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  1. I painted the intake black and the engine compartment will be black as well. I know the. restored car has a silver engine compartment and the intake manifold is orange, but back in the day, both were black.
  2. That's cool. This car started as a normal Dodge 330 Super stock then the wheelbase was altered and became what some say was the first funny car. This static open to debate, but the changes were pretty radical.
  3. My 1964 Dodge 330 Super Stock driven by Dick Landy is moving along. The 426 Race Hemi is taking shape, still detailing left to do. I really like the photo etch grill. Paint came out great, leaving as single stage to replicate the real car in 1964. Goal is to have completed in time for the Heartland Nationals in Bellevue NE Oct 5th.
  4. Very nice build! I like this one a lot!!
  5. Very Nice! I like this one a lot!
  6. Started BMF to the silver 1964 Dodge 330 426 Hemi Super Stock
  7. Finished the vinyl roof with white textured paint. Started adding BMF and photo etched emblems
  8. Color on the 1967 Hemi Coronet. Next will polish after paint sets put for about a week then apply the white textured paint to the roof for the vinyl top.
  9. Thanks...I will just polish the silver paint, no clear coat. I want it to look like factory applied paint.
  10. Thanks Mike....The carbs are from Fireball Modelworks. They are the correct models for the street hemi and 440 and race hemi.
  11. I have about 8 of Dick Landy's cars planned for builds
  12. From the photos that I have seen it appears that the intakes and possibly the water pumps were black on some cars. Some of his cars also have black painted engine compartments. As far as the AWB 1965 Coronet, I was fortunate to get the last available one from Speed City Resin. It is an excellent kit, the casting looks like an injection mold. Not sure if he will be doing any more. The kit currently shows Out of Stock
  13. Here are the starts to the engines. Very early stages not detailed...yet. Painted Mopar Hemi Orange and Turquoise. The 1964 426 cross-ram race hemi has the Landy signature black painted intake manifold. The 426 street hemi and 440 will go into the 1967 Coronets. Carburetors are from Fireball Modelworks After these there will be the 1965 altered wheelbase Coronet, the 1968 440 Dart and the 1968 Hemi Dart.
  14. Peak at some Super Stocks under construction. The silver car is a 1964 Dodge 330 Super Stock 426 Hemi. Alan, take note of the two Coronet Super Stocks, both blue with white vinyl tops, one a 440 and the other a 426 Hemi.
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