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  1. I'm rebuilding this 61 Buick from a glue bomb and also the trailer. I had to make the railings for the trailer and also the tail gate. I copied the tail lights from another kit and had to use springs from the parts box. I had the tires and wheels a;so in the box. I sprayed flat yellow on the body and then sprayed Metallic Red over that. The trailer is painted with SNJ Silver powder mixed in enamel thinner. There is still a lot of work to be done.
  2. I just finished this 1930 Packard by Hubley and it is a good kit but, I don't want to build another metal kit. To much work to remove all the excess metal on the sprue.
  3. Thanks for the kind comments guys. I enjoyed rebuilding this car.
  4. I just got-er-done a few minutes ago. Sky Blue primer and Blue-Green Pearl sprayed over the flat Blue. The Fisher head and valve cover came from the parts box along with the slicks. BMF and Molotow chrome for the trim. Not to bad fer a glue bomb restoration. I had to rework the front end parts to get them to fit.
  5. I combined some parts from the ALA Kart to complete this 29. It also has a 409 for power. .
  6. Thanks Bob. This was a lot of fun to build and challenging to boot.
  7. I converted the AMT Fiat drag car to a street car. I used a Pontiac 4 cylinder ( half a 389) and had to make the exhaust for it. The head lights are from the 25 T kit and the tail lights are from the 59 El Camino (custom). The chrome wheels were painted with the Molotow pen. The sparkle paint doesn't show very well in the pictures. I used a floorboard from the Revell 34 Ford coupe. The dash is from an AMT 36 Ford convertible and the steering wheel is from the parts box. The bucket seats are also from the parts box along with the front fenders. I hope ya like it and thanks fer lookin.
  8. Yep, clipped the wings and also the tail. I modified the canopy and tinted it with Tamiya transparent yellow. I made the decals. The roundel on the sides is the shoulder patch for the 2nd Log command on Okinawa when I was stationed there. The RO/RO Raders is the bowling teams name that I was in while there and the 404 is the company that I was in. I had fun building this plane as it did bring back some great memories of when I was in the Army. Also, the Blue and Gold is the colors of the high school that I went to in Akron Ohio.
  9. Yep, you're right Mike. I couldn't remember the name of the company. Dan
  10. Thank you Snake. I don't remember which kit this is. A friend gave this to me to build and I built it as a race plane. The color is a copper pearl from Pearl X I believe. It's a powder and I mixed it in Testers clear and sprayed over flat white. The propeller and nose cone is from a Spitfire. The Sea Fury had a 5 bladed prop and I used the 4 blade from the Spitfire for racing.
  11. Here are a couple of fighters that I converted to race planes. A P40 and a Sea Fury
  12. Ok. I'm sorry, the decals that I used were from Slixx. If you can find a set you will have to change the color of the red stripe to Black. For some reason Slixx decals printed the stripe and the outlined letters the wrong color. I scanned the decal and changed the color to Black. I do have pictures of the 66 that I built if you're interested to see what it looks like.
  13. Is that the decals for the 65 GTO? If so, I saw a set on ebay. If it is for the 66 I haven't seen any for a long time. I've built some Knafel Pontiac "Tin Indians" and have had a hard time finding the correct decals for all of what I've built. I'm still looking for decals for the 70 GTO.
  14. Thanks Mike. He has the decals for the 68 GTO and Firebird which are different. I've asked him to make them for the 70 GTO and so far nothing. I have bought the ones for the 68's and I love them. He does great work.
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