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  1. Thanks Scott for the information. I saw this car run at Quaker City drag strip in 67 and I believe that Quaker City was an AHRA strip.
  2. It's a 67. The 66 had the turn signals down in the front bumper.
  3. I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who worked on the Tin Indians and he said that Bill Knafel got the car from Canada and it took 3 days to import it and then installed a 421 Super Duty in it, he thinks. He is going to try and get in touch with one of Knafel's sons and see if he can get more information about the car. I'll let ya know if I hear anything.
  4. To make things worse, it has leaf springs under the front end. I did see this car run in early 67 before I got drafted and have wondered about it ever since. I do know a guy who worked on the 66 GTO and will give him a call to see if he knows anything about this car. Thanks guys for all the information.
  5. Does anyone know what engine was used in this car? I'm attempting to build a close replica of this car.
  6. I thought the same thing Snake but if you look at the lettering on the hood it looks Black. I wish there were better pictures of this car. Maybe a third car is in the works with different color decals. LOL. Mark is right about the 62 Bel Air and 63 Impala having Black letters. This is so corn-fusing. I've built 9 different Knafel Pontiac's "Tin Indians" and they had different color decals on some of the cars. Not enough details for these cars either.
  7. Sorry, I thought that I posted pictures of the build. From what I understand, the decals that I used are the wrong color. In the picture the color is Blue and I used Red. Also, the lettering on the car looks like they are Black. Here are some pictures of the one I built. I have another car and thinking about building it with Blue coves and interior and Black decals. I do need a stock hood for the car though and I'm looking for one. It has to be the MPC kit, also under the AMT logo, although AMT made a 60 Corvette and it is not compatible with the MPC kit. I have an AMT kit and the hood is smaller.
  8. Thanks Steve. Much appreciated. I do have the photoetched parts. I hope that I can make the tail lights and grill. Do you know which engines were in these cars?
  9. Does anyone make the Canadian Acadia conversion parts for the 66 Nova kit? I have the resin 2dr sedan body and the Nova kit, but need the parts to convert it to the Acadian Pontiac. I want to build the Knafle Pontiac 67 Acadian "Tin Indian". Thanks. Dan
  10. I'm going to try and save this 69 Impala by using some parts from a 70 Impala. Here are some pictures of what is going on so far.
  11. I have received all the parts that I was in need of and now this thread can be deleted. Thanks to Andy and Jason for the needed parts. Dan
  12. Andy, I received the parts yesterday and I thank you very much. The one is just fine to use and now I can start to build this kit. Dan
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