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  1. Thanks everyone for all of the compliments No, I have some but I used Omni urethane clear
  2. Blue and White lately, even have another blue build planned
  3. cmfowler

    Subaru BRZ

    Finished this one up today. Tamiya Kit, hobby design photo etch kit went together great no fitment issues, only problem I had was with the glass which is pretty typical for me. Overall very very happy Paint is Scale Finishes Subaru World Rally blue.
  4. Excellent Job, very clean and love the 2jz swap
  5. Thanks Chris, I am going to save this one in a folder for future reference, can't wait to see how you fixed the door issue.
  6. I would also like to know how do you did this as well.
  7. very nice start, will be following this one closely as I want to use a TDR engine and twin turbo kit on mine.
  8. Looks amzing, will be following this one very closley as I have one of these in the stash.
  9. Have my attention as this kit is in my stash. Will be following.
  10. With everything Aoshima has coming out I might as well have my check deposited straight to them. Look forward to this as the GT1 Lamborghini's look amazing. Will definitely h ave to get one when they come out
  11. Yes there is, I guess I forgot to post the picture of them.
  12. Was asked to take some pictures of this kit and thought I would post them here. while it is not the full engine detail expected from the future Aoshima release, it still looks like it will make a really good model to me. Here are some pictures, I apologize for my less than perfect photography ability. Overall I am happy with the quality of the kit for the price point, only thing is I wish it would have included better instructions for masking the paint scheme.
  13. Not all today but within the past few days picked up the new LaFerrari and McLaren F1 GTR kits as well as lots of goodies from 81 resin, including a hood, roof, head and tail lights and F20C engine for my S2000 project, as well as the LB performance body kits for both the Murcielago and Aventador and some wheels and photoetch taillight inserts for BRZ/FR-S kits.
  14. I am personally going to wait to start on mine until I am done with my Masters which is the end of next year. Then i plan on doing a couple of 1/24 FXXs to build up some consistency and skill
  15. While not as impressive as some, Here is my stash. As many have mentioned the build to buy ratio is very skewed in one direction, hard to find time ti Build as I finish up my Masters Degree
  16. I currently have the big upstairs room in my house for modeling. Stash is on one side with a Glass Corner desk, some pegboard and some corkboard glued to the wall. I enjoy the space, but look forward to when I can Build a Shop in the back yard.
  17. Today thanks to the FedEx man, i received my most recent Ebay purchase, a 1/12 Scale Motorsport 935 detail kit, and wow, let me say it is everything I thought it would be and more. amazing quality. Then not today but on Saturday, my wonderul wife took me to harbor freight and bought me a mini-lathe. I had been wanting one for a while, with all the overtime I have been getting at work and with a recent raise, my wife decided she would take me to get it. I got it all cleaned up and adjusted, have some basic tools for it, just waiting for some time to get out there and try it out.
  18. Got some goodies for the my 1/12 enzo, and the 2011 Flying Lizard decals
  19. For the most part I try to keep it under $70 for most new releases, however this limit only applies to 1/24 kits. but the most I have spent on any one kit is $450 on the 1/12 carrer. I fyou included aftermarket parts towards the kit then it would be the new Enzo at $400 plus the $300 worth of aftermarket in the mail on its way.
  20. love the color excellent build, hope I can do this well when i get around to building mine.
  21. Very nice and clean, I like the 2JZ swap and the color.
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