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  1. Great. Please let me know when they are done so I can finish the GTO. Thank you very much. Dan
  2. Alan, can you make these decals for the 70 GTO Tin Indian? From what I understand they are the same as this 70 Firebird. You have the 68 but the decals are a little different like the red outline on the letters. I've built the GTO and need the decals to finish it. I have used the ones from you on the 68 GTO and Firebird and I am very pleased with the workmanship. Thank you. Dan
  3. Post the oldest kit in your collection

    This 61 Chevy truck is the oldest I believe in my stash. I built this in 61 or 62. I can't remember which year. I almost ruined it by scraping all the paint off and the trim. I restored it and it is now on the shelf again.
  4. 49 Merc rusty car

    Thanks guys, and I hear ya Mike about the droopy rear. I finally found a use for the dropped rear springs. I'm not a fan of low riders and the dropped rear was an easy fix with these parts. Dan
  5. 49 Merc rusty car

    Thanks guys. I try to make the rusting as real as possible. Dan
  6. 49 Merc gasser

    Thanks for the kind words guys. This was another build that I had to come up with some parts to complete it. Again, it was a fun build for me. Dan
  7. 49 Merc rusty car

    Thanks for all the kind words guys. I had a lot of fun building this from what I started with. The hood, trunk, engine and other parts had to be found to complete this car. Dan
  8. 49 Merc gasser

    Here are some pictures of a 49 Merc that I made a gasser from a parts car. It has the Lincoln engine from the 25 T with the blower and four carbs. The tow bar is from the 62 Bel Air kit. On the trunk I made a decal that says Hower Vocational High class of 66, the year that I graduated. The colors are close to our school colors.
  9. 49 Merc rusty car

    Her are some pictures of a 49 Merc that had most of the parts missing so I found what was needed and rusted it up a bit. I also used the lowered rear suspension for the worn out spring look and it's sagging in the rear.
  10. 51 Chevy Coupe Resin

    I've got the needed parts for the interior and will resume the build. She's almost finished. I need to make an upper radiator hose and weather the chassis and she'll be done.
  11. 51 Chevy Coupe Resin

    I've got the needed parts for the interior and will resume the build. I'll post more pics when I get some work done. Soon. Dan
  12. 49 Merc drag car

    Thanks guys. This was put together from the parts box mostly. I installed the Lincoln engine from the 25 T with the blower and 4 carbs. I will post a picture of the engine as soon as I take one. Dan
  13. 49 Merc drag car

    Here are some pics of the 49 Merc that I just finished tonight. It is a tribute to my high school which was torn down many years ago.
  14. Happy Birthday Dan!  :)

  15. 51 Chevy Coupe Resin

    Thanks David. I'm looking for interior parts from either the Fleetline or the hardtop. Mainly the side panels and the rear seat. The convertible parts that I have are different and for the convertible. If I have to I will use these parts but I'd rather use parts from the other two cars and not the convertible. I'm going to a show tomorrow in Lancaster Ohio and see if I can come up with what I need. Dan