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  1. small update... everything has been painted and cleared. now time to start the assembly process. but I just couldn't resist a mock-up thanks for looking. more soon. comments/questions always welcome
  2. started painting today. after scribing panel lines and prepping the body ive sprayed the main color. working on the exterior trim and frame. engine and suspension next
  3. digging this one out and getting it back on the bench. hoping to keep on this one till completion removed the chrome from the kit parts and prepared for paint. removed parting lines and primered the body. now wetsanded ready for paint thanks for lookin! questions/ comments always welcome
  4. exactly what I was going for thanks thanks thank you thank you. brings some life and detail to the chassis with a digital file you can scale them to any size. its actually 1/25 but you can see how large it is. making headders took a while thank you all for you wonderful comments !
  5. hello Steve thank you! you are correct tires are BFG/TA's. wheels and tires i 3d printed wheels are 3 peice making them a breeze to paint
  6. engine and transmission are 3d printed. the files are from Ron Olsen 3DMODELSPECIALTIES
  7. really like how this one turned out! looks fantastic and details are spot on. always enjoy seeing your work
  8. looks fantastic! that's another great build from you. keep up the good work
  9. thats how you know you've succeeded haha really though, it looks great well done 👏
  10. hello all, finished up this quick build last week. first one for the year. i wanted to build a street/strip inspired car so it had a transplant to a 572 all comments welcome thanks for lookin!
  11. if I remember correctly, the blue was duplicolor and the white is tamiya pearl white thanks!
  12. thank you both for your kind comments should have another update soon
  13. hello all, back again with some updates. mostly making new things in CAD that I've made it styrene. new tin-work with bead rolled details and wheel tubs. also made some turbo bullhorns thats all for now. some parts are just setting in place. all gaps and alignment will be done on final fit.
  14. this is a really cool build. great ideas and execution keep up the good work 👍
  15. same here! thank you. thanks! thank you thank you. pull something out and do it I've learned alot with this build. being my first attempt at a tube chassis car. now I've got a line up of uncommon cars to do when this one is finnished thanks for your kind words my friend
  16. update on the impala I've re-made the firewall to allow more clearance for the turbo/down pipe assembly. still need some finishing but it made a big difference. I've also made progress on the drives haft tunnel and safety tube as well as the drivers seat cage. been playing around with the dash too. without something there it looks odd. the dash looks nice with the body in place but when the body is off it looks really bulky. not really sure what ill do with that yet. thats all for now. as always tanks for lookin and comments are always welcome JS
  17. just read through the progress of this build the body modifications really make it. so much improvement on this old kit the color is fantastic. really nice job my friend looking forward to more progress.
  18. thank you! I purchased the files from Cults3d and printed them myself. If you have a 3d printer, the designers are MCS-Design (engine) zforcemodelworks (wheel/tire)
  19. thank you! I purchased the files from Cults3d and printed them myself. If you have a 3d printer, the designers are MCS-Design (engine) zforcemodelworks (wheel/tire)
  20. some side shots of a couple WIP's 56 f100 pro touring 61 impala outlaw cherry 2000 65 mustang Studebaker avanti gasser
  21. been thinking about a build like This for a few weeks. printed out a few parts and did a quick mock up. really pleased with the look so far. a good idea to build off of. thats all for now thanks for looking more soon
  22. thanks Francis! no plans on pushing this one aside just life has gotten in the way. now after the holiday season I can get back to this project and look forward to making more progress thank you for your wonderful comment Dave when I bend my styrene rod, I use a candle. I hold the part 3.5 or 4 inches away just enough to make it bend without distorting the diameter or stretching the plastic. it takes verry little heat. hope this helps! JS
  23. hello all started making some of the tinwork/flooring on the impala. after the new headders and turbos ill have to modify the firewall panels for better clearance.
  24. thank you for you kind words Sal! thanks marcos! I've got a couple on hand. if you'd like one let me know
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