kit. it's such a nice looking engine I kept it instead of using the 427 from the Corvette. but I'll still put the 427 markings on it anyway visually the same engine thank you so much! yes temp sender too! good eye thank you hello and welcome! this is a great place to be! thank you more progress soon.... fireball modelworks best carbs on the market! as a wide selection to choose from beat me to it! they are grey w/black cap the small wire is detail wire from pro-tech yes I thought it looked weird also it just looks to "heavy" on one side. I may move that to the other side so I can make the power steering lines visible and make a more convincing belt instead of the kit part
  10. started a new project yesterday got most of the engine detailed and wired then modified the hood thanks for looking!
  11. thanks everyone! I appreciate your comments
  12. the paint is valspar aerosol from home depot. I think it was called light gold or something like that? I'll check the can tonight
  13. I noticed the markers but I overlooked the trim on the valance lol easy fixes. i did know about the wiper motor but dont have one for it. i looked in my other two kits and they are missing the wiper motor also so I'll have to figure out something for all of them. the a/c hose doesnt fit with the air cleaner, distributor, rad and heater hoses all in that area. but now that I think about it, I may just make one to fit and parts of the original line. also would like to put a washer bottle on the fender. it's a shame the bee didnt come with the door louvers they look good on these cars. I just used a car I found online for reference. no offense taken at all. cant know everything everyone here is always helpful when it comes to the details!
  14. this is such a great build. the concept and the scratch building gives me more ideas. your building is inspiring
  15. really great work here I'll be watching this one I've got a couple of these in the stash
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