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  1. Thanks Bill. I posted this for a friend. As long as he is ok, that's fine with me. By the way, how are you doing? Did you see the 60 Impala that I used the 59 roof on that you sent me?
  2. Does anyone know where Ron Hamilton is or herd from him?
  3. Nice pics Chris and Kit. Both boats look awesome. I do like the two fish on the hook Chris.
  4. Thanks. Someone said that the decals should be Blue. Not sure which is correct, Red or Blue.
  5. Here's one that I like. Canadian "Tin Indian".
  6. Thanks guys. There is very little information on this car and most of the other Knafel cars that I can find on the net.
  7. Thanks guys. This was a challenge and fun build at the same time. I wish that the model companies would make some Canadian variants of these cars.
  8. Thanks guys. John, as far as I know this car had a 327 SBC in it. If it did have the BBC, I will change it. I wish there was more information on the Knafel cars. I now have 10 different "Tin Indians".
  9. Thanks guys. There isn't much information on the net about this car and the 4 pictures that I had was all that I had to go on, and they aren't very good at that. The resin body didn't cause much of a problem but the rear glass that came with it was useless. Poor vacuum formed. I was able to use both the windshield and the rear glass from the Nova kit.
  10. Thanks guys. This was a lot of work and tedious, but I'm happy how it turned out. I saw the car run one time at Quacker City dragstrip in Salem Ohio in 67 before I went into the Army.
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