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  1. Thanks guys. I got some primer on it tonight. I had to fix a couple of dings on the right rear fender remove the flags on the front fenders. I also had to remove the three horizontal pieces on the coves and still need more body work there.
  2. I found a set of wheels for the front and made the deep wheels for the slicks. Those front wheels I found in my wheel stash. I never knew that I had those and have no clue where they came from or what they're called. As far as the color of the coves go, I'm just going to paint them Red. The interior looks a little on the light side and maybe it is Tan. Not sure, but with only Black and White pictures, you just have to guess and hope that you're right..
  3. Thanks Mike, and yes, I did google this and these two pics are the only ones I found. I hope that someone knows the answer.
  4. Does anybody know what color the coves and interior are for this car? I want to build a replica of it.
  5. Thanks guys. This was a fun and different build, plus, I got to use some of my spare parts. LOL
  6. Thanks for the kind words guys and yep, there should be a real good deodorant used in this car. LOL. Tight fit fer sure.
  7. Thanks guys. This was a fun but challenging build.
  8. A little different outlook for the little Fiat. I used a 4 cylinder Pontiac engine from the parts box and found a 4 barrel manifold that look like one I saw on the net. I painted the White letters on the tires and the head lights are from the AMT 25 T kit. The tail lights are half of the custom lights from the 59 El Camino kit. The front fenders are also from the 25 T. I made the headers out of plastruct. The wheels are painted with the Molotov chrome ink. The bucket seats are from the parts box and the dash is from the AMT 36 Ford convertible parts. The steering wheel is a cut down 40 Ford unit made to fit. The paint is Testors Gloss Black with Kustom Kolors sparkle paint mixed in clear. I hope ya like it.
  9. Thanks Tom. I know that I have my work cut out for me to do for sure. Time will tell how this turns out.
  10. Thanks guys. I hope that I can pull this one off. I'm a Chevy guy but there are a few Fords that I do like and the Starliner is one of them.
  11. Ok, I'm going to try and make this Galaxie into a Starliner by using parts from the 60 Starliner. I have already done some work and I will need to get some of the parts that are missing from the 60 kit to finish this build. This might take awhile to get done. Wish me luck.
  12. I didn't know that. Thanks for the information Tom. Have you been to any of the meetings since this pandemic? I haven't, just staying home and going to the store and gas station when needed and I'm really bummed about that. Take care and stay safe. See ya when I can.
  13. Thanks Gary, glad you like it. I like your comment. 👍👍
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