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  1. Wow Tim, I’m speechless! It was a real sleeper, fun to drive and the engine was pretty much stock. It had a Turbo 350 trans and 10 bolt rear axle. Plus it got 20 mpg! Best, Jim Kampmann
  2. Really impressive, Wayne! I love the decal work that you did! Can’t wait to see the finished model! Thanks, Jim Kampmann
  3. See the flyer for more information! Thanks, Jim Kampmann
  4. Thanks Steve! Yes, that Comet is mine. Jim Kampmann
  5. Looks like a GSL contender for sure, Eric! I'm blown away! Keep up the great work! Thanks, Jim Kampmann
  6. Jeff, It sits perfect, love the look! I'm assuming you're using an original MPC Challenger. Can't wait to see it finished. Keep up the great work! Thanks, Jim Kampmann
  7. Looks great from here, Wayne! Thanks for sharing it with us. Thanks, Jim Kampmann
  8. Thanks again to everyone for the kind words. Slixx will be doing decals for this car, which will make it a lot easier to build! Jim Kampmann
  9. Fantastic job, Mark - you nailed it! Looks like the real car! Thanks for sharing all of the details too. Jim Kampmann
  10. I was a huge Bob Glidden fan, so I thought I would share this model I built when the Tasca Ford Thunderbolt kit came out in the 80's. I saw pictures of the real car and had to build a model of it! I had to cut and paste a couple of Fred Cady decal sheets, plus I tubbed the chassis and added the appropriate details to the model. It's held up pretty well over time. Thanks for looking! Jim Kampmann
  11. Dave, I just sent you a message with his email address. Thanks, Jim Kampmann
  12. Bill is correct, the Butch Leal California Flash '65 Plymouth A990 Sedan would be the correct kit to build the Black Arrow. My sources tell me the Flash kit will be available around the end of this month. Thanks again for the continued interest in my model, I really appreciate it. Jim Kampmann
  13. Thanks for the comments, guys I appreciate it! Jim
  14. Hi Jeremy, Good catch! (finding the Weber on the chrome tree!). Here is the B/FX 1965 Comet I built from the Moebius test shot. There's a nice photo of this model in the new Contest Cars magazine (featured from the NNL North event). The 289 will come with both the Webers and manifold, as well as a two-four setup and carbs as part of the B/FX version. Thanks, Jim
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