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  1. Believe the B is refering to a color mixture mentioned elsewhere in the instructions.
  2. Very well done. I like the way the car looks. Interior looks nicely done from what I can see.
  3. Looks great to me. I understand the getting lazy thing. Thats why a lot of my builds tend to not have license plates as I refuse to use kit supplied ones most the time
  4. Looking good so far. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out
  5. Not sure if many people notice but the '99 Charger concept was still a 4 door car. With that said I owned a 2011 for 3 years an absolutely loved it.
  6. I have lots of HD resin and it is mostly good. You do get air bubbles and flash here and there but it usually in an area that will not be seen and easily taken care of . One thing that has been constant with all my HD wheels is that they come with metal valve stems in a small baggy
  7. As a huge Viper fan I like the news it might be revived in 2021. The concept art looks good. Not sure how I feel about it going to a V8. But the 700hp it might put out might make up for having 2 less cylinders.
  8. Have placed multiple orders over several years, had one issue in the past but Chris always answered and had open dialogue the entire time, never felt ignored and he more than made it right. I have ordered from him since and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. The resin he produces is top notch as well. Currently building an MR2 with his recently released TRD 2000gt kit.
  9. I have been thinking the same is going to apply here. Small brick and mortar stores will still be able to sell at whatever and the internet dealers will show a "MAP" price and a "add to cart for our price" similar to what you see with Kato products.
  10. I'll be getting one and building eventually.
  11. Most I have in a finished model is my latest build, a Aoshima Lamborghini Huracan with Hobby Design's LB Performance body kit. With supplies, the kit, extra wheels and paint I am in it around $200.
  12. Not critiquing the kit based on box art, just hoping it has the correct headlights as is on the r/c variant. Either way will be picking up multiples. this would be nice.
  13. I agree the headlights in the photos of the actual car are much better looking than the ones shown on the box art and it more than just the color of the headlight lens.
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