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  1. Show Yer Drag Racers!

    Here are a few of my drag cars. I've built some replicas of Knafel Pontiac's "Tin Indians" and a what if (2004). A couple of my own and the "Red Alert" Chevelle SS. Dan
  2. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    Here's Nellybelle from the Roy Rogers TV show.
  3. Fixing the tail lights on AMT 63 Impala

    Thanks and nice convertible Tom. Dan
  4. Fixing the tail lights on AMT 63 Impala

    I made another set and installed them in Malcolm Durham's 63 build. I used a little less red die and I think that they turned out a little better. I don't have any pictures of them yet, but I'll take some and post them. Dan
  5. Thanks guys. This was a slump breaker. Dan
  6. 59 Impala correction

    I found a 4 barrel for the 59. I robbed it from a 57 and the 57 gets the 3 deuces. Dan
  7. 59 Impala correction

    Thanks for the info David. I'll keep my eye out for one of those kits. Dan
  8. Fixing the tail lights on AMT 63 Impala

    Thanks David. The original kits had the tail lights molded in Red and the re-issues had the molded in lights and they also left out the fire wall. Also, the re-issues had a lump of an engine, not like the original which had a pretty good one for that time period. Dan
  9. I hate that AMT molded the tail lights in the back of this car along with some other stupid stuff (in my opinion). I've made some resin tail lights and back up lights for my builds. I've drilled out the lights on the Ronny Sox's car and will be installing the red and white ones. I will also use these in Malcolm Durham's car. Here are some pics of Sox's 63 Impala. Dan
  10. 59 Impala correction

    I am converting this car into a three speed on the tree and no power steering like the one I owned before I was drafted back in 67. This kit has an automatic and power steering which is wrong for my car, so, it has to be done. I also need a 4 barrel and manifold for this, but for now I'll keep the three deuces. I removed the automatic piece from the steering column. I made the transmission and bell housing with resin, added the clutch and removed the power steering. Now to finish it and put it back together. Dan
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys. Sean, I don't know yet. I have to come up with something to put in it. Time will tell.
  12. Thanks Joe. There's nothin under the hood. I don't have an engine for it at this time, so, the hood is just closed and not glued on. Dan
  13. I got this truck done a few days ago. I really like this kit even though it's a snap kit. I made the mud guards out of a piece of rubber and originally made a resin hood. Well, I found an original hood for it and used it instead of the resin one. I installed the 5th wheel for a trailer later on. Here are some pics of it now. I hope ya like it.
  14. Let's see some police cars

    Here's the only one that I have. It's a 68 Johan kit and made like Adam 12 if they drove Fury's. Dan
  15. Does anybody make the decals for the 1970 GTO "Tin Indian"?