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  1. 1968 Ford F 600

    Thanks Tom. If this is ever made again, I would like to get one. I really don't mind if there is a slight difference in some of the parts. Dan
  2. 1968 Ford F 600

    The one I drove was in the mid to late 70's. The one I saw in the link is so small I can't really see what it looks like. The picture won't zoom to see it better.
  3. 1968 Ford F 600

    Thanks Mike for the information. I'll check it out.
  4. 1968 Ford F 600

    Does anyone know if there was a kit made of the 68 Ford f 600 stake bed truck? I drove one back in the 70's and would like to build a replica of it. Thanks in advance. Dan
  5. Any Veterans out there ?

    Yep, that's the quote I remember but couldn't remember it the other day. Thanks for reminding me Jim.
  6. Any Veterans out there ?

    Was the Savana a sub? I saw a Sub in Naha Port and almost got in trouble taking a picture of a guy cleaning the conning tower. I also got to take a tour through the same sub. Of course I had to keep the camera closed at all times going through the sub. Yeah I was told the Army had more ships than the Navy. Go figure. I really don't know if that was true or not.
  7. Any Veterans out there ?

    2nd Log Cmd, Okinawa 1967 - 1970 Naha Port. 2NDLOG2.BMP
  8. 59 Pontiac custom

    Thanks Mike. This was my first all Lacquer paint job using fingernail polish. The colors are Caribbean Blue and Mystic Metal. I also used Red Oxide primer underneath the colors. I was very skeptical about using Lacquer paints but went ahead and did it and I'm happy with how this turned out. Dan
  9. 64 Dodge Polara 500 GB

    Thanks Antonio. I really like using this stuff to repair broken or missing parts. By the way, will you be going to the CARBS show this coming Saturday in Fairborn? I plan to go.
  10. 59 Pontiac custom

    Thanks guys. This was a lot of work to get it done.
  11. 59 Pontiac custom

    This was re-built from one that was in horrible shape. I was given this car to "FIX" it. I wanted to build it stock but, it was in to bad of shape and so I ended up building it as a custom. There are pictures of the re-build in the on the bench section. I hope ya like it. Dan
  12. '62 Corvette Rehab

    Nice save Snake. I just love to see glue bombs re-built.
  13. 59 Pontiac convertible glue bomb

    Thanks guys, this was a challenge and I liked what I had to do to "FIX" it as Dave (the guy who gave this to me) said that I had to "FIX" it. He liked how it turned out and said that I just might get another glue bomb to "FIX". I like this type of challenge though. Keeps the 'ol noggin working.
  14. 59 Pontiac convertible glue bomb

    Thanks guys. I have a few more to do, but, all of them are no where near this bad to start with. Dan
  15. 59 Pontiac convertible glue bomb

    Thanks guys. Mark, can you post a picture of the Buick. I'd like to see it. I wanted to rebuild this stock before I saw what condition it was in. It was so bad that I didn't think that it could be done, so, I just used it as a custom. I think it turned out better this way and so did the guy that gave me the car.. Dan