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  1. The 18th is getting very close. I'm looking forward to a great show.
  2. The Jeep I drove while stationed on Okinawa 67-70.
  3. My 63 Datsun that I had while on Okinawa from late 68 to New Year's Eve 69.
  4. Replica of my 61 Impala that I had. I installed a 283 instead of the 409.
  5. My 1959 Impala sport coupe. 348, 3 speed on the tree. I converted the Revell 59 from an automatic, power steering to a 3speed on the tree. Removed the power steering stuff on the frame and no power brakes. Added a clutch and removed the automatic stuff on the steering column. Changed the bell housing and the transmission is a copy of one from the 57 Chevy. Added a 4-barrel carb instead of the 3 duces.
  6. Nope, sure don't. I had this before I went into the Army back in 1966.
  7. Replica of my 57 Chevy 210 2dr sedan.
  8. Does anyone make the White decals for the 61 Old Reliable?
  9. Hello, my name is Dan and I'm writing this note for Chris Smith.  His internet is out and wont be on until Wednesday.  He received a package from you today and in it was 3 Chevy grills.  He was 2 mini bikes.  He asked me to let you know that he will get in touch with you after he gets his internet fixed.  Dan

  10. Thanks Bill. I posted this for a friend. As long as he is ok, that's fine with me. By the way, how are you doing? Did you see the 60 Impala that I used the 59 roof on that you sent me?
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