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  1. Thanks Mike. He has the decals for the 68 GTO and Firebird which are different. I've asked him to make them for the 70 GTO and so far nothing. I have bought the ones for the 68's and I love them. He does great work.
  2. Does anyone make the decals for the 1970 Knafel Pontiac GTO Tin Indian? I have built the car and I'm in need of the decals. A friend was going to print them on his Alps printer but he passed away suddenly. Any help is appreciated. Dan
  3. UH, Bill, who's Kurt? Just kiddin, Thanks for the kind comment. I tried to get the look of the 1:1 car as much as I possible. Dan, AKA Kurt I think. LOL.I enjoy seeing your work Bill and hope to see you at the BSAC model show in Hilliard Ohio this March. March 7th that is.
  4. Here is a Mako Shark that I built many moons ago and finally decided to rebuild it.
  5. WOW!!! Thanks for all the great comments guys. It was a challenge for some of the parts but it turned out Ok. I'm really Humbled by all the comments for real. The White Pearl is Pearl X's powder mixed in clear and sprayed over flat White. The Metallic Black is Testors enamel. I didn't use the chrome strips in the kit. Instead, I used Bare Metal Foil and the Molotov Chrome pen. My Nephew does like the car and I'm going to build the 32 Cadillac by Monogram.
  6. I built this Cadillac for one of my nephews who likes Cadillac's. It is Pearl White with a metallic Black top.
  7. This is a car that was a rocket car back in the 80's that almost got thrown out. Instead I decided to try and restore it as a static model. It is a survivor for sure.
  8. Sorry but that's Graceland not Northland Tom.
  9. Great. Please let me know when they are done so I can finish the GTO. Thank you very much. Dan
  10. Alan, can you make these decals for the 70 GTO Tin Indian? From what I understand they are the same as this 70 Firebird. You have the 68 but the decals are a little different like the red outline on the letters. I've built the GTO and need the decals to finish it. I have used the ones from you on the 68 GTO and Firebird and I am very pleased with the workmanship. Thank you. Dan
  11. This 61 Chevy truck is the oldest I believe in my stash. I built this in 61 or 62. I can't remember which year. I almost ruined it by scraping all the paint off and the trim. I restored it and it is now on the shelf again.
  12. Thanks guys, and I hear ya Mike about the droopy rear. I finally found a use for the dropped rear springs. I'm not a fan of low riders and the dropped rear was an easy fix with these parts. Dan
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