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  1. johnwitzke added a post in a topic Bill Jenkins' Black Arrow 1965 Belvedere   

    Excellent build!!!  Just something about those Super Stock cars that are timeless.
  2. johnwitzke added a post in a topic 1963 SD 421Tempest   

    My plan is to build three coupes together, Stan Long Pontiac, Wynn Engineering and Superior Pontiac first, along the Mickey Thompson #755 prototype 
    Bodies are being prepped now and as soon as the weather warms, they will be primed and painted the factory color Cameo Ivory and Yorktown Blue for the prototype. 

  3. johnwitzke added a post in a topic 1963 SD 421Tempest   

    The car you probably seen was the Union Park Pontiac car.  Original lettering on the car was "INSTANT".  It is the only survivor of the original 6 wagons 
  4. johnwitzke added a post in a topic 1963 SD 421Tempest   

    Update.........the decals for all six of the 1963 LeMans 421 SD coupes now exist for the first time.  This would have not been possible without the work of Rick Lucas from Decals by Lucas.  Earlier this year I contacted Mr. Lucas with the crazy idea that I wanted to create decals for the original six 1963 Pontiac Lemans 421SD coupes.   He agreed to help me out (for a fee of course).  Mr. Lucas is very talented and created some fantastic custom made decals that I never thought would be possible.  His work is second to none.
    Additionally, I have 4 of the 6 1963 Pontiac Tempest 421SD wagon decals with final two being worked on now.  Once completed, all 6 of the wagon decals will exist for the first time. 
    To see all 12 of the original 421 SD cars together along with the two prototype coupe should be really cool.
    I will post photos as I get the cars painted and decaled.  
  5. johnwitzke added a post in a topic 63 Pontiac Swiss Cheese   

    I got those decals from MCW when I bought the kit
  6. johnwitzke added a post in a topic 63 Pontiac Swiss Cheese   

    Nice work! I like it!  I am a big Pontiac 421 SD fan, Catalina's and Tempest/Lemans.  I also have a 1963 Swiss Cheese Catalina, mine is from MCW.  Mine will replicate Arlen Vanke's Anderson Pontiac Tin Indian car.  When painting you Swiss Cheese car, to be authentic, the original exterior color was a Cadillac color called Frost Silver.  I may do a couple of additional Swiss Chees cars, Royal and Van Winkle.
    I am the one assembling a series of 421 SD LeMans coupes and Tempest Wagons.  I will be doing all 12 cars.  Additional 1963 Tempest 421 SD coupes I am doing is both prototypes (the Yorktown Blue M/T car and the Silvermist Ray Nichels car) and Arlen Vanke's Anderson Pontiac car.  The Vanke car was not a factory built car but did have factory backing.
    Please keep us updated!
  7. johnwitzke added a post in a topic 1963 SD 421Tempest   

    Here is the first of the six 1963 Tempest 421SD wagons.  The first three will be Beswick's car, Vanke Anderson Pontiac, and Royal cars.  This one will be Beswicks Mrs. "B's" Grocery Getter.  Van Winkle Pontiac and Al Hodges Pontiac cars to follow.   

  8. johnwitzke added a post in a topic 1963 SD 421Tempest   

    Decal update.  For the coupes, I have the M/T 749 car, Arnie Beswick's car, the #50 nascar driven by Paul Goldsmith, recently acquired custom made sets of the Stan Long Pontiac driven by Stan Antlocer and George Delorean's Wynn Engineering car.  I am having the Superior Pontiac decal custom made as well.  That will give me all the coupes.
    For the wagons, I have Beswick's car, Arlen Vanke's "Papoose One" Anderson Pontiac car, and having the Al Hodges Pontiac, Van Winkle Pontiac and Royal Pontiac cars custom made.  That will give me 5 of the 6 wagons.  The 6th wagon was originally delivered to Union Park Pontiac (only wagon that has been accounted for) but sold off to a private racer with no sponsorship. 
    Having to wait for warmer weather to do some painting!! 

  9. johnwitzke added a post in a topic 1963 SD 421Tempest   

    Update........ I will be bring updates throughout 2016 as each of the 6 LeMans 421 SD coupes and the two prototypes, along with Vanke's car will be built.  Additionally, work will begin on 5 of the 6 Tempest 421 SD wagons.  The sixth wagon, the only wagon that survives today and was delivered through Union Park Pontiac.  Unfortunately this cars racing history is not as deep as the other five.  I plan on making a plain white wagon to represent the Union Park delivered car.   .....More to come   
  10. johnwitzke added a post in a topic 1963 SD 421Tempest   

    It is a complete kit with the SD 421 engine, although I may use a different SD 421.  This is basically a resin of the original 1963 AMT kit.   Like all resins there is a fair amount of clean up but I think it will build into a really nice model.   Yes the torque tube is there on the chassis. 
     Andy, I am a Pontiac guy so the Super Duty 421 cars are a natural for me. I have three 1963 Super Duty Tempest, Vanke's Anderson Pontiac, Mickey Thompson's prototype, and Beswick's wagon.  I have two 1963 Super Duty Catalina's, Arlen Vanke's Swiss Cheese hardtop, and Edwards Pontiac 2 dr. sedan.  For 1962 I have M/T Super Duty Tempest, Don Gay's Catalina 2 dr. sedan, Beswick's Catalina HT. , Barry Pontiac (Jesse Tyree) HT and Packer Pontiac HT.  I may buy two more 1963 Tempest, the white Mickey Thompson  coupe (749 A/FX), and another wagon. I have the correct decals for all of these cars. 
    Dan, I know that Dave at MCW is limited on the number of decals that he has. You might check.   The Knafel cars were cool and won a ton of races.    
  11. johnwitzke added a post in a topic 1963 SD 421Tempest   

    Dan, I have the decals for the Vanke/Anderson car.  They came with the kit that I purchased from MCW. 
  12. johnwitzke added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    1963 SD 421Tempest
    MCW Resin has available 1963 Tempest that can be built into the Super Stock SD 421 cars.  I purchase a couple of these kits and found them to be nicely done.  The versions that I will be building is Mickey Thompson's Yorktown Blue prototype.  This Tempest coupe has markings 755 AF/X on the doors and was driven by KS Pittman and Bill Shrewsberry.  Second version, although not a factory SD421 car, but built with factory support was Arlen Vanke's Marimba Red "Running Bear" sponsored by Bill Knafel's Anderson Pontiac.  The M/T car required modification to the rear glass, as the base Tempest had a larger rear window than the LeMans version.  I have nearly completed the rear window, all that is left is the moldings.  That said, the Vanke car, a base Tempest had the smaller LeMans rear window.      

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  13. johnwitzke added a post in a topic NEW! An advance and detailed look at the final production version of the new Moebius Models 1961 Pontiac Ventura kit....   

    I got my 1961 Beswick decals from MCW Resin.  I also have Royal Pontiac 1961 decals.  If you are doing the 62 Beswick Catalina, be sure to order a louvered hood from Replicas & Miniatures Company of Maryland.  It is a perfect fit for the AMT kit.  The 62 Beswick car was painted Bristol Blue which was a 1961 color and has been documented with factory build documents.
    Other 1962 SD421 Catalina's that I have is a 2 dr. sedan Don Gay Gay Pontiac, Jesse Tryee Bill Barry Pontiac for another hardtop, and Packer Pontiac for another hardtop. 
    For 1963 my SD421 Catalina's are the Swiss Cheese hardtop Arlen Vanke Anderson Pontiac and a 2 dr. sedan Edwards Pontiac
    I also have Mickey Thompsons 1962 SD421 Tempest and three 1963 SD421 Tempest, Arlen Vanke and Mickey Thompson (prototype) coupes and Beswicks Wagon.   
  14. johnwitzke added a post in a topic NEW! An advance and detailed look at the final production version of the new Moebius Models 1961 Pontiac Ventura kit....   

    I have one ordered as well.  Mine will be Arnie Beswick's Bristol Blue Super Stock car as I have a set of decals for that car.  An interesting fact is that Arnie's 1962 SD 421 Catalina was painted the same 1961 color from the factory.   
  15. johnwitzke added a post in a topic MCW   

    I have been prepping all the bodies and parts for my models listed.  The bodies and parts clean up real well.  I am just beginning the two 1963 Tempest coupes, Vanke's car and the M/T 755 A/FX prototype that Bill Shrewsberry drove at the 1963 Winternationals.  The M/T car requires the rear window to be modified to the larger version which I have completed.  Both will have the Tempest taillights added which are included in the kit.  The LeMans taillight are different.  I can update as I move these two project forward.